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Flirting on Social Media is innocent

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Started: 6/30/2021 Category: People
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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I recently has a relationship, And she was constantly posting semi attractive pictures online (nothing nude, Just IG and Facebook, Etc) and she almost seemed obsessed with the attention she received from other men on social media. To the point it would make me uncomfortable.

At one point, I found out that some of these people would contact her through DM, And she would carry a conversation with them acting like she was single. She never did this for financial profit, Simply just the attention. It was almost like it was her drug.

I of course did not continue this relationship. It was very awkward to me. I actually even reached out to one the guys because he was semi local. Because I was curious if, Maybe there was more to it. He was very honest and even apologetic about the everything. So to my knowledge, It was simply an attention obsession through social media.

Yet, When accused, She was 100% convinced there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Personally I felt it was a form of cheating, And not something I was comfortable with. But, She seriously thought I was completely over reacting. If I had to compare it to something, It would be like the way some people carry relationships online gaming.

It made me uncomfortable and I had to move on, But it just seemed odd how she would lead these people on, Seductive conversations, Etc. And she really thought because it was just someone online, That she would never meet, It was 100% not a big deal. She thought I was crazy for judging her for this, And over reacting.

I mean I know some attractive women use this avenue for extra income, But trust me, I paid enough of her bills to know, It was simply attention based.

Either way, Time has passed and I moved on, But every once and a while she is brought up in conversation. What do you say?
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Posted by mora33 2 months ago
n my humble opinion I think you maybe didn't have enough trust in yourself and also you have should to talk with her in the first time and if she didn't mean anything well, You just leave her, And ready.
Posted by westsun7 2 months ago
I ask why, But maybe you're answer can be "I felt a conection with her" but then I think that it won't work by just one side feeling attracted, It has to be equal. Love is not the smae for everyone, Some love more than the other one, And we could not express it by the same way, It is a long road to find a good love, And you have to face many situations some are good and there are bad moments, But it is all about keep having the bonfire lighted up. . . It is easier to talk each other, Having precious face to face moments where we can enjoy and share the opportunity of writing the story, Talking about love as a book. Online relationships are hard to handle, Starting by the idea that you're behind a screen, Living your life trough social media, Forgeting about real facts, So you live a fake life, Just as other people do. . . DON'T forget that on the internet you can find millions of people but, We all have a real life apart, I mean that we don't know what and when and how are they doing, 'cause most of the time what we post on social media is not real.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
I say, I avoid and make clear my avoidance of romantic online relationships with strangers.
It can be easy to be cat-fished online, Or misunderstood.
They 'or me.
If I wanted to date someone, I'd go looking for a dating service.
Though it's true some people meet online through shared hobbies, Video games for instance.

To the flirty people online though,
I can understand a lot of people just seeing it as fun, But it's not my bag. Generally.
Some people where flirty in school, Wasn't my bag.

I generally think to myself most people I meet in life could be liars, Or out to take advantage of me in some way.
Though my paranoia isn't 'so extreme after I know someone a while.
Family, Friends, Coworkers.
Nor is my paranoia 'so manifest when I 'am paranoid.
It's more a low keyed caution, Really.

Anyway, I don't 'mind flirts online, Just don't go engaging with them much either.
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