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Feed your children with cum

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Started: 7/31/2018 Category: Economics
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Feed your children with cum

For me, There is no better feeling
Than getting a blowjob from a child
I cum inside her mouth and all over her face
With the cummy lips, She looks at me
Then we make out, We kiss
Feed your children with cum
Children love to be fed with cum
They will suck it out of your penis
You just have to let them, You have to allow them
Feed your children with cum
It is slippery, It is tasty
Give them your cum
The part of you is now part of them
It is not dangerous, It is not harmful
It is a lot of fun
Consider it like breastfeeding
Feed your children with cum
Just instead of a breast, There is a dick
Feed your children with cum
Think of it as the deed
Commanded by our Lord
Jesus loved to feed children with his cum
So let us feed our children
Let us give our children a treat
Feed your children with cum


I don't think giving your children cum is a good idea. This is because it infringes on the law enforcing rights of the children.

You said it felt good therefore justified. However, Just because something feels good does not mean it does good. This is Hedonism. If the long term effects are negative (molesting children does produce negative long term effects), Then the activity is immoral.

Also, You mention it being like nursing. This is false because nursing provides nutrients to a baby that has no other way to get it. Giving them cum can spread STDs and provides almost no nutritional value.

You said Jesus gave children cum? Giving cum is oral sex and Jesus never had sex because it was a requirement to be a preacher. He also had better things to do. The bible is against pedophilia.
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Reasons for voting decision: Trump is so fuckin funny, It seems people forget he's a troll.

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