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Food is a choice PART 2 Electric Boogaloo

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Started: 11/27/2018 Category: Health
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Did you even look at my source in the old debate? It contained a lot more information supporting my point. Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=OucCLslw4J4

1/2. Drugs are bad, But so is food. However, We should live with the slightly bad effects of food. Saying we can and should give it up is promptly ridiculous.
3. I do not do drugs. I do use food, Which for some reason you are against? If you really wanted to not offend me, Stop saying that food is a choice, You need food to survive.
4. Now you are contradicting your own argument. Yes, You need food to live, Because it is the way to get nutrients. You say food is a choice, But then you say you need it to live.
5. Exercise does not generate energy or nutrients, So it can't replace food.
6. The reason we eat fresh food is to stay fresh and not rot. Food is NOT a choice like you say because you need it to prevent leprosy.
7. It is not inaccurate that many get nutrients from the sun(Vitamin D) Your suggestion that the sun could replace the consumption of food is clearly false and very ignorant.
8. Food is not life, And if it was, How could it be a choice if it is life?
9. Everyone does eat, And it should continue to be this way. We should not give up food.
10. How could eating food be the wrong choice? What is wrong about it?
11. I just dislike some foods, That's all. Making up lies about food causing nuclear war does NOT prove your point. It has nothing to do with food being a choice and is a lie anyway.
I am still open to why you believe food to be a choice, But your past arguments as to why food is a choice have not been great.


For everyone viewing, This is a continuation to our first debate: https://www. Debate. Org. . .

This is now Part 2.

Is that video titled "This is your brain on Bandit"? That's what I see. If so, Then what does that have to do with this debate and how does it support your point?

To actually reply to your point"Yes, I think people should consume the energy and nutrients that the sun provides like all other living things do. " So people should eat coal? . . . . . . Please picture that in your head. No, Not a good idea to eat coal every single day. Over time, Activated charcoal will adsorb crucial nutrients away from the body, Which could eventually lead to malnutrition. Source: https://www. Eater. Com. . .

1 & 2. Are you speaking for all food or not? If so, I'll say again, Not ALL food is bad. "Saying we can and should give it up is promptly ridiculous. " - well that's exactly what you're doing. You just contradicted yourself. You keep using drugs in this. . . This would be a way more proper debate had you titled this "Drug use" And your Round 1 you said "I do not believe in the use of drugs. "

"However, We should live with the slightly bad effects of food. " I'm gonna assume you made a typo on that (correct me if I'm wrong) "should" should be taken out. Now that it's taken out, Don't speak for everybody. Not everyone has bad effects from food. And if a person does have bad affects from food, They can fix it by exercising, Eating healthy and etc.

3. "use" food? "Hey, I'm gonna go use some food, I'm hungry! " Tell me how that sounds. I'm not against you or anyone "using" food, I never said I was. I eat food too. We all do. I said I was trying not to offend you if you did drugs. I don't know if you made a typo "Stop saying that food is a choice" I actually said it's not a choice. But when I look into it further, Sure, Eating food is a choice. You choose to live, Or you choose to starve yourself and make yourself malnourished and eventually die.

4. Explained it up there ^ you got me. You need a cookie! Oh wait.

5. I'm saying exercising will burn the calories away after eating that way it will prevent obesity

6. Okay

7. We aren't plants. We (humans) can't produce photosynthesis and get energy off of that. We get energy from the sun in a different way as you said, But we aren't plants. So who's ignorant now?

8. You need food to live - I'm not saying that you ONLY need food to live but it's one of the big factors.

9. Oh okay looks like you cleared some things up. I thought you were 100% against it.

10. Last debate you said "Food is a choice, And we as a species are making the wrong choice" who's contradicting? My response to that was "We AREN'T making the "wrong choice"

11. You literally said this last debate "I really hate food for all the disease and nuclear war it has caused. " You mentioned nuclear war, Not me. Are you trolling me right now?

