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Flat Earth

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Started: 1/11/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We have been lied to by NASA for years all the pictures of earth are inaccurate they use a fish-eye lens when they take pictures of earth which makes the earth round. Also just because you don't see a boat after it goes a long distance is because its obviously out of your eye site it didn't curve over the earth that's straight lies. Look it up if interested and if you can refute what i'm saying please do because even the bible proves the earth is flat.


I agree all of Nasa's current photos of earth are taken with a fish eye lens which does make the pictures appear round, but besides that even the notion of a flat earth is ridiculous. Starting with your comment on the port/horizon theory, ship's "disappearing" over the horizon is not just the ship falling out of or coming into your view, that problem could simply be solved with a telescope. The real reason the ship seems to disappear/reappear is "ships coming up over the horizon appear sail-first. That is, the highest portion of the vessel comes into view while the lower parts are still hidden by the bulge of the earth". The common naval term for this would be 'hull down'.

Sources: (an excellent photo example of the CN tower in Toronto, Canada being viewed from Olcott, New York)
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Posted by Vvanadium 3 years ago
Has Pro ever been on a plane? Put tracing paper over the window and trace the horizon, which is clearly a curve.
Posted by Fan-Boy 3 years ago
LMAO you're so dumbbbb xD 'The Earth is Flat'.. Yes and the government is spying on us too. Grow up kid lol
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