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Fortnite is better than PubG

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Started: 6/5/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Fortnite is better than pubg because Fortnite is a kid friendly game. The developers don't care about Pubg they just care about the money. They don't update the game, while Fortnite updates their game every week. Pubg is more of an adult game to play. Pubg has more realistic stuff and kids should be exposed to it. The blood loss in pubg is way more graphic than Fortnite which just shows numbers and colors not blood.

I wish my fellow debater the best of luck. May the best debater win.


This entire topic is completely subjective. both games are well made, solid products. I personally don't enjoy either game. The battle royale genre is something that just disinterests me in general. But even from an outsiders perspective it is clear that both games are good in different areas. Pubg has different shooting, tactics and a different artstyle than fortnite, and some people enjoy it more. Fortnite is definitely more successful, but that just comes down to good marketability (the game is made to be accessible to the widest group of people possible, appealing to all ages). Pubg does not try to appeal to children, but instead markets itself to a smaller, older audience.

As for your arguments, they make very little sense to me. Pubg does update their game, fixing bugs and occasionally adding new maps, weapons and vehicles. Just because they don't add a gimmicky new weapon or item every few weeks doesn't make the game worse, and it certainly doesn't mean that the developers don't care about their game. And your statement about the game not being "kid friendly", is a personal problem for you and does not impact the quality of the game. The developers of pubg intended to make a game for teenagers and adults, and that's what they did. There is absolutely nothing to critisize about a video game being aimed at an older audience. That's like saying that a movie is bad because it isn't rated PG, which is ridiculous. Every art form or product has and target demographic, and it just so happens that fortite wanted to make alot of money, so they made a game for younger children. So if you're a kid, then fortnite is great for you, but that doesn't mean that it is better than it's competitors.
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Posted by ALPHA_CHAD 3 years ago
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