You're the one who said and even titled the debate "Food is a choice" not me. . . . Yeah I think you're trolling me. I was actually arguing how food isn't a choice but as I thought more into detail, (points 3 and 4) sure, Food is a choice. But food being a choice and drugs being a choice are on two different levels. Key words "being a choice" not drug use and food consumption.
Debate Round No. 1


Is this what this debate has come to? The only way your point can win is by you accusing me of TROLLING you? I think you are the one trolling me. First, You say food is a choice, Then you send me a Rainbow 6 memes video as your source. Fair enough. The video was showing the effects of food on your brain. As you could see, It was very similar to drugs. I think food and drugs are a fair comparison.

I am not saying people should eat coal. Let us take a look at plants. Plants use the sun to create their energy. We have started to do the same with solar panels. I believe we should be using the solar panels not only to create electricity but to also transfer energy from the sun into humans.

1. I believe that all food is bad in some way or another. If you have too much of any food, The risks are insane. The main cause of most diseases can be linked back to food. (Source: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=fVUSMOOrE4o)

I do believe we should be living with the bad effects of food. Your proposal that we should give up food entirely has no evidence backing it up, And if I didn't know better, I'd think you were a troll.

Call it what you want, You are still using the food. People are trying to make it sound different the using drugs, But it really is not. However, That does NOT mean we should give it up permanently as you said.

4. I have literaly no idea what you are talking about here

5. The calories have already done their permanent organ damage, Getting rid of them won't change that sadly. . .

6. I'm glad you see my point


8. You need energy and nutrients. Just because food has that does not mean you need food. Saying you need food to live is just propaganda made up so that companies can sell more food.

9. I think the idea of giving up food is ridiculous. The reason I am debating you is that you clearly think it could work. Humans could NEVER give up food, That is ridiculous, And I don't know why you even think that it is a possibility that food is a choice. Food is a need, Not a choice.

10. I think eating food is the right choice! That is my ENTIRE argument! We should EAT food, NOT GIVE IT UP.

11. Literally, You said nuclear war check the debate. "The main cause of all nuclear war is the food we eat, And that is why I believe we should give it up for a better energy source. "

Your the one who thinks food is a choice. Your on the pro side, Not me. Stop acting like you are on both sides, It is extremely immature.


Boy no one is trolling you. I'm as real as real gets. I sent you a rainbow 6 memes video as your source? That's proof again right there that you MUST be trolling me LMAO where in these two debates have I ever sent a meme video? You're the one who just sent a meme video literally which isn't really helping your "point" it's just a funny video. I don't see facts or research.

"I think food and drugs are a fair comparison. " Okay your opinion. But like I said before, You don't need drugs to live, You need food to live. Food doesn't prevent people from passing drug tests, Getting jobs, Overdose, Lung disease, Etc. Drugs do that.

You also properly never answered my two questions in the beginning of this debate. Which side are you referring to or more so on?

1. Do you mean it's a choice as in you don't have to eat at all and to starve yourself? Meaning you can choose not to eat ever? Like never eat food again in your life?

2. Or do you mean a choice between healthy food and junk food? Or perhaps choose not to eat too much and to eat moderately?

Or are you on both sides on those? I need to know so I can properly make an analysis.

"But to also transfer energy from the sun into humans. " We already get energy from the sun. If the sun didn't exist, We would all be dead. We need the sun.

1. "If you have too much of any food, The risks are insane. " - I agree with that. Too much of anything is bad for you.

2. Diseases such as cancer and such not only comes from food, It can come from the environment you're in. About the food - like I said for some solutions in my Round 2 in our first debate: grow your own garden with fruits and vegetables and incorporate that into what you eat. I'll also add: Don't eat out a lot. Nowadays more and more people are eating out, Particularly fast food. Make homemade healthy meals, Plus you are making your food so you know what's going in it.

"I do believe we should be living with the bad effects of food. " - You sound evil. Why would you say that? Enlighten me.

Yes, Using the food to eat it. To live. You keep bringing the drug thing up. Is someone selling drugs the same thing is someone selling food? Answer that question.

4. My 4th point tied in with the last sentence of my 3rd point. "You need a cookie! Oh wait. " If you don't get that, Read it ten times over. I said it as a joke too lighten the mood, Because you seem very upset and heated. You're taking this debate way too serious.

