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Free will and god... either Free Will doesn't exist or it favors evil and hate

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Started: 9/8/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You show me or anyone where in the bible, anywhere that YOUR christian god says something to the effect of "I the LORD thy god grants man free will." The fact of the matter is, is that it doesn't exist. Not anywhere. So in fact your god does NOT grant you Free Will of any kind. Period. But in truth, I hope you find it because then that would mean that YOUR bible hypocritically contradicts itself YET AGAIN for the thousandth time or so with all of its inconsistencies, because there so many verses that prove that god does not, by any means, grant Free Will.

Another example in fact god shuts you down with Free Will all over his bible. A perfect example of that are the 10 commandments... Threatening people with death is taking Free Will away.
Thankfully pretty much no one follows the justice followed by the ridiculous mayhem madness god.

The 10 commandments are a perfect example. How can you uphold stupid idiotic laws that have no meaning? If those were to be upheld, as a guess at least 80% of this population would not be in existence or better. But that is what is estimated of those who claim that they are christians who do not read their bible except for once every other week. And that’s only a couple of verses, if that. So they are not true christians.
* Taking thy lord thy god’s name is vein requires being stoned to death (blasphemy).
* Working on the sabbath also requires to be put to death.
* Adultery requires to be put to death
* Honoring your parents/ dishonoring cursing at you parents requires you as the child to be put to death. WHAT? The others listed above are what they are. But honor thy mother and father. What? Not if they rape, beat and torture me. Not if they are lousy parents and they do not guide me in my journey through life in growing up. Not if they abuse me such as neglect and for me to be ignored which is the worst form of abuse there is which is what your god did to nearly 100% of those who have EVER walked the earth. Your god HATES children. Yet there’s no commandment to protect children from any kind of harm thus proving that the 10 commandments are trash.

Here's some videos for your beady little eyes to watch to show you how twisted god is with Free Will, the paradoxes, and the evils and hate of it...
All Knowing god versus Free Will: The Greatest Religious Contradiction
Will With god
god Favors Evil
god allow Free Will?

Now let’s look at Free Will from god’s point of view. Well the videos already did that. So you should be brushed up on the fact that god does not have Free Will, so how can man? If you believe in god you do not have Free Will of any kind. Period. Let's look at it from god's point of view because god himself does NOT have Free Will IF he knows his future. After all, how can he if he is omnipotent because he will have already known his choices that have been chosen? That is NOT Free Will. So if YOUR god does not have Free Will and the ability to choose, most definitely man does NOT have Free Will and the ability to choose. Got it? It will only lead you---right---back---here---this---moment------in---time.

Also there's Free Will in hate? That's makes no sense whatsoever IF this god guy is supposed to be loving, caring and kind. Wow what a true MAJOR HYPOCRITICAL CONTRADICTION if there ever was one. But then again, god and the bible are riddled with thousands of hypocritical contradictions and inconsistencies which proves 0 intelligence. If this god guy of yours is omnipotent and cares, with kindness, and love in which there's no way he can because this god guy can---easily---take---the---evil---and---hate---out---of---Free Will such as the brutal rape, beating and torturing of a 6 year old girl as an example. But no, he doesn't. He leaves it in. Thus that absolutely proves that this god of yours IS EVIL(and he freely admits it several times is HIS bible. Would you like the verses?) AND IS BASED ON HATE as he truly hates children and knowingly creates children to suffer. WHAT? What kind of supreme deity PURPOSELY does this? And he freely admits it.

And ah yes, its the children that suffer and its daddy that doesn't get punished when he sticks his you know what inside of his daughter while punching her in the face sometimes twice per week for 17 years as a prime steak example. Sick. But god creates Free Will huh? Um no. Um not a chance. Once again, if god is god loving kind and caring, in which he is clearly not, he can take the evil and hate out of free will. But no. He leaves evil in Free Will. What an artic circle antic laughing lard. So this christian god in which nobody can even prove even exists loves suffering, pain, hate, evil and wow does he prove it. That’s entirely what you believe in IF you believe in god. Don’t you dare shake your head away from it.

Now let's look at it from a child's point of view in which god truly hates children btw and your bible proves. Would you like some direct verses? Nah I didn't think so, because you christians for nearly 100% of you are true cowards and you can't even pay attention to your ignorant bible's when slamped right in front of you.
OK ready?
A 4 year old child has no Free Will whatsoever to break free from daddy when he is sticking his you know what inside of his daughter while punching her in the face and sometimes does it for 13 years or longer as I have known someone who has gone through this kind of intense suffering and agony. Your pathetic jesus, in which there’s 0 proof of having ever existing, had it easy in being tortured for 17 hours tops. Oh but wait, its ONLY the religious christian maggots that actually believes that the perpetrator out-trumps the child with his Free Will who in comparison to the child who is treated like trash in your bible who does not get to speak one---single---sentence which is the worst form of child abuse there is, neglect and to be ignored. Well good luck with that you sickened christians because if that were your actual testimony in today's society, the key to your prison of a black hole would be thrown away for the rest of your miserable lives and rightly so.

Where is the daughters Free Will to escape? Ah yes---it---does---not---exist!!!!!!!!!!! And how dare you make the attempt to take the "value" of the perpetrators Free Will to rape innocent children over that of the "value" of children who do not have Free Will. But then again, god truly hates children as just proved. And can be proved in so many other ways. Would you like me to? Nah. I didn't think so. Religious cowards such as you run for cover anytime anything bad is said about your frail fragile demonic god that you do not have the answers for.

