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Flat Earth

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Started: 6/28/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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i believe that contrary to what mainstream "science" will have you believe, the earth that we call home is in fact flat and stationary... im not claiming that NASA, ESA and other agencies are wrong, im claiming that they are liars ..


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Debate Round No. 1


where do i begin?? i guess we will start with space agency fails, just to set the stage and help people understand that we are being lied to and given false images and footage... the fact that we have no real picture of earth other than the apollo missions (which have been photo shopped and Photoshop detecting software can prove that...) NASA actually posted a picture from "mars" and there was a crab in the background. LOL ... crabs on mars?? how about the Bubbles coming up from the space suit during supposed authentic "space walks" there is water in space?? or ISS footage where the people are wearing harnesses, or have their hair gelled up to seem like its floating... imagine what kind of magical CGI work could be done on a 15 billion dollar budget?? can you imagine George Lucas with that kind of budget?? ok now on to some science... the fact that we can see sky lines and objects from 50+ miles away is 100% proof the earth is flat... using Pythagorean theorem and spherical trigonometry the curve of a ball 24,950 miles in circumference would be 8 inches^ per mile so at 50 miles away the equation would look like 50x50=2500, 2500x8=20000, then you divide 20,000 by 12 to get feet from inches... and the curvature is 1667 feet of curvature... it just doesnt exist. no curve, no ball, also when gainign elevation, rising up above earth, the horizon will ALWAYS rise to eye level, and thats not possible on a sphere, the horizon would drop the higher you went... scaled computer programs have proved this... 3 expriemnt go hand in hand in proving the earth doesnt spin and light does in fact travel through a medium called the Aether... these 3 experiments are MIchelson-Morely, Sagnacs, and Aireys Failure .... if you are un familiar, go look into those and we will discuss in the next round... here is what really blows my mind i have a NASA linear aircraft model derivative document... you would be MIND BLOWN to see what it says on the last page... ill show you ... scroll all the way down to the last page... you will see in clear english that every linear aircraft NASA designs is designed for use on a FLAT, NON-ROTATING EARTH ... im drawing blanks, im sure you have more points to make that i can elaborate on, looking forward to your response


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Megatronimus_prime 2 years ago
We are just so small compared to the earth it just seems flat. Just like how we think our skin is smooth but to a germ it's a vary uneven Terrane filed with bumbs and gaps. If you really wanted to and had the money you could fly or ride a plane around the whole planet. You can't go all the way around a flat surface. How would you explained the setting of the sun. You can even see that the moon is round from the earth. We're do you think the magma underground is. It's not just in some void floating around. If the world war really flat you would effectively be able to see the edge of it, but since humans have or have the ability to go anywhere on the planet and have yet to find a edge this proves even more that the the earth is a ball. Finally why would nasa ever hid this. This isn't information that would give away national security or endanger the lives of people. It's just some geological fact. The world is infact round. Maybe not perfectly round but it's definitely not flat.
Posted by mama_6 2 years ago
If the earth is flat how would you explain mountains. If we use our knowledge we have been taught in school is that there are convection currents in the mantel. That means the cooler magma near the crust falls deeper in the mantel because it is less dense than the warmer magma below. This warmer magma will then rise to the top of the mantel to fill in the space left by the cooler magma. This also is how wind works just replace magma with air and mantel with atmosphere. This movement in the mantel moves the plates, which are broken pieces of the crust ( like and crushed egg). This movement collides the plates together to form mountains. If the earth is flat then this can not happen meaning there wouldn't be mountains.

Now lets move onto the magnetic field. How would this happen. If we use the knowledge we were taught in school the magnetic field is created by the electric currents in the conductive material of our core. Well on a flat earth there is no core, and if there was a tiny little core it would be strong enough to protect the earth from the sun. So under this flat earth theory we should all be died of radiation.
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