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For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous god EX 34:14

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Started: 6/18/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yep christians, that's the name of your god as he named himself in your bible as "jealous". Pretty tragic and appalling. After all jealousy is nothing more than anger as disguised fear. And this god of yours also freely admitted that he has baggage issues such as anger, wrath, vengeance, rage, fury, and evil. Those are emotions that are befitting of a supreme deity - right? Well if you think so then you most assuredly believe that this god of yours is pure hate and nothing but. After all this god of yours bastilled man with those emotions so in turn man could learn to hate with at least 1 billion dead all in the supposed "good"name of this christian god on the battlefields alone. "More people have died in the name of god than for any other reason." George Carlin and he's right. Yet strangely, and what christians DON'T GET is that this god of theirs could have started out with peace, love, harmony, kindness, care etc etc etc AND KEPT IT. Nah this supposed god of theirs, in which they cannot even prove exists (snicker snick the munching green waits - Barry King), has never made peace, or cared about it enough to have kept it, as this god of theirs is more concerned about evil, anger, wrath, vengeance, rage, fury, jealousy and clearly pain and suffering especially among children, and most importantly flexing his muscles to absolutely show who is in charge and showing his superior ego god complex in which the bible is all about and nothing else.

Rules: Show that this god of the bible utterly believes in kindness, care, harmony, peace, love etc, and in no possible way believes in the contradictory hypocritical anger, wrath, vengeance, rage, fury, jealousy, evil etc. Chapters and verses only please.

dsjpk5 will not be allowed to vote in the voting process.


My opponent's argument rests solely on the fallacy that every word has only one meaning; he/she presumes that "jealousy" as defined in the Bible refers to malice. In fact, there are multiple definitions of "jealousy" - and the most reasonable definition in this context is that God has a "passionate commitment to something which rightly belongs to one." My opponent has not even contested that God exists. That God is a jealous God simply means that as the Creator and rightful Ruler of the universe, that He demands that those that he created worship and follow Him alone. That is far from unreasonable. Since we owe our existence and salvation to God, then it totally legitimate that we not worship a false god (which is what this verse refers to.)

I ask my opponent to answer this one crucial question: Assuming God exists, would it be unreasonable or malicious for Him to demand that humans worship Him and only Him?

The rest of my opponent's constructive is just a poorly thought-out polemic against Christianity that even most atheists would be ashamed of. His/her statistics are grossly overblown (nowhere close to one billion people have killed in all wars combined, so it's simply ridiculous to say that Christianity has killed 1 billion.)

Certainly, God is repeatedly referred to in the Bible as having anger - but in all cases it is righteous anger. God is slow to anger (Exodus 34:6, Psalm 103:8), and He is a just God - if He did not punish evil, then we would be in a much worse state. Being angry at things that are wrong is not a bad thing. Ultimately, justice against evil is necessary for love because you cannot love what is good if you allow evil to trample on it. Upon a thoughtful analysis, it will quickly collapse, and I look forward to facilitating this collapse in the rounds to come.
Debate Round No. 1


I truly LOVE idiot christians, especially idiot 16 year old christians who think they know something about nothing. Here"s how I run things" if there is the slightest hint of you inventing excuses from something in which you clearly know nothing about, especially when its the subject in which you claim to professing you have knowledge upon, namely this one, and you really don"t, and yet you pretend that you do by coming up with invented excuses and or flat out lying, I will insult you with my brand of insults that are original, funny, stupid, deranged and walls to the ball insane, unless those excuses are so far fetched that they are clearly pulled off from your groin to be a groin pull from the gold-i-lox area to keep scientists looking for other planets, then all bets are truly off and I may end the debate right then and there because I DO KNOW my stuff, whereas most don"t. Who knows? I may give you a strike 3 and you are out. We shall see.

You got your hairs crossed up in your armpits to be a squeegee board for your lost lobotomy a bit too much in your rectal dysfunction there, didn't yah BOY? "My opponent's argument rests..." yadda yadda yadda. Naturally you in being the toy-pical christian you CAN'T READ. Do you know what READING is? You know. Words. Sentences. But wait by my soldiers wound in the you know where area with an a fire ants bite for a new high, you applied a little bit of psychology which, well you tried, but in being 16, its an effort at least, but it failed completely because once again you can't READ.

Now since your ideal of merely adding "jealousy completely failed, did yah notice with a humdinger of a smelly egg salad that I also added evil, anger, wrath, vengeance, rage, fury by golly gosh darned gee which in which YOUR god has freely admitted to? That's strike 1.

