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Feminism is cancer of contemporary society

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Started: 4/22/2018 Category: Society
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I believe, that gender equality is truly a noble goal, but feminism is not it. Feminism perpetuates sexism. If it was really about equality, it would not focus on women or men, but gender equality. Sadly, it does not. And we are all paying for it. "Feminists" just haven't figured it out yet, because they're usually too busy screaming about the inequalities they have to invent to remain relevant in some parallel universe. Feminism's original goal, equality, is not something I disagree with. But the goal was reached and surpassed long ago. Now it's about hating men and inventing reasons and ways to attack them, both openly and subtly.


Well, first of all You have to understand, that feminism, misandry and matriarchy are three very different things. Matriarchy is identical to patriarchy, with the exception that the roles are reversed and the woman is the authority figure, feminism does NOT support that. Misandry is the expression of hatred towards the male gender, feminism does NOT support that, either. Feminism strikes to correct some very obvious and toxic treatments and social beliefs towards women until they are equal to men. It is very simple.
The reason why this movement was named 'feminism' is that women are considered to be mistreated more in comparison to men. It is much like racism towards black people. Misandry does exist, but it does not hurt men socially or politically. While misogyny has caused not only the mistreatment of women but also the lives of women. Admittedly, there are people who call themselves 'feminists' in order to excuse their sexist actions, but this percentage is very minor and the whole movement should not be brought down because of the mistakes of minor.
Feminism is needed for plenty of reasons. It is a problem that in rape, the woman gets hate for being too 'provoking' or wearing inappropriate clothes. No is no! Women don't say no and they mean yes, they say no because that's their answer.
Feminism also benefits men. Society treats men like they are animals, it's their 'hormones' they say, 'they can't help but think of sex' or the most irritating phrase 'boys will be boys". This actually underestimates men's intelligence. Such words allude that men only seek sex and are willing to commit rape for it. Such words allude that men are not capable of handling and restraining themselves. Feminism also seeks to bring down all those patriarchal opinions that men should constantly prove their masculinity and never shed a tear.
Feminism is a movement that strikes for equality.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm really grateful to you for explaining me the "shades" of the same notion. But I somehow find them interconnected, if not the same. They are as synonimous, as irony and sarcasm are. The latter is an "upgraded" version of the first one. So basically, you're saying, that there are soft men-haters, mid men-haters and hardcore men-haters. Well yes, women were considered to be mistreated in the past, but are they now? Sure, there are countries in the world, that have certain traditions towards women, and they're not going to accept western gender agenda, but what about the rest? Women have all the rights to occupy prestigious positions (google Zaha Hadid, Theresa May, Patty Jenkins) , to earn a decent paycheck (maybe less than men, but still decent enough to live a life, and if it's not enough, then how much is enough?), not to raise children or give birth at all (for example, like in Denmark). But it turns out, that that's not enough. That's why I'm saying, that the goal was surpassed, there is nowhere to move on. Or is it? Should we have mixed-sex football teams? Man vs Woman MMA fights (actually, there is such thing as WWE, and there women sometimes fight men, google it too)? Women soldiers, that would lay their bodies on the battlefield, defending their country? Maybe we should have, but that's arguable.
Now, rape. Yes, men do sexualise women, especially when women wear revealing clothes, which is now a common thing with most women. But that doesn't mean, that every man is capable of doing that. Plus nowadays cases of false rape accusation are gaining numbers. Only in these cases men are always on the losers' side, and most of the time men should do a spell in prison for something, they've never commited. The best part of these "rapists" are virgin, by the way. How cool is that? Does it mean I could be put in jail for rape too, though I've never had sex with a woman? I guess, this is a ture justice and equality according to feminists.
"Feminism also seeks to bring down all those patriarchal opinions that men should constantly prove their masculinity and ever shed a tear". But who said, that men cannot and shouldn't shed a tear? And what do you mean by "constantly prove their masculinity"? But this is how it actually works in the nature. The strongest one wins. Men are taught to be strong, in order to be able to keep family in tact. Let's take another perspective. Ask women, wether they would choose from two absolutely the same men, but one of them is stronger than the other, the weaker one. The thing is, they would not do that, because preference falls upon the stongest one, apparently. And it's absolutely normal, as this is in our instincts. We tend to stay close to the strongest. Now, feminism is trying to demolish this tendency. But who would benefit from it? I assume, no one, neither men, nor women.
All I'm saying is that feminism has nothing to do with the notion of equality. It's all vice-versa. It deals too much damage to contemporary society, by imposing even more injustices and inequalities, than it should get rid of.


Feminism is not encouraging hate against men, its main goal is to help bring women equal to men. The debate is the fact that men are scared that they are going to lose their rights as women gain theirs. However, that is not the case. Feminism is not ignoring the issues men have faced - they are focusing more on the fact that women are a discriminated majority. In todays society feminism is a must. Everyday women are being discriminated against without them even knowing. Girls grow up knowing its safer to give a guy a FAKE phone number than to turn it down.... Yeah nothing is wrong there. They are taught that its better to tell a guy you have a boyfriends then to say you're not interested.
Women are oppressed, feminism is not the victimization of women, it is a movement to empower people to define, establish, and defend equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. Radical feminists who attack men and wish to be superior are not true feminists. It is beneficial to both genders. Those who believe feminism is a movement that discriminates men have not been exposed to genuine feminism.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, not every man is scared. In fact, this feeling has nothing to do with fear. It's rather embarassement and dander, caused by tons of illogical claims and demands.
What modern feminists refuse to admit is that feminism is only one side of a two-sided coin of inequality. A "movement" that advocates for the rights of one gender over another is sexist and inequal by nature.
To counclude I want to add, that if feminists were striving for equality, then they wouldn"t be FEMinists. That"s just deductive reasoning. Being against feminism means that you"re truly for equality.


Well, I don"t really agree with this, feminism has never been about advocating the rights of one gender over another. Just because there is a "fem" in the term feminist doesn"t make it so, you can call it anything you want, it"s still means equality.
Feminism to me is a movement that seeks to empower women to take control of their lives. The goal is for both men and women in society to understand that anachronistic restriction on the male and female roles have no standing in modern society and to work towards a more equal society.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
>Reported vote: Emily77// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: I felt as though Pro made too many sweeping generalizations that went unsubstantiated. While many of Con's arguments were perhaps misguided or outright incorrect, he at least drew upon more narrow premises that had a more foundational support.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter is required to specifically assess arguments presented by both sides. Generalizing about how each side argued is not sufficient.
Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
While I agree with you that in MOST parts of the world we have reached gender equality, however, feminism is not a bad thing, and unfortunately, it has become the next swastika.

Feminism IS gender equality.

Feminism: "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes."

Why am I comparing it to the swastika? Well, before the Nazis used it, it was a symbol of Asian religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism meaning good health and prosperity if I recall correctly, but now like feminism most people are disgusted it by it because of the action of a few who used it (Nazis and stupid SJWs)
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