5. Skip

6. Not really. It was very misguided and wasn't worth replying to. Also, You never answered my question about the leprosy thing in last debate (in Round 2) state your source so there can be facts.

7. Yes, We have solar panels and I'm fully aware of that. Hooray. I love solar panels, They are beautiful. . . . . Your point is?

8. "Just because food has that does not mean you need food. " What do you need then, Please tell me. What's wrong with companies selling food? There's thousands of businesses that must thrive, And what makes them thrive are the customers.

9. Your whole point was just way off. "Food is a need, Not a choice. " that's what I've been saying this entire time. And if that's what you say, Why do you agree with food being a choice? You titled this debate "Food is a choice" and you are Pro meaning you are for it so you are saying it's a choice. "Humans could never give up food" Yeah you just contradicted your last point clear as day. The whole time you're the one that's saying food is a choice. Even in your Round 1 in the last debate you said it. That's proof. Nice trolling. Everyone, Please go to the first debate to see how everything started.

10. "I think eating food is the right choice! That is my ENTIRE argument! We should EAT food, NOT GIVE IT UP. " The way you're talking, You make it as it's the wrong choice. Literally your whole argument you go against that. You said "Just because food has that does not mean you need food. " Again, Everyone look at the last debate.

11. You are such a liar dude. You troll pretty well. Stop making up quotes. The first time nuclear war was brought up was in YOUR Round 3 on our first debate. I replied back to you saying "You're probably the very first person who said they hate food and on top of that, Says it caused "nuclear war" what? Explain that. " I'm still waiting for you to explain that.

Your opening statement in the beginning of this debate was "I believe food is a choice" and you were listed as Pro on last debate. It should've still been the same thing on this debate, Now you're Con and I'm Pro? What sense does that make? Why did you switch our positions? It should have been the same. Now all you've done was confuse me and the viewers. I'll have you know that I'm still arguing as Con because that's how everything started out as.

Either you're a total dumba*ss or you're purposely tricking/trolling me, Because you are very contradictory in your points AND you're saying a bunch of lies. You switched our positions on purpose to confuse me.

Lie 1 - "That does NOT mean we should give it up permanently as you said. " Nowhere NEAR in this debate or our first debate did I EVER say that we should give up food. That was YOUR argument and I was going against it, And I still am

Lie 2 - Your 11th point. Really?

Contradiction 1 - "Just because food has that does not mean you need food. Saying you need food to live is just propaganda" then in your 10th point you say "I think eating food is the right choice! That is my ENTIRE argument! We should EAT food, NOT GIVE IT UP. "

Contradiction 2 - Your 9th point is a BIG contradiction. Like I said everyone look at our first debate before this one.

Contradiction 3 - "Your proposal that we should give up food entirely has no evidence backing it up. " That's not what I'm doing. I never said we should give up food. That's what you've been doing. Jesus christ. What type of game are you playing? Don't play with me because I'm not the person you want to toy with.

About the "both sides" thing this whole debate is about ME being for food and that you must eat food to live CLEARLY. And YOU'RE side this whole time is that you are against the consumption of food, And you listed your reasons on your first debate.

What's immature is how you're acting. If you're gonna have a debate keep it cordial and civil and don't get emotional like a little girl. If that's how you're gonna operate then I've lost all my f*cks to give and I'm not even gonna give you anymore energy.

Also, When I said "Food is life" you took it too serious. . . I said that because food is awesome and I love food. Take a chill pill.
Debate Round No. 2


What do you mean "just a funny video. " The video clearly showed the effects of food on your brain. Moving on. . .

You do not need food to live. You need nutrients and energy to live. Food contains those things, But so do many other things. I am saying that out of all the ways we could receive nutrients and energy, Food is one of the worst. Food doesn't prevent people from passing drug tests. It prevents people from passing food tests.

Q1: I mean that you could receive what is necessary to live from a substance other than food. I should have the choice to receive my energy from a different source.

