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Football Helmets

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Started: 1/25/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Football Helmets should not be used. Players will believe that their helmets protect them. They smash into another player and end up getting concussions. If you don"t want to get rid of helmets, switch to leather ones. There was less injuries back when they used leather helmets. Here is a study to prove my point. This is from, "Fifty players on the UNH Wildcats Division I NCAA football team, all with at least two years of NCAA eligibility, were involved in Swartz"s study. They were randomly divided into a group that participated in what"s called the "HuTTM intervention program"R02;"R02;essentially, a series of drills designed to train the athletes to safely tackle without a helmet onR02;"R02;and a control group that didn"t change their regular practice routine. All players were fixed with an xPatch head-impact sensor to track the head impacts each athlete encountered in practice and games throughout the season.
By midseasonR02;"R02;about two months after the study beganR02;"R02;Swartz could already notice a difference in the number of head impacts the players involved in HuTTM training were experiencing. Essentially, learning tackling technique without a helmet on meant that these players were less likely to use their helmet-clad head for tackling during games.
While this is the first known study about helmetless football, it"s far from the first suggestion that football helmetsR02;"R02;which started off as soft, leather coverings and evolved into today"s poly-carbonate weaponsR02;"R02;are actually making the sport more dangerous." Making the change will help! Don"t let helmets cause players to have a false sense of security.


leather one wouldn't protect as well and they would create more concussions than regular ones
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Using a leather helmet means you are more expecting of a big hit. Your body is more prepared for that hit. When you wear a regular helmet you brain thinks you are safe. Think about the Chapocoenese soccer team plane crash. A devestating tradgedy. Most of the team died. There were screaming help while the plane was going down. Players who were sleaping survived. The brain didn't know of the big accident going on. That is just like a leather helmet. Your brain is more prepared.
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