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Football Players Are Paid Too Much!

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Started: 2/24/2012 Category: Sports
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I am Con, I believe footballers are paid farely because they earn it

as i have already produced an arguemnt already, we'll start straight away:

The following points for the motion i will state at the beginning then i will go through each and explain them.

1. Football players work hard every day by training long hours every week and they please all the fans and the nation. The time and dedication they put into football is only worth it if they get paid well.

2. Football players are so expensive because they're very rare. Doctors, teachers and nurses e.t.c get paid less because they are more common and there are more than enough of them.

3. Not all are overpaid for. It's mainly the footballers who perform well who get massive bonuses. Clubs who buy football players (eg. Torres- 50 million, Ronaldo- 80 million) have that money to spend due to all the ticket sales from the millions of fans.

(a). It is the clubs money anyway, they can spend it however they wish.

(b). The amount of money footballers are paid is only on account of the money the generate for the club.

Firstly: Football isnt just a game anymore, it has turned into a business (all the clubs, cameramen, fans, managers etc.) They all have to work extremely hard to keep it running alot more than people think. Especially the players themselves who have a 24/7 job. They have to eat properly, train all day, travel all night. The amount of effort put into the football industry is massive. So there must be huge amounts of money involved.

Secondly: Many people say that it is just a game where you kick a ball around for 90 minutes and get £100k. Football players are not being paid for kicking a ball around a pitch. They are being paid to entertain the people , just like muscicians and actors. They risk also if they don't perform well on one occasion, they could damage their whole career and let themselves and others (club, media etc.) down.

Thirdly: For example, Wayne Rooney is paid £100,000 a week because 74,000 people pay to see him play every week as well as buy his t-shirt and other ways of generating inome such as sponsorship. So the only way to determine if a footballer is paid too much, is to see how much he generates for the club.



This is one of my favorite topics so i'll be happy to debate against you.

A few points I will cover in this first round.

1. How football has turned into a completely commercial game.
2. How there is no need of paying �100k a week plus
3. How It's a waste of money !

Just on a few points of rebuttal

I think it's a very bad judgement to say that we have more than enough doctors and teachers. The occupations that you view as "common" are more productive in modern society.

1. The game of football over the years has progressively become more influenced by money and whilst this is considerably accepted by much of the population this does not justify it. Companies have taken the game that so many people love and slapped a price tag on to it.

2. I think its wrong to say footballers are rare. Like anything it is a talent but it a talent which can be taught to anyone. A doctor puts in over 7 years of education if they want to make less then 100k a week and yet their talent, in your eyes, is viewed as less valuable ?. Even if the footballers talents are more rare, I personally want more people ready to save my life then people ready to entertain me.

3. I agree not all footballers are overpaid, and this keeps me interested in the sport. But it is not justifiable to say that the only way to determine how someone should be paid is by how much they generate.

If we take this theory the doctor who saves lives is more valuable then the doctor who looks after the old.
Debate Round No. 1


jawyer forfeited this round.


Well I presume that my previous points are still valid and i eagerly await his reply
Debate Round No. 2


jawyer forfeited this round.


a_hungry_hedgehog forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by imabench 6 years ago
Some idiot is going to accept this thinking its about american football and not soccer....
Posted by Zaradi 6 years ago
So then no Super Bowl means that no economic good? Even worse.
Posted by ConservativePolitico 6 years ago
He's talking about soccer, he's British.
Posted by 16kadams 6 years ago
Yes they are, they do nothing of good to this economy and get paid millions, have low IQ's and are usually worthless outside of the game. The Super Bowl helps the economy but still, 25 million?
Posted by ConservativePolitico 6 years ago
ugh... I accepted that last debate because I'm Con too... I'll think about this
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