There are multiple definitions of jealousy. But here for YOUR god, it is "anger as disguised fear". That's Dr. Phil's definition so we're going to roll with that. Darn it.

Absolutely in every way with every definition jealousy refers to malice. There's nothing good about jealousy. Jealousy is always harmful. Oh but wait, you are still a youngun, never been in love with anyone and had a girlfriend snatched away from you by someone else, or ever had her do whatever she wants and there's nothing you can do about it so that jealousy factor settles in nice and deep so that it eats at your groin-pull alive, just as a couple of examples of jealousy.

"passionate commitment to something which rightly belongs to one." So let's see him apply that to his god's deliberate genocides in which are numerous. Passionate commitment, yep. With all the love and care in the world.

"Since we owe our existence and salvation to God," And yet you nor anyone can prove that this god of YOURS even exists. Strike 3. Your next argument will be dutifully ignored. try getting an education with some intelligence and then get some actual evidence to back you up. They maybe someone will pay some attention to you. But now? Nah.

"then it totally legitimate that we not worship a false god (which is what this verse refers to." Oh duh, lastly, YOUR god named himself in the verse in which you didn't even look up. See, that's the problem with you christians is that there's NO CONSENSUS. None.


Again, Jealousy as described in the Bible can have multiple meanings. My opponent's comparison to someone who has their girlfriend leave them is just stupid because God CREATED the world and has a right to demand respect, honor, and obedience from the people He created. They didn't try to claim that God didn't exist, so I didn't really address that argument in my response. However, since they raised that point in the middle of a debate (which is doubtful whether someone can technically add another contention in such a way) I will address it, even though it is not part of the topic.

There are things which come into existence.
Everything which comes into existence is caused to exist by something else.
There cannot be an infinite series of past causes.
Therefore, there exists a first cause which did not come into existence. In other words, the first cause always existed.

(Ganssle 2015)

Scientifically, there are only three possibilities for the existence of the universe: either, the universe has always existed, it spontaneously generated with no cause, or there was a Cause (God). The first possibility, that the universe has always existed, is refuted by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Second possibility doesn't make sense because nothing just pops into existence, there always has to be a Cause. Nothing the size of the universe and with its complexity randomly appears. Therefore, the only reasonable possibility is that the universe had a Cause (God.)

For such a smart atheist intellectual (who probably treats what people like David Hogg say as gospel truth) the majority of the opposing argument is just a personal attack. Obviously my opponent has some personal experience being rejected which is understandable considering how totally nasty and hateful he is. Unlike what he claims, I did address the references to God's anger and wrath throughout the Bible - all justified responses to sin. Since God is just, he punishes and is angry about sin - there is nothing wrong with that.

I had a dim home of a reasonable conversation even after seeing my opponent's hateful Pro constructive post, but that hope has been dashed. I urge a Con vote based on the weakness of my opponent's argument, which is almost all personal attacks, and that I have cited actual evidence in support of my contentions.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
"If I baselessly insult my opponent and forfeit the debate, I win"

In what world does that make sense?
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
BackwardSeden is trying to find a girlfriend at the age of 56 on a debate website. That's pretty sad...
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
@dloos121 - "Since we owe our existence and salvation to God," is and excruciatingly long winded formed from the fetal organs rants there ever was that belongs in the encyclopedia of ranting "duh's" minus all truth with no proof whatsoever and even more idiocies stated in his erroneous arguments in which shows no happiness nor peace can ---ever--- be achieved within his life in which he thinks is also true for everyone. Why does the teeny bopper who is still stuck in a dumpster high school, clearly with no genuine friends or loved ones in which is a HUGE red flag, and SCREAMING for attention and thinking I should nurse him with his bottle, sorry, thinks why I dumped him and did not continue with the debate?
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
My opponent has plenty of time to post misinformed rants in the comments section, but not to respond to my Round 2 argument. Therefore, I urge a Con vote on this debate.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Matthew 19:21 "21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me."