Q2: All food is junk; it doesn't really matter what you eat, It will still cause diet problems.

I am NOT on both sides. I have clearly been on ONE side this entire debate: Food is necessary for life and is NOT a choice.

1. Yes, I believe too much food in general is bad for you.

2. Food is, However, The main cause. (Source: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=lziK0d9OCBU) Growing your own garden does not change food, The way growing your own cannabis is still growing cannabis. The speed of the food does NOT change how healthy it is. Even if you know what is in your food, That doesn't make all the bad stuff healthy.

We need to live with the bad effects because the good effects completely outweigh them. Just because food has some slight downsides does not make it bad. We should CONTINUE TO USE FOOD, NOT GIVE UP FOOD.

Someone selling drugs is essentially the same thing as someone selling food. I know many people who deal both alike and find it to be no different.

4. I'm confused. Are you saying that your argument that food is a choice is a joke? Food is a choice sure sounds like a joke argument, But I trust you to be legit in your debates. . .

6. You ask for the source of leprosy? I have seen many scientific studies proving that food is the source. Food is the source of leprosy. This is a proven fact.

7. We can use solar panels in the way plants use photosynthesis

8. Yet again, Just because food contains some of the materials needed for life does NOT mean you need food to live. Companies selling food is unethical because harming people for money is unethical.

9. I am 100% for using food. I am 100% against food being a choice. Does that clear up my stance?

10. State your source please so I can trust the information.

11. Literary when did I mention nuclear war. Anyone can go back and see that I wrote nothing about it. Get your facts straight if you are going to debate me. If you looked at literally any of my other debates you would realize that I am not a troll.

I thought our positions were switched because you changed your mind to support me? I am honestly confused about this right now. I started out this current debate as con, And I would like to keep it that way.

Truth 1: You are literally arguing pro that food is a choice.

Truth 2: Claiming my point is a lie with no source is just annoying. Please provide a source.

What about your contradictions?

Contradiction 1: First debate con, Second debate pro.

Contradiction 2: You claim you agree with me on 6 by saying okay, And then you deny doing this in your next argument. Please be consistent.

I am for food. I think we should all eat food. Every source you have given me has been a shitpost youtube video. I am for the consumption of food. Again, If you are going to have a debate, First see if your opponent is on the pro or con side.

I am trying to remain civil, Even through your ridiculous idea that food is a choice, And your fake youtube video sources.

I do not want to take a chill pill because I am against drugs and against the use of food. Thanks for playing.


The video looks like a whole meme, How do you know for sure that's what it looks like if "food" is on your brain, Have you experienced it? You act like food makes you high like drugs.

"It prevents people from passing food tests. "? Explain that. . .

"Q1: I mean that you could receive what is necessary to live from a substance other than food. I should have the choice to receive my energy from a different source. " - Awesome, See how that works out for you. If you like it I love it.

"Q2: All food is junk; it doesn't really matter what you eat, It will still cause diet problems. " - All food isn't junk. There's organic food. All food does not cause diet problems.

"Food is necessary for life and is NOT a choice. " - Your argument obviously opposes that. Check back in the first debate. You said "I believe food is a choice" in your first round. That was even the title. And you made yourself Pro meaning you are for it. And now you made yourself Con on this debate? Which one is it. Pick a side and stop trolling.

1. Of course it is. Solution is to not overeat and eat in moderation. But some people just eat a lot and have fast metabolism. If you're a big dude that plays sports then you must eat to keep energy.

2. Not saying it changes food. It's just a healthy alternative for people such as yourself who view food this way (I seriously hope there's no one else like you)

"We should CONTINUE TO USE FOOD, NOT GIVE UP FOOD. " Giving up food isn't an option, Unless you make it one. If you want to starve yourself to death go right ahead. Like I said plenty times in this debate, Not all food is bad. You keep saying use. That's not even in the proper format. *CONTINUE TO EAT FOOD. Stop treating food like it's a controlled substance, Like it's an abomination.

"Someone selling drugs is essentially the same thing as someone selling food. " No it is not. Selling drugs is illegal. Selling food isn't.

