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Food should be free

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Started: 9/28/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Prices on food makes life a prison for nearly everyone on the planet.

If food was made free, Financial support would hardly be necessary

Putting a price on food is purely selfish, And a crime against nature, It replaces truth love and friendship with money, Where coworkers are naturally friends, And human life is but a race for money, It is hypnotizing us, Cuz we need to be fixated on the word of our all seeing emperor.



No, Foods shouldn't be free. Do you think food comes from nowhere, You think they just fall out of the sky? There are people growing the food, Planting the seeds, Harvesting the food, Processing the food, According to statista. Com, "In 2013, There were 3. 65 million fast-food restaurant employees in the U. S. This figure was forecasted to reach almost 3. 8 million by 2018. ". If food were ever made free, Them and all other workers in the food industry wouldn't be able to get paid and will quit their job and thus this entire industry would collapse. Then there wouldn't be people on farms or on ranches growing the food, We would soon have no food unless we grow them in the yard and watch over them all day. I would prefer being able to buy them.
Also, Putting a price on food is purely selfish? Not wanting to pay for other people's work is what's selfish. The action of making foods free would simply abolish the system of currency as one part of it gets eliminated. You color your own selfish will in the word of truth, Love, And friendship, But even communism made more sense than this.

https://www. Statista. Com/statistics/196630/number-of-employees-in-us-fast-food-restaurants-since-2002/
Debate Round No. 1


Food comes from nature, So yet it kind of does just fall out of the sky, Dosnt it. . .

Im not talking about restaurant food, They can take money for it cuz they put their time into it. .

Food is a natural resource dumbo


Oh! Nature food. Yeah why not, If you want to pick up something off the street plants and eat it, No one will stop you and tell you to pay. You can eat it whenever you want.
It's always been free, No one had put a price on it if you ever want to pick fruits off a tree or eat leaves or bugs roaming around under the dirt.
But if you mean fruits that's sold, Do you think people just pick fruit off a tree somewhere in the wild and sells it? People had to grow the tree in a plantation and take good care of those plants to make fruits grow and grow to a good size, They have to pay for pesticides and space. Everything you are buying from a store right now had someone's work in it, Either the people growing them or the people delivering them to where you live. Again, The same thing I presented in the first argument, Did you even understand?
There are even more people that rely on you paying for the food and they deserve to be paid.
All the food you have ate to live to your age had someone processing it so you can eat it cleanly. Without their work, You can definitely pick something off the street for free and eat it, But it wouldn't be as good or as safe.
You are not only paying for the food, You are paying for their work, So they can keep providing you with safe and clean and delicious fruits.
dumbo is a weird insult btw.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Block19 don't be toxic please that is poor conduct
Posted by Block19 3 years ago
I can not recall a single instance where Vi has posted a comment with any real substance.
Posted by PointProven 3 years ago
No one is finding free food on the side of the road and then putting in Walmart and charging money for it. For the billionth time, You aren't paying for food, You are paying for their work.
Posted by PointProven 3 years ago
Why do you think that restaurants are the only source of food in which people are working to prepare? Everywhere that sells food is constantly doing work.
Posted by Our_Boat_is_Right 3 years ago
ur so stupid
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Mechanical things should cost money
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
They put their time into making the dishes
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Im not saying resturants should give out free food. .
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Their food is already being paid for
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
That's $3000 per year*
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro called Con "dumbo". This is poor conduct.

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