Do you fully understand that? god could easily be kind and caring by taking the evil out of Free Will. But he doesn’t. He leaves it in. That right there proves him to be one evil and true hate filled sickened diseased whacko.That is of course if Free Will exists if you believe in god in which case god obviously does not exist. There's no way he can. Its a vicious catch 22. And you are on the short end of the stick, always with no turnabout and absolutely no answer to refute a word as to what has just been said.

What about getting cancer? What about being glued to a wheelchair from birth? What about autism? What about being stung by a box jellyfish? What about an entire family of 5 being murdered by daddy who decides to go on a rampage with his guns because this ignorant country, namely republicans, does nothing to curb guns? Yeah. god gives this jerk Free Will to murder his entire family. Yeah its this family's Free Will to be murdered - correct? Oh so that means god gives Free Will to Hitler, Hong Xiuquan, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin etc etc. And since when did the victims have Free Will to be mass murdered? Yeah you can not possibly be grown from fertilizer bombs. What about millions of other examples? Oh I get it, that's all Free Will huh? AND YOU 100% KNOW YOU---ARE---WRONG!!!!!! You have the intelligence and education to fully understand and get that something isn't quite right and that something is indeed screwed up here.

Tracie Harris: "Your question was regarding free will as an argument for allowing suffering. That's when you get into the problem of evil. Now the problem of evil as we all know is not an argument that demonstrates that no god exists or that god exists. What it demonstrates is that god is your god is an a$$. What she's telling you is she believes in a god, and I assume she worships this god? Its like is she 'happy' about her god?" Caller: "Oh oh yeah everything except for the old testament." Tracie "In other words what she is saying is 'I love this god who believes that the free will of the rapist is more important than the free will of the child being raped. That I think that its worth it to have a child be raped because I really really put a high value on a rapist's free will.’"

Yeah right, like god is really going to take the chance at someone who is not on track to go ahead a go off the grid and ruin his supposed almighty “plan”? What’s the point in being god if there isn’t that control? What’s the point if that plan is disrupted by some fool who has Free Will and goes ahead with his Free Will and ruins god’s plan because he has Free Will?

Another thing do you really think that if god can create the universe in 6 days, that he is NOT going to control YOU and NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR FREE WILL/ CHOICES ARE? Are you insane? Of course he is.

"When she dies does she get to go to heaven? If she gets to go to heaven will she be happy? And she’ll probably say “yes”. And you say “Will you be able to choose and do anything you want while you are in heaven?” And she’ll say “yes.” And so you are basically saying “you’ll have free will in heaven?” So you have free will in heaven and no one is being hurt, raped, so you can do anything you want and no one gets hurt. If god has that power in heaven, he must have that power on earth. So he’s chose not to set that condition/ toggle switch which means he’s a dick." Phil Ferguson


Hello, and I accecpt your debate. Throughout your,arguments," you essentially say that if God is good, he would force his people to do good. Quite frankly, that is not true. We all know how God created the universe in the seven days and all of that. But, what some seem to misunderstand, is that Earth was supposed to be in all actuality, another heaven. That's where,"the lion may lay with the lamb." comes from. The only thing that changed this is the original sin by Adam and Eve. They blatently disobeyed their God who created them their own heaven. Ten that's when man, and man alone,(God knows what sin is in a different way. He does not commit it.,) knew sin. That's where your example of the little girl and her father comes into play. God only allows it until Judgement day. That's when if you have repented and asked forgiveness for your sins, you go to heaven. To get there, you have to say sorry for your evil. An evil god would want the opposite.

If a father does that to his daughter, that is an obvious sin and is evil. The girl does have free will. Having free will is not the same as having an opportunity to escape. That argument holds no weight. You also bring up he 10 commandments. I'd say these rules are fairly straight forward. Don't kill people. Don't cheat on your spouse. The Commandment on killing does indeed protect children. Your logic is riddled with fallacies. These sound quite reasonable to me. You also brought up the Bible says punishments include stoning, might I say these are in the Old Testament. Christians are supposed to follow the new testament. That is the word of Jesus,(and whether you believe or not, he did exist.) Jesus' sacrifice fulfilled the debt for the original sin. The Old Testament in whole, doesn't matter.

You bring up the argument of suffering. I.e, autism, disease, etc. But, that is all natural suffering. Something that would happen with or without a God. The same goes for man against man suffering. We do that to ourselves, not God.

I don't know why you seem to hate God and his followers, but you are wrong in nearly every way. Your whole stance balances precariously on straw man arguments, particularly in the free will of God himself. I hope you begin to see this. But thanks for the challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


You are thus far not worthy of my esteemed and valued time. If you can guess why, and thus apologize and rightly and justly so, then there might be a chance for a genuine debate beyond this round. If not, then there's a 0% of a chance of a debate and I'm not even going to bother with a punk kid like you who knows nothing and CLEARLY WITHOUT QUESTION had to invent excuses and flat out lie and thus pretend he knew what in the flying pregnant fetus screw he was squawking about in RD1.


I'm sorry, but if you wanted a real debate on this issue, you would give real and solid arguments. Not random personal attacks. I have nothing to apologize for. There were no excuses or lies,(at least in my points,) and I do sincerely wish for a true debate. If not, you van continue to ramble on incoherent sentences until people vote on round 1. I do also wish to see you read a bit of the Koran and bash Allah too. He's much worse than my Christian God.

Good luck should you start to use your brain on this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Absolutely in no way did you want a “real” debate. All you wanted to do was to make an attempt to upstage someone of whom you know is 100% is A LOT smarter than you and knows A LOT more about YOUR god, religion and bible that you EVER