"I know many people who deal both alike and find it to be no different. " Congratulations, That's on them and how they think. That doesn't make it the same thing.

4. No, I said "You need a cookie. " as a joke because 1. I have a sense of humor and 2. Since you know, You're so against eating food. You honestly never got that joke? Lord. And I guess you're calling your whole argument and stance a joke since you in FACT started this whole debate saying "Food is a choice"

6. If you can provide a source that way I know you're legitimate, I'll wait, Because I did research on it and nowhere near anything did I see the word food. Perhaps we are looking in different sources and areas. Nevertheless.

9. "I am 100% for using food. I am 100% against food being a choice. " Interesting because you bashed me for supposedly being on "both sides" whichever sides those are - contradictory indeed. If you're for food consumption then how can you be against it at the same time. I understand discussing the pros and the cons but it seems you're more against it than for it. Is this true?

10. The sources are this debate and the last debate, Read your words to refresh your mind. Do you not trust the things you say?

11. It's clear to me that you are trolling right now by the obvious lies. I will repeat again, For PROOF. In our last debate, The end of your Round 3, You CLEARLY said verbatim - "I really hate food for all the disease and nuclear war it has caused. " Everyone, Go look. So are you saying I'm lying? Please enlighten me. You are one funny dude.

When have I told you that I changed my mind? What did I say to make you think that? Because that's definitely not the case. No, I'm not supporting you. Either you're genuinely confused or you're trolling like hell right now. No, You're going to keep your position as "Pro" just like our first debate. You were pro and I am con. For this debate, You are still pro and I am still con, Because this is a Part 2 from our last debate. That's what's supposed to be happening. If you don't want to accept that then we can gladly cut this short.

Truth 1. No, I'm con, The same as last debate. If you couldn't tell that I was STILL con in my Round 1 in this debate then I don't know what to tell you. Scratch that, You know good and well I was still con. If you didn't then you really are dumb, Or you're trolling.

Truth 2. Already proved it a few times. Look back for yourself since you're acting so oblivious.
Cont. 2. Never said I agreed with you. I said okay as in I don't give a f*ck.

"If you are going to have a debate, First see if your opponent is on the pro or con side. " - I do that. How about if you're going to have a follow up debate, Make sure you keep your same position you chose instead of picking the opposite position for the next debate and then trolling, Making up lies and being contradictory. For this debate I still thought you were going to be Pro since it was like that for the first debate, So I didn't even check. I shouldn't have even had to check because technically this is one debate. You started off as Pro and I'm Con, And we finish the debate as you Pro and I'm Con. Your Round 2 response confused the hell out of me. Nice job trolling.

YOU brought up food being a choice and you've been saying that numerous of times in this debate, Not me.

YOU'VE been the one sending youtube links. I haven't even sent one youtube link. Stop trolling and lying.

Chill pill - figuratively not literally.
Debate Round No. 3


I have experienced using food. I have used the substance at times, But I try to use it rarely because of the effects. Food does make you high, And that's why people constantly eat. It is an addiction to eat 3 or 4 times in 1 single day.

If you don't get that, Read it ten times over. I said it as a joke to lighten the mood because you seem very upset and heated. You're taking this debate way too seriously.

Q1-Thanks for the support!

Q2-Organic food can cause leprosy because it rots faster and can take years off your life. I try to avoid organic food at all costs.

I am on the con side to the claim "food is a choice. " Read the top of the debate. That has literally been my stance the WHOLE TIME. I have picked a side and you keep telling me that I am switching. I have picked a side, Stop trolling me.

1. Well, How much food do you think we should have in a lifetime? I think we have approximately 20x too much.

2. You are going to lose conduct points for insulting and trolling your opponent you know. . .

We wouldn't starve to death if we eased off of it a bit at a time. We just shouldn't go "cold turkey. " Do you have a source that substantiates your claim that "not all food is bad. " Food is a substance that we have failed to keep in check and grown addicted to as a species. We are so addicted to food that we literally need it to live. This has to change.

