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Started: 10/7/2016 Category: Society
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I personally think that feminism is a very controversial topic in many cultures as they all have their own way of viewing women, treating them, and what obligations they have. In the American culture, feminists are very active and there's not day that passes by where I don't read an article supporting feminism and many have very good points supporting their argument but others are just biased off of personal beliefs, impartial information, and experiences that many may see from different points of view.

My opponent does not have to defend the entire topic of feminism, but basically why feminism is vital in a community, or whatever feminist topic they choose as long as its an important one whose impact on society effects many greatly.

I wish the best of luck to whoever accepts this challenge, but first I need to set some rules so that everything can be as neat as possible:

- If you decide to state a claim, such as one that is based off a study made or an event that occurred, etc, your claim must be supported with all links to them BELOW YOUR ARGUMENT! If not, then I will not consider you a worthy opponent and I will forfeit the rounds.

- NO TROLLING! I hope that whoever accepts this challenge will be mature enough to give and argument without having to act like a child and use bad arguments. Also, no cursing unless your stating a quote, and because it is very unprofessional to do so.

- Plagiarism will not be tolerated at all whatsoever, like it is in most arguments or schoolwork, etc. I will know if you did and if you do so, then I will forfeit the debate. I will not waste my time with someone who isn't original.

Anyways now that all necessary has been stated, I will once again wish the best of luck against my opponent.


From the time the Constitution was signed in 1776 to today, I'm pretty sure everyone can all agree that feminism has caused some major changes in American history. Because of feminism, women have gone from having no place in the workforce to complete legal equality to men. Just a century ago, women could not even vote. Look at us now. It is possible that a woman will be the President of the United States in just a few short months. Despite what your opinion of Hillary Clinton is, you must admit this could be a major step for American history.
Unfortunately though, women in certain other countries do not have equality to their male counterparts. Many middle eastern countries with Sharia-based laws are no where near the gender equality level of America.
In some regards to marriage, women have much less of a say on who they can and cannot marry than men. Sharia law basically restricts a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim man. This does not apply to Muslim men.
Under Sharia law, if a women wants a divorce from her husband, his consent is required. However, if a man wishes to divorce his wife, he simply has to say "talaq" (I divorce you) three times.
Above all else, in my opinion, one of the most sickening parts of Sharia law has to do with restrictions on a woman who has been sexually assaulted. If a man rapes a woman, under Sharia law, she could be forced to marry him.
All these reasons and many more are why feminism is still needed today. It may not be needed to enforce legal equality in America anymore, but it is so desperately needed in the middle eastern countries that follow Sharia law. Everyday women are dying and being forced to do things because of gender inequality. They need feminism more than anything else.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree with you that feminism is need in countries where women are oppressed and have little rights, but you must consider the conditions of the countries economy and social interaction because such a movement where they say one day "Women now have the ability of free will under no circumstances can there husbands control what they do." This could start massive revolts that would massacre women and could cause a rebellion against these weak 3rd world countries. Before feminism even comes to these countries, slow progressive changes must be made to deal with each conflict differently. You are very correct that feminism if no longer needed in 1st world countries like the US, but first democracy and peace must reach these areas.

Much of these middle eastern countries make these laws due to Islamic influence, as Muslims believe that a woman must cover herself and listen to her husband. What these countries misinterpreted is how Islam doesn't state that husbands have complete control over their wives. Maybe a large religious event where a powerful person gives a touching speech talking about the word of Allah and how his true vision of an Islamic society would be that warms the hearts of Islamic country leaders and somehow influences them to establish laws that establish if not democratic rights or laws, feminism in the country.


The fight for equal rights and the abolishment of Sharia law will not be easy. It will result in death of many women and probably some men. It will take years, but it will be worth it.

No equal rights movement has ever been quick. [1] The first American women's rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848. In 1893 Colorado was the first state to adopt an amendment granting women the right to vote. Utah and Idaho follow in 1896, Washington State in 1910, California in 1911, Oregon, Kansas, and Arizona in 1912, Alaska and Illinois in 1913, Montana and Nevada in 1914, New York in 1917; Michigan, South Dakota, and Oklahoma in 1918. Finally on August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment was signed by Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby.

It wasn't even until 1903 when the National Women's Trade Union League was established to improve wages and working conditions for women.

No equal rights movement has ever been painless. [2] In spite of peaceful public protests, meetings with Congressmen, parades and petitions, the activists were at a standstill and became frustrated. In 1917, they started picketing outside the White House. This cause quite an uproar and it wasn"t unusual for the police to arrest the suffragists for blocking the sidewalk and causing a public nuisance. They were threatened, beaten, chained, and force fed by a rubber tube.

The fight for women's suffrage in the middle east has already begun in certain areas. However they obviously have a log way to go for full equality [3] :
-In Egypt at Tahrir Square, men and women protested together for weeks. Hundreds of women slept in the square during the Egyptian revolution to preempt a takeover by regime forces.
-In Yemen, women were active in the protests against former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Female Yemeni journalist and activist, Tawakkol Karman, became one of the faces of the Arab Spring and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.
-In Syria at the start of the uprising, women organized protests, provided basic supplies to affected families, and spoke out against the regime. Women in Tunisia joined male protesters in efforts to oust long-standing ruler Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali. Equally, women were also victims of the former regime's crackdown.

Like I said, the fight for world wide equality will not be easy. Just like we have seen before, people will be beaten, tortured, and killed. Just because it will be difficult to achieve something, does not mean an attempt shouldn't be made.

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by AlexisBaylie 2 years ago
How do I leave a comment saying "extend"? It has been saying:
"Debate Round Forfeited

fernandito_chiquito has forfeited round #3.

Our system has not yet updated this debate. Please check back in a few minutes for more options."
for a few days now. It doesn't give me an option to post anything for round 3.
Posted by fernandito_chiquito 2 years ago
feminism in the US preferably, but in other areas too is acceptable. The reason I choose to say US is because feminists are more active there and play larger roles than they would in a 3rd world country.
Posted by smitimittal 2 years ago
Is the debate with respect to a particular band of feminism or feminism in a particular country or area? Otherwise it can be very vague.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Can I argue a certain field of feminism or do I have to defend the entire spectrum.
Posted by Benediciton101 2 years ago
Could you please set a clearer resolution? I'd love to participate, but I'd like to know what I'm debating for.
Posted by Overnight 2 years ago
Is this debate against feminism, or against feminists?
Posted by sboss18 2 years ago
What exactly are you debating?
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