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Started: 7/12/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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feminism is spoiling the minds of women everywhere


That is not only sexist, but also wrong.

We still live in a world where women are not paid as much as men. We still live in a world where women are victims of rape. Not a few of them, not tens or hundreds of them, but thousands upon thousands. We still live in a world where single mothers are denied jobs and looked down upon, and when they do find a way to support their children, they are still judged by the society they are members of.

So what do you want women to do? Stop fighting for what we deserve? Equal pay, respect, safety, the ability to live our lives the way we want to? There are countless examples of instances, laws, and events that still undermine women's rights in the present. Women deserve to live as equals to men and feminism is how that equality is created.

Feminism is not poisoning the minds of women, hostility and fear are poisoning the minds of people like you. Being a feminist does not mean hating men, or using violence and hatred to break those who are not feminists apart. Being a feminist is simple; it is actively advocating for the rights of women.

Feminism is what allowed for people like Malala Yousafzai to liberate herself from oppression and not only receive an education, but a voice that affected millions of young girls worldwide. Feminism allowed Oprah Winfrey to become one of the most successful American entrepreneurs in history and create an empire that charitable and ethical. For crying out loud, simply google famous feminists and you will find not only some of the most impressive women in history, but some of the most ridiculous obstacles placed in their way.

Modern feminism is just as important as feminism of, say, the suffrage era. When will we ever be truly equal if people can say things like "Good is good enough, the wage gap isn't that big" or when politicians can make blatantly offensive comments directed at the female gender and not be held accountable? It may seem like there is no need for the fight to continue, and that women are where they want to be, but that is false. That is one of the reasons I imagine you would begin this debate; because you do not believe it is necessary.

The second reason is that you possibly have had a bad experience with a feminist. With every philosophical group, especially groups related to theology, there are always sub groups referred to as extremists. The most notable example being Islamic extremists such as ISIS, who aren't even correctly identified seeing as they do not practice that faith in it's essence. The point is, not every Muslim is a terrorist in the same way not every feminist is a male hating, propaganda spewing monster that many men claim them to be. There will always be people who mis represent the groups they are associated with, but if we continue to react violently and curse what the group stands for on the basis of a fraction of their supporters, we will all lose.

The third and final reason I would guess this turned into a debate is that you are sexist, and I really hope this is not the case. Because I know for a fact you have or have had a woman in your life; a mother at least, possibly a sister, aunt, cousin, friend, girlfriend, whoever. And I know that you probably love this (or these) women and would hate to see them trampled on by the community they live in. So what I'm really saying is, if you believe like I do that they deserve to be treated and seen as the beautiful, strong, and independent people they are by the rest of the world, then you too are a feminist.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree that feminism is needed in the middle east where they oppress women and beat them and publicly rape them but how can you say that single mothers are looked down upon when my sister is a single mother and she has the support of every single family and friend and person she talks to she tells us stories of men and women alike she does not even know tell her to be strong when they ask of the baby she's holding and the circumstances that she is going through I do not hate on feminists as I should specified radical feminists but from what I read I believe you to be.

I am probably sure you have heard that a woman will make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes that study was pulled in from around the country and is actually what every single woman in the U.S. will make year round, that poll shows not the individual woman's earnings but the earnings of every woman in the U.S. compared to how much a man makes.

The rape topic yes woman are still raped in our society but the rapists are put to trial and charged and sent to jail the words "rape culture" should not be used to describe how our society acts towards rape because like I said those rapists are sent to jail and for a very long time, women do not get shut out from help when they are a raped they can go to centers where they receive help and comfort and care and are loved. More men are raped in jail each year than women are.

You say that "women deserve equal pay, respect, safety, and the ability to live your lives the way you want" show me an instance where the government has told a woman what to do and what job they should have or if they should have kids and how many they can have, that has never happened and when feminists say that woman are not allowed to do what they want they only make themselves believe this is true when in fact you are living in one of the freest countries in the world so tell me when you have heard of a girl being told how to live her life.

You say that modern feminism is just as important as it was in the suffrage era. Well I don't think you understand that those women could not vote or own property I want to know in the past 80 years where a woman wasn't aloud to vote or own property because she didn't have the right to since the suffrage era women in the U.S. have been the freest in the history of the world. Today in our society you wont see woman being married like business deals because that is what they used to do, you will not see a woman being sold off into slavery legally I should add.