Yes. Because the lawmakers are blatantly ignoring the fact that food kills, And that it has been proven by studies to be the leading cause of death (Source: https://goo. Gl/wz61XW).

4. It wasn't a very good joke, So 1. No, You do not, And 2. I am pro eating food. I am against food is a choice. Read my position. It says "CON. " If you don't know what that means, Please leave the website.

6. I have provided so many sources. Go back and actually look at them.

9. Literally, Whenever you have no argument, You just accuse me of contradiction. I might win this debate from sheer conduct points because no way anyone gives you the conduct vote. You are the one on both sides. Everyone reading this check the old debate. He was con on the old debate and he is pro now. I am purely against food consumption. That is what I have been saying this entire time.

10. Nice conduct, Insulting your opponent's mental health.

11. I will continue to believe you are lying unless you link a source to the quote. Give me a URL so I can work with it. I am probably funnier than you, Considering your point 4.

I am happy to accept whatever terms you are imposing here, As long as they are reasonable. I think it is unreasonable to completely switch sides, But maybe since you think it is reasonable, You can convince me? Enlighten me.

Real Truth 1. It says I am con on this debate, I do not know why you chose to be pro instead of con. Again, Insulting my intelligence? You are just like mall. Stop trolling me. It is very clear what side I am on and what side you are on.

Real Truth 2. I can't look back without a URL, Sadly.

Cont. 2. Bad conduct

The reason I switched sides was that you thoroughly convinced me of your point, And I switched because I believed in the con side. However, It seems I also convinced you of my point, And that is why you are on the pro side. How unfortunate. We both happened to switch sides because we were both convinced of the others point of view.

Yes, I have. Your point?

Would be nice if you sent a link ever, Though.

What a pathetic defense for offering your opponent drugs. One step away from the "it was a joke" defense. I pity anyone who would use that defense for anything. Oh wait.


"I have experienced using food. " So you've experienced eating food? Cool, Who hasn't? Everyone has. You're still treating food as it if it's a drug. Sure food can be addicting but not all food makes you high. Eating it 3 or 4 times in one day? So you can't eat breakfast, Lunch and dinner? Lol. . .

You're taking this debate too seriously. Yeah you really are.

Q1 - I'm indifferent

Q2 - What else do you eat instead?

Part 1 of our debate was you being PRO and me being CON. This is Part 2 of our debate, Which is a continuation meaning it's the SAME debate so you should have still been PRO and me be CON. That wasn't your stance the whole time, Your stance was Pro and you should have stayed that way. It's proof that you switched. This was never the plan for us to switch sides. What you're doing is trolling me that's what it is. How are you going to start off a debate and then halfway through you change your side and confuse the other opponent? I didn't even check the top of this debate because last debate you were PRO and you should have remained PRO on this debate. This is indeed proof that YOU'RE trolling.

2. That applies to you.

We do need food to live though. That's an irrefutable fact. Stop speaking for all people. There's plenty of people who go on diets, Who are vegetarians, Who are not obese, Etc. You keep putting all people in the same box. "This has to change" yeah this whole point of yours prove that you are STILL pro. Trolling. If you seriously need a source to prove to yourself that not all food is bad, Then you need to reevaluate yourself. I know a lot about food, I've taken restaurant management class, And culinary for a few years and I am also a cook myself, I could cook even before I took those classes. You can't just fly off the handle and tell me these types of things so loosely thinking you're right.

4. Of course it wasn't, Because you're mad. You probably still don't get the joke. 1. Yes, I do. I'm laughing right now and you're still upset. 2. That's very contradicting. You can't switch and say you're con when you were pro the start of this debate. I'M con, Not you.

6. You never provided a source for leprosy. I asked you to provide one since our first debate and you still haven't.

9. Okay, Troll. You are contradicting. Okay, Let's see if you win. Again, I'm on one side I am con and I am supposed to be con on this debate, And this whole time, The words I say prove that I am still on the con side. You're the one that made me Pro on this debate. I didn't choose to be Pro. You just wanted to troll. "I am purely against food consumption" but then you say "Food is necessary for life and is NOT a choice. " but then you say "You do not need food to live. " but then you say "I believe that all food is bad in some way or another. " but then you say "Humans could NEVER give up food, That is ridiculous. " You seem very confused. That's proof enough that you're taking both sides to not only troll and confuse me but to confuse the viewers. Literally in the example of those statements you went from Pro, Con, Pro, Con, Pro.

