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Freddy Mercury is better then Micheal Jackson

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Started: 9/20/2018 Category: Music
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Freddy Mercury makes Micheal Jackson look like children's play. It is just a really right opinion. He had some good songs but they were no were as near to as revolutionary as Freddy's songs.


who's freddy mercury
Debate Round No. 1


The guy who made Bohemian raphyosdy, Don't stop me now, Killer queen, We are the champions, March of the black queen, MIllions of other great songs


"Yes yes I am saying this because I have a friend who is debating me on this irl. And like an egotistical maniac, I haft to prove myself right. "

I didn't know there was a backstory, I concede entirely and shift my views to yours (because i know that feeling during an irl debate. )
Debate Round No. 2


To be honest, There isn't much of debate any ways it's an opinion, And you can't really prove an opinion wrong, But I'm still going to go with it
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Joshuesevilla 1 year ago
Freddie Mercury was the singer of the best rock band of England, He is considered the best singer of all in the rock industry, Not only for his voice, But also for his ability as a performer. As a result his band has gotten a lot of hits such as killer queen, Radio gaga, We will rock you, A kind of magic, I want to break free, And many others songs.

In my humble opinion Freddie Mercury is better than Michael Jackson, Even though, Michael Jackson had won several awards, Is highlighted as the best pop dancer, And who is also called the prince of pop music. On the other hand, Freddie Mercury collaborated to develop new genres of music, He had a remarkable vocal range of high baritone, And his amazing stage presence.

In conclusion, Freddie Mercury was an unique showman who was able to perform complex songs in terms of singing and an artist capable not only to vocalize but also to create new types of melodies.
Posted by MyacronymissimplyCEE 1 year ago
My idea of black music, Is a 78 shellac of Eartha Kitt, And even *I* know Michael and Madonna were the only seminal artists of the 80's. Next to that, And frankly? If "We Will Rock You" had never been recorded, Queen was just another freak show. Ozzy, At least spilled his own blood.
Posted by Block19 3 years ago
Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen so some people may know the band or his songs and not know it was Freddie Mercury they were listening to. Freddie's musical abilities were objectively better than Micheal's. When it comes to singing, Songwriting, Performing, And playing instruments Freddie was just better, And take into consideration the fact that Freddie only played for 22 years until his death in 1991, Micheal played almost twice as long and still couldn't read or write music.
Posted by Queen_Fabulous 3 years ago
Also, I did respond and just because you don't know who someone is doesn't mean someone else is better to if I don't know who Martin Luther King is but I understand who Hilter is that makes him better by default?
Posted by Queen_Fabulous 3 years ago
Block191 Yes yes I am saying this because I have a friend who is debating me on this irl. And like an egotistical maniac, I haft to prove myself right.
Posted by itdobelikethat 3 years ago
the reason i said who's Freddy mercury, Is because i haven't heard of him, Which means I HAVE heard of Micheal Jackson, Meaning that he was better.

saying this in comments cuz pro won't respond
Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
1) Was better.

2) If you don't know who Freddy Mercury was then why bother to accept the debate challenge.
Posted by SchlongGoblin 3 years ago
michael jackson raped kids
Posted by Block19 3 years ago
So you are referring to their musical ability to sing, Play instruments, Compose songs and lyrics?
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