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Feminism Is Hinders Western Society

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Started: 3/12/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Feminism has no use in Western society as women have equal rights.


Honestly, state your sources. Women are payed less then men in our society, so people are still fighting for equal rights. My school did an entire presentation on the subject, and I could easily find a website that states what I just said.
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That would be illegal if true. If you truly are oppressed with lack of money, you should be able to get your boss arrested.
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Posted by alkhoppus 3 years ago
Women aren't paid less than men if they do the same job to the same skill level. It's already illegal, so fighting for "equal rights" is genuinely fighting for what you already have. If you do have a grievance, it's potentially that some people aren't implementing those laws and rights - but those are the individual cases you should fight. The general fight has been won.

Furthermore, I've been in situations where the opposite has occurred. I worked in a warehouse, stacking shelves, when I was 19. At one stage, each night, we would start doing the heavy odd jobs which had been requested by the day shift. Generally, the men on shift did the heaviest lifting and didn't mind it as the women were better at other aspects of the job. This was just understood. What we later found out, however, was that if there was no other work to be done, the women on shift were able to go and sit on the computer and study to obtain a pay rise. At no point were any of the men on shift given this opportunity as there was always heavy lifting to be done. So, in essence, these women ended up paid more than the men because they were unable to do as much of the work and, therefore, had more time to go do the necessary studying.

This kind of thing shouldn't be tolerated. But women choosing different lifestyles, subjects in college, professions and risk factors in their jobs is up to them. It's also up to the employer not to want to lower their standard just to meet some ridiculous quota on how many of each gender should work there. If you're good enough, you'll get paid enough. If you're not but you still work there and every day see men around you doing work you can't do, don't then complain that you get paid less. And please understand why, in the wider scheme of things, the different choices men and women make should be applauded and celebrated rather than ignored in favour of arguing about some gender pay gap myth.
Posted by lIlIlIllIIIIllIlI 3 years ago
Now, i'm not saying that women are treated equally. There are plenty of societal problems women face, such as men continuing to look down on them.
Please provide evidence.
Posted by ImIncrediblyBored 3 years ago
The entire argument of women being paid less than men is ridiculous. When looking at these sites that say there is a wage gap, they always reference Salary. Why? Because salary heavily fluctuates based on vacation time, life choices, and overtime.
WOMEN ARE NOT PAID LESS THAN MEN WHEN IT COMES TO HOURLY WAGES. That is quite literally illegal. Different hourly wages for the same jobs don't exist. And if they did, why don't companies start hiring ONLY women since CLEARLY they can get away with paying them less.
Now, i'm not saying that women are treated equally. There are plenty of societal problems women face, such as men continuing to look down on them. But, don't use a fake wage gap as an argument unless you enjoy being laughed at by any economist who actually knows what they're talking about. Those far left feminist sites you go to for information on the wage gap won't get you anywhere in a serious discussion
Posted by lIlIlIllIIIIllIlI 3 years ago
Better conduct to 20cwells
Posted by BreakingTheInternet 3 years ago
Also, check your spelling. Are you ten?
Posted by Youraverageunicorn 3 years ago
that's not true. Women still don't have equal rights.
they're still paid less and also women are still looked down upon
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