10. How did I insult your mental health? Explain. Because one thing you're not going to do is lie and paint me as the bad guy.

11. I'm not giving you a URL. I already proved it, Like I said it's in our first debate we had at the end of your Round 3. What more do you need? Do you feel stupid now that you're being caught up in your lie? You know exactly what you're doing. You're funner than me? Prove it, I wanna hear a joke!

"I think it's unreasonable to completely switch sides. " Yeah okay troll. That's EXACTLY what you just did on this debate. YOU challenged me to this Part 2 debate and you intentionally switched our positions unbeknownst to me. The deal was never for us to switch sides, And you know that. If you weren't trolling and if you really wanted to change your position then you would have sent me a private message. Even so, I wouldn't have agreed to change sides anyways. That makes no sense.

T 1. You should've stayed pro on this debate. I didn't choose to be pro, You chose me to be pro because you made this debate. Don't you dare compare me to that individual. Speaking of mall, Check the comments on that stupid debate you challenged me too. The one I declined. :) Don't speak too much about conduct when you're rude yourself. You want to be rude, Then I'll be rude back.

T 2. Sure you can't.

Cont 2. Idgaf.

I thoroughly convinced you of my point? How sweet, Thank you so much I love all of the support. If that's the case you should have had a private conversation with me in my inbox before starting this messy debate, It isn't proper at all because you switched our positions. The only reason you switched probably so you can cheat and so people will lean to your side and vote for you to win, Since I clearly had the upper hand in our first debate. Someone already voted for me as the winner. So nice try. I was never convinced of your point of view, Troll. Stop lying and putting words in my mouth.

"I am trying to remain civil, Even through your ridiculous idea that food is a choice, And your fake youtube video sources. " you said that to me, Which was a lie. That's my point.

I'm not gonna send links to the things YOU say. You know what you say.

I wasn't offering you drugs whatsoever. Stop reaching. It's a damn meme. When someone is stressed or mad and you want him/her to calm down, You say "Take a chill pill. "
If that was a joke you just made then that wasn't funny at all. It was a big fail.

This is proof that you troll on this website. I doubt the link will go through on here but I will post it in the comments. The debate is called "Should mushrooms be given the same rights as humans? PLEASE ACCEPT PLEASE ;( ;( ;(" go check, It's on his news feed. Click the debate and on Round 3 Grobbit says "How am I supposed to troll people on this site if they act like this"
Debate Round No. 4


Pretty sure you were trolling me the entire time but ok


Okay whatever. With that being said, This debate is now over. Voting rules: everyone, Technically I'm Con and he is Pro regarding this whole argument, So keep that in mind. But for voting purposes, Just vote as this debate describes us (him being Con and me being Pro)

To everyone watching, Hope you enjoyed the debate, Minus all the unnecessary back and forth & trolling. Sorry that this took a wide turn. Anyways, I'm glad it's over.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by PointProven 3 years ago

Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Proof that Con is a troll:
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Should-mushrooms-be-given-the-same-rights-as-humans-PLEASE-ACCEPT-PLEASE/1/
Check Round 3
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
My source won't post in my Round 1 but I'll just paste a paragraph it says from the article about coal:

Activated charcoal, Also known as activated carbon or coconut ash, Has long been a staple in hospitals, Where it is used to prevent poisons and lethal overdoses of drugs from being absorbed by the body. It"s a potent detoxifier, Which has also helped activated charcoal attract an ardent following among the crunchy juice-cleanse types, Who claim that the supplement (usually taken in pill form, Though the powder can be mixed into a glass of water) can do everything from preventing hangovers to mitigating the side effects of food poisoning.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Link didn't go through in my round 1.

Everyone this is Part 1 to our debate: https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Food-is-a-choice/1/

And this here is Part 2.

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