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Free speech is FAKE NEWS

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Started: 10/25/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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According to the constitution we are supposed to have free speech, But I don't think we do, It's just fake news.

I mean if I call someone a nigger, I'm racist and will be fired or suspended from school. If I call a Jew a kike, I'm being racist.

If I call a lesbian a dyke, I'm vilified

If I call a woman a whore or slut, I will be fired

I call a Pakistani a towel head or Paki and I'm being a racist and will be vilified and fired

I can't get a FVCK YOU vanity plate for my car

These are just some examples, So what is free speech? I thought free speech meant that I could say anything, It didn't matter how insensitive, Racist and rude the remark is, So than why is it racist or hate speech or justifiable for a firing.

This is why I think free speech is FAKE NEWS. There is no free speech, Otherwise I could call that gay person a f@g, Or queer and not get in trouble for it, But yet in the general public we need to be politically correct so we can't say things like that.

Therefore free speech is not free speech, It's just fake news


I think you Misunderstand Free Speech. Unless You are Directly Threatening Someone, The Government cannot arrest you for anything you say. The Government cannot censor our thoughts or ideas. However, You are still responsible for the outcomes of what you say. If i call my Boss a Dick, Of Course I'm Going to be Fired. Its All about Respect. While Yes, We Have Freedom of Speech, You have to deal with the social consequences of what you say.
Debate Round No. 1


So I can be racist, Homophobic and just a plain a-hole and say whatever I want and not suffer consequences? I think you can be charged by the government for being a racist a-hole. Or possibly be charged for homophobic remarks. I believe being racist is considered a hate crime and you can be charged with that also it's a way for the government to say you are inciting hate and causing a disturbing behavior and be arrested for that. Like if I stood in the middle of Harlem and started yelling racist remarks, I would probably be arrested for causing a disturbance. Therefore there is no free speech

And why can't I get a "Fvck Off" vanity plate on my car if we have free speech?

Therefore there is no free speech


I can assure you you will not be arrested for simply being racist otherwise the KKK would already be in jail. Now if your inciting violence against someone of color then yes that's a hate crime. Like saying black people suck for example it's different from saying I'm going to kill mr. Jones who is black on 19th Street. You know? As for the vanity plate I don't know I guess it's just a certain rule that you can't have it there if you really really wanted to pursue that you could probably win a lawsuit against that. You're free to stay at whatever you want but in society you got to face the consequences for what you say. Like if you're just a dick to everybody and say whatever comes off the top of your head of course you're going to be fired or punished socially. But on a government level know you're going to be completely fine. Free Speech only applies to the government towards its citizens. That's the reason social media can ban people without any problem. Because there are private organization letting people use their service.
Debate Round No. 2


So essentially I can call the government anything I want and I will not be arrested or chopped up like the guy in the Saudi Embassy, BUT that is only the government.

I say anything that is not politically correct at work, In public anywhere, I will be fired, Crucified, Quoted from social media and vilified in public for either being a racist, A homophobic or insensitive individual.

So free speech therefore is not really free speech without consequences, Therefore in reality there is no free speech. (Just against the government) So I can say the President is a fvcking moron), But if I say that about anyone else in public I will be crucified.

That does not sound like free speech to me. Free speech would be for me to say anything. Anytime, About anyone, And using any type of racist derogatory language I choose to use. Now that is free speech!


I mean, Peoole Have the right to be offended, Just as much as you have the right to say dumb things. Being Offensive and mean to others intentionally should Get You Fired in my Opinion if you start to lash out towards customers and co-workers. Free Speech Exists, But on a government level. For Example In The UK, You can be arrested for being offensive. Look up the Markus meechum, Or Count Dankula case. Weve got it good here.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by deathtank55555 3 years ago
McSloth, Are you referring to his name?
I feel that the debate topic is a genuine question that must be raised.
Many believe free speech to refer to not being discriminated against by what you say.
Although the truth is that free speech means not discriminated by the government, Simple lack of knowledge is not being a troll.
His tone does not seem like one of a troll, Asking questions and genuinely trying to debate this topic.
He does get a little aggressive, But that is nothing to compare to your loaded questions disguised under a premise of curiosity.
I mean every statement I have written, And although I do not agree with Pro, You may have taken it too far.
Posted by McSloth 3 years ago
No we have freedom of speech, What we don't have is consequence-free freedom of speech. Also I'm curious, What makes you want to be a troll? Do you get some strange satisfaction out of it? Or is it something else entirely?
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
so that sounds like NO FREE SPEECH
Posted by LotsOfOpinions 3 years ago
The first amendment says you can say what you want, Not you won't suffer any consequences for what you say.
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