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Football is a harder sport than basketball

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Started: 2/27/2014 Category: Sports
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I am taking the stance of pro, in that football is a harder sport than basketball. The con will take the stance on how basketball is harder than football. I am new to this sight and not looking for a professional debate, just a smooth, simple, and easy debate.


okay, I wil make this simple.

Welcome, my friend.

Both sports are difficult; all sports are. But I believe that basketball is slightly more difficult than football.

I have played both. I was a WR in football and a shooting guard in basketball. When I went to football practice, I worked on conditioning, catching and running routes. Here's what I did at basketball practice:
1. Condition.
2. Dribbling drills.
3. Shooting drills.
4. Jumping exercises.
5. Rebound drills.
6. Passing practice.
7. Defense.

As you can see, every player on a basketball court has to know the basics of everything. Also, basketball players need to play great offense and great defense. I believe that basketball requires more skill and practice and is therefore slightly more difficult than football.
Debate Round No. 1


ctown13 forfeited this round.



I will just repeat my thesis. The basic idea is that that basketball requires you to do more than football does (look above). I have extensive experience in both sports so I'm not making any assumptions.

Both sports are difficult but I believe that basketball has the slight edge.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by the_streetsurfer 6 years ago
You can post a quick argument in the comment section if you would like... I'll post my argument by tonight so hurry! I can understand and I know the forfeit wasn't intentional.
Posted by ctown13 6 years ago
I apologize about not being able to respond. An ice storm took out my power since Friday and I just now regained power. Again I apologize and thank you for taking the debate even though I could not respond
Posted by Mehravar 6 years ago
I'm thinking basketball takes more skill, but maybe after this debate I will think differently.
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