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Fortnight is causing aggression in young players worldwide, leading to more aggressive and violence.

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Started: 4/22/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many of you have probably played Fortnight. Its a battle royal styled shooter. Although it is a fun game, its addictive and causes aggression.

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Of course, it may seem that games such as Fortnite and other FPS games contribute to violent behavior and aggression, they aren't. I do understand where you're coming from, it would make sense that playing a game involving repetitive fighting and killing would change how someone acts, but that isn't the case.

No one in their right mind thinks that since being violent on a game is okay, that duplicating that violent behavior is okay in real life. Most people who play these kinds of games are normal people seeking a way to pass the time, maybe a bit too much or too seriously admittedly, but not to the degree where they begin to adopt a violent behavior in real life. Majority of people who play games understand that games, especially games such as Fornite or GTA, do not apply to real life, and (most of them) know not to be emulate the character they are playing in the game. It's common knowledge and common sense.

The reason why many criminals such as the Parkland shooter play these games in my opinion was as a way to escape reality at least for a time being, and being unable to realize that the things shown on games are not examples to follow. If he wasn't able to get the right treatment or help then he would likely have maintained those beliefs up until the shooting. He didn't have much else to fall back on or rely on, and so adopted the beliefs of the game because it was a way to escape the harsh reality he lived in. He had development issues, lost his father at age five, and felt separated from everyone else. It would only make sense then, that games attached to his personality. Now, I am not a person with any of these kinds of problems, so if my guess is wrong, please let me know, but this shows that it isn't the games fault, but rather the player's mental status, and shows that games may just be a result of the actual problem at hand.

Mental illness gives people a higher chance to adopt violent tendencies, video games have not been shown to increase that same chance. Cruz was diagnosed with plenty of these disorders alongside anger issues and depression. He had trouble making friends and was bullied himself. He wasn't provided with the help he needed and therefore, developed aggressive tendencies because of it. Video games likely were only a minor stem of the problem.

People need to be able to trust that people know what's wrong and what's right when playing video games. It is only when someone may feel lost, depressed, or mentally ill, that violent behavior is more likely to be adopted. We can't shift the solution from helping those with these issues to banning video games because they are violent.

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Posted by Bakedbeans 2 years ago
Btw it's fortnite not fort night
Posted by Bakedbeans 2 years ago
Posted by kidwinter 3 years ago
hahaha this is what my mum would debate with me this is hilaroius
Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
It's only for acceptance if the person who made the debate states it is.
Posted by noobl 3 years ago
Sorry, didn't know first round is generally used as an acceptance to the debate.
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