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Fight Clubs should be instituted in all prisons

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Started: 10/29/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The Parole Boards should implement fight clubs in prisons. Fight Clubs would be set up as UFC is set up in the general public, We can have betting, Pay per view and essentially make millions of dollars off, Of convicts who do not contribute to society but put a burden on the tax payers. An average inmate costs taxpayers $54, 000. 00/year to house in prison.

This is a way to reduce these costs by having the inmates in a fight club.

The killers on death row, Would be put in a cage to fight to death, This would be the pay per view main event, Since the death row inmates are going to be executed anyways, This way we get to see a great fight and it saves money to the system by not paying for the lethal injection or executioner costs, One inmate gets killed during the fight club fight and at the same time the pay per view subscription revenue goes through the roof as it would be advertised as "The Death Match" main event.

The smaller offence matches would be the other events leading up to the Death Match. We can even have "Royal Rumble" maybe some Bloods or Crips vs Aryan Nation members in a winner takes it all match, Or 3 pedophiles vs a mob hitman showdown. Maybe one week we can have a 3 on 3 rumble "Robbers vs Rapists" showdown. Or "Fraudsters vs Molesters" battle at Attica prison. Or maybe "Serial Killers vs Spree Killers" showdown at Rikers Island this weekend. With the main event being "Green River Killer vs Dzhokhar Tsarnaev DEATH MATCH" or BTK killer vs Son of Sam killer Death Match promoted as "The Serial Killer Death Match of 2018" or "The Rumble in the Slaughter House"

I see millions of dollars in revenue generated from these main events.

We could have tons of card matches every week, It makes the inmates more productive and gives them a goal to reach as they prepare for the fights. We can televise these events and make millions in revenue from it and reduce taxes for an average taxpayer.

This concept is also not new as in Thailand, Convicted death row inmates get a chance to fight to the death, With the winner being released from prison.

Lets create prison fight clubs, There is only positive benefits to creating this form of tax relief/entertainment/source of revenue for otherwise a tax burden group of people.

I am going to be the president of the Prison Fight Club, Aka as (PFC), We will be in direct competition to UFC, But I have a feeling death matches will outsell the MMA main events.

PFC is coming to your local town shortly


That is cruel and unusual punishment. Someone could get killed or injured. I have no problem with making them work, But a fight club is out of the question.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking the time to participate in this debate, Now lets move on to round 2.

You state that this is cruel and unusual punishment. How is this cruel compared to what a serial killer does to his victims, A rapist does to women, A pedophile does, To a child?

This is more humane, A bare knuckle fight as opposed to a serial killer filleting his victims to the bone, A rapist beating up, Cutting up and dumping a rape victim in bushes?

The killers have already murdered people, This is a form of redemption for a killer if he wins the match, The loser gets killed in the fight, He was going to be executed anyways. At least this way we made millions from the pay per view death match. People love to see violence, Carnage, Death. It sells. People watch the Indy 500 not for the cars to go around 500 times in a circle but for the big crashes. People love the MMA. Well this would be no different than gladiators in the past. But it would be prison inmates. It would be a form of paying for themselves to be housed, Clothed, Fed and given free education in prison.

This is why we need fight clubs in prison, It's only a win-win for society, We generate millions in revenue from the pay per views of the prison fight club and we save money on lethal injection chemicals by having the inmates do the dirty work during a fight to death.

Prison Fight Club (PFC) will be more popular than UFC!


So evil justifies more evil? I don't like criminals either, But dislike is a chit reason to injure, Torture, Or murder someone. If the government allows this, Hat stops them from violating your rights? I bet you also support torture.
Debate Round No. 2


I am proposing making money and saving every hard working tax payer money by instituting fight clubs to raise money which we spend million on to house, Shelter, Feed, And educate in our correctional systems.

This is a win-win for the average worker as they will receive a tax break from the revenue generated through cable packages and pay per view from the fight clubs.

So you don't mind the serial killer that dismembers their victims, The rapist who traumatizes victims for life, The pedophile who ruins a child's life and the violent bank robbers, Thieves and other criminals, You are fine with that, But a fight club in prison is an issue with you?

I support torture in interrogations 100%. Criminals today know that they don't have to say anything and the courts will plea bargain with them for lighter sentences or make them become informants. 89% of convictions are plead down before trial. WHY?

I say we torture suspects and beat or water board the truth out of them. Torture is the most effective method of getting information from a suspect.

Criminals all have a choice before they commit a crime, Once you commit a crime, You have lost all your rights and deserve to be put in a fight club and or tortured for info.

case closed


Just execute the criminal. It's cheaper.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debatelord555 3 years ago
I agree on Fanboy with most things but not the fight to the death. I personally would not want to see an inmate get bludgeoned to death by another person. This is not the hunger games we should not be given enjoyment by the deaths of others no matter what they have done.
Posted by tmart 3 years ago
I mean aside from the chaos it would cause if this actually happened, This could be a good idea. You might be onto something. People in this country are obsessed with fame and I can see people possibly purposely getting themselves imprisoned for a shot at becoming famous in one of these fights. Crime rates would skyrocket. Either way, With this system we would have the revenue to build prisons in every county, In every state. Plus, More prisoners, More fights, More money.
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