Don't bring up ISIS they have nothing to do with this, that being said and getting back to the topic at hand I have had 0 bad experiences with a feminist I see videos online harassing men's rights activists such as Milo Yiannopoulos and others a group of women sat outside a classroom at a local college and yelled and screamed and eventually pulled the fire alarm just to disrupt them and make them stop yet when a single man standing in a classroom video taping a feminism 101 class being silent and polite was shamed on and the teachers told the class to willingly go and block the camera so they could not see what was going on. Women and feminism has turned from equality to wanting to be at a higher pedestal than men in our society when in fact you should want equality and you can say you want equality but from what I have seen and heard from feminists around the country is that you want to be better and want to put men down.

My mother has passed may she rest in peace but I see the point your making and if I saw a female family member being harassed for the reasons you say they are I would be outraged and would gladly stand by her side but I have never had my aunt, sister, or any family member tell me that they are being oppressed in our society that the employer said turned down a job offer cause she is a single mother

Just for the record I am 14 this has nothing to do with what we are debating about but would just like to state this and make sure you don't mistake me for a misogynistic dirty old man who hates women.

I am no sexist but I do hate radical feminist with a fiery passion just as any sensible person should. "good is good enough, the wage gap isn't that big anyway" People like this don't know they're facts and that the wage gap is just a poorly misjudged piece of information that the feminists hold onto to use as a reason for attention and a reason complain and stay relevant.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ThisIsMyUsername333 2 years ago
Sorry, I made a mistake when typing my last comment. The third sentence should be "several feminist 'facts' such as the gender wage gap and the '1 in 5 women are raped' statistic have been debunked several times."

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Mary McNamara a character from the Harry Potter series? If so, you have good taste in books.
Posted by ThisIsMyUsername333 2 years ago
I'm going to have to agree with Con on this one. We live in an age of equality for women (that is, in the Western world). Several feminist "facts," such as the gender wage gap and the "1 in 5 women are raped" statistic. By constantly saying that Con just spews hatred goes to show a lack of any solid argument; if you had a better argument, you wouldn't need the excuses of sexism and mysoginy. Don't you think women deserve equal opportunities to men? Well now women have it! There is simply no such thing as major, large-scale sexism towards women going on in the Westen world anymore. If anybody would like to have a mini-debate in the comments, or even agree to start a debate, I'd be more than than happy to participate in it.
Posted by marymcnamara 2 years ago
That's why I will never truly win this debate. You don't want to listen to what other people have to say, but think you can use your freedom to spew hatred. Seems to be a trend these days because of people like you.
Posted by KadenMumford 2 years ago
Dear mary I don't know how what i said was sexist in round 1 but I do that i could care less if your offended it's the land of the free and you are aloud to believe and say practically anything you want so i will respect that. But what even if what I said was offensive being offended is a part of debating with someone about this kind of topic so i don't know what you expected
Posted by marymcnamara 2 years ago
The debate won't let me nor my opponent post at all now and I honestly don't have time for this so I'll write a short response to round 2 here and leave it at that:

1. Yes, you should have specified radical feminism because just your header to this debate is wrong and offensive

2. Single mothers and rape victims do not get support and access to resources always. Some women are fortunate enough to have loving family members and a fair legal process, others are shutout due to socioeconomic status or disability (not just physical either)
Look to these articles:

Finally, you are just plain dumb when it comes to common knowledge. The wage gap is not some myth or fabricated study, it's real. Saying otherwise proves you've just used a bad experience with feminists and want to take it out by discrediting them OR that you don't know your fact. None of what you say has evidence or legitimacy behind it. The only thing I will agree with is yes, some feminists take it too far.

However, I am a woman and a feminist, and for you to say that everything is fine and I have it good is insulting. I watched males at my school sexually harass female students and get away with it because they were athletes. I watched teachers shame a lesbian woman because she was useless to society if she wasn't planning on becoming a mother. Finally, I can say in all honesty I watched a female teacher get underpaid and overlooked for a position as the head of the math department even though she was the most qualified for the position, with three masters degrees in mathematics and related subjects.

It is not debatable. Feminism is wise and necessary.
Posted by marymcnamara 2 years ago
Sorry, I am out of town and could not post the round because I was in the middle of traveling. I'll try my best to post something for round three but because I exceeded the time limit, it locked me out for now.
Posted by Adam2isback 2 years ago
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