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Started: 7/4/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Quite simply speaking, the modern feminist movement seems to be doing more evil then good. I am yet to here a groundbreaking argument that is irrefutable and I cannot find a logical point to contest. I argue that women are not only "un-oppressed" or systematically put down, but also that women (not to refer to all women collectively) are privileged in North American Society


I accept. This should be a nice devil's advocate debate.
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
All SJWs should travel to the middle east to see what true oppression is.
Posted by TheBenC 4 years ago
I literally never see feminists talk about other countries. I am sure there are some who do but the majority care about their situation in their country, just as I do.

Stop pretending as if feminism can change Africa and China.
Posted by OxfordUni 4 years ago
Feminism is certainly not about equal rights for women as it claims to be, it is simply a concept to remove male authority in order to gain special entitlement for women while they conceal it's intentions by playing the role of the oppressed, professional victim, and also by disguising the Feminism concept as providing equal rights for women.

The only way feminism thrives is through the removal of male authority. If an society was to abolish feminism, all they require is all the men to withhold their authority at all cost. In other words, if a woman was behaving badly like a spoilt child would, the man should not give in to his feelings, but instead say NO, and discipline her to learn how to behave in a civilised manner.

In theory, if all the men in the world were just able to say NO before the Feminist movements, it would have restrained women from gathering other supporters to launch the movement and todays feminist would cease to exist. And, it would have made society into a much better place than it is today.
Posted by TheBenC 4 years ago
Feminism is 100% wrong. Anything that intentionally and openly promotes one part of society over another part is inherently wrong.

Feminism was fine until women gained equality. Now feminists want to be our hairy overlords!
Posted by HeavenlyPanda 4 years ago
So technically you just want to debate feminism within America and completly ignore other countries where it is needed. I'm pretty sure we all know that women in America are priveleged. But most of you anti-feminists seem to forget the fact that countless of girls were killed in China because they were girls, countless of girls are denied education in Africa just because they are girls. Stories like these seem to fall on the deaf ears of people who can actually do somthing about it. And do you know why they're deaf to these stories? Because people like you paint all feminists and the actual word feminism in a bad colour which makes nobody want to get involved. Think about it for as second. When you advocate that feminism is bad, you join the bandwaggon that is literally advocating that it was ok to kill a whole generation of girls.
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