Matthew 13: 22 "22 He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful."
This oh so lovely ruins your entire religion.
John 5: 16-18 "16 And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the sabbath day. 17 But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. 18 Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God."
17 so either jesus is a liar because there's no chance that his god is ---ever---for any reason going to work on the sabbath. PE-RI-OD. Or jesus is correct that is god will work on the sabbath thus ALL of the OT is false. Um nope. Or those verses are misprints. Well that would mean that the entire bible is a misprint because the bible is supposed to be "perfect".
Well you christ did lie. Taken from the secular web MK 16:17-18 A believer can handle snakes or drink poison and not experience any harm.
(Note: Many unfortunate believers have died as a result of handling snakes and/or drinking poison; this kind of assertion negates the Bible as a useful guidebook for life. It should also be noted that the oldest manuscripts of Mark end at MK 16:8; as the footnotes to The New Oxford Annotated Bible put it, verses 9-20 cannot have been part of the original text of Mark.)

Just because you are a complete idiot and do not know what an atheist is, nor do you know what a christian is, that's not my problem, that's yours.

I'm so very glad I made your day better. Please do not post me again unless you have something intelligent to say.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Proof that you are not a christian? You cling to mommy and daddy and your siblings like diamond birthstones crammed up your cavities. WRONG according to YOUR christ.
Matthew 10: 35-37 "For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. 37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

Luke 12 51-53 "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: 52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. 53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law."

Matthew 19: 28-29 "28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life."

Have you given up ALL of your possessions? Why no buttercup. NOT EVEN CLOSE as YOUR christ demands. So YOU are not a christian.
Luke 14:33 "So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple."

Luke 18:22 "Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me."
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
"The only way you can be a bad atheist is to believe in god." Matt Dillahunty

Awe fluffy underarm pit sloth boy who still lives with his parents, who still goes to high school, has a F flat grade point average steaming from his you know where areas to stink up a vacuum because he has no be=rains to chew from his insides, well by gum doesn't have any intelligence nor any kind of an edumacation whatsoever.

Since you are a clear teeny bopper, I'll give you lead way in that you have no idea whatsoever what an atheist is. But you in thinking you are a christian, you have no idea what a christian is. You aren't one. So let me educate your scrotum power packs. Here's what an atheist is...
- Video 1. Reasons for accepting atheism
- Video 2. Proof that atheism is accurate and correct
- Video 3. Bill Maher - Atheism IS NOT a Religion
- Video 4. Atheism a religion?
- Video 5. The case for Atheism (Richard Carrier)
- Video 6. The Gospel According to Carrier
- Video 7. A believers guide to Atheism in 9 minutes
- Video 8. Is Atheism a Dogmatic Religion?

Now I know that you know that since your mouth is bigger than your brain, by far, you will not watch a single video and thus not been edumacated about atheism at all thus you will be a crap salad blind in any window.

"Atheism is a response to a single claim, that some god exists. We don"t believe that"s true so we"re atheists. And that"s all it means." Jen peeples

Atheism: 1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God. 2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
@ backwardseden

All Atheists want us to bring God down from his dimension, and say, "see, look God does exist." But, the day you Atheists can either take us all back those "billions" of years ago and show us the the universe, the planets, humanity, animals, etc. all being created, that is the same day we will be able to either take you to where God's heaven is at or we will be able to bring God down from his heaven and present him to you face to face...then you'll end up dying afterwards because he dislikes your race. But, that day is never going to happen is it, because Atheists cannot take us back those so-called "billions" of years ago. So, I'll wait, just as you will wait. Or wait, no, you don't have to wait because once WWIII kicks off, you're going to be very very very close to seeing God, and Christ, and the angels. So you enjoy the little time you have left in your kingdom, because when Christ returns in the midst of WWIII, we are going to take back what your people have stolen from us, and your people and the other nations that took part in our slavery when they conspired with you, are all going straight to hell, in other words, slavery. Thus saith the LORD :). You're not going free of all the crimes you have committed in past times and continue committing to this very day. Every nation has or is paying for their crimes, but, the Caucasian race has never once paid for their crimes. But, it's okay. You're going to pay for ALLLLLLLL your crimes when Christ returns, in the midst of WWIII. All nations have paid and continue paying for their crimes, so will you :).

Have a nice day ma'am/sir.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
@dloos121 - you only win because you are a moron, completely unedumacated and unintelligent. You should play fris-bee with yourself.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
@zRoyaltyz - What an utterly stupid statement made by a truly stupid person who knows squat about the inner workings of the ear. There you go again, inventing excuses, thinking you know your god better than he knows himself and yet you cannot even prove your god even exists. Now you try and put that thinking pattern YOU came up with, and only you, in all of the deliberate massive genocides that your god has committed for no reason at all in which in many of them cost the lives of innocent babies and children and pregnant mothers. So you praise abortions IF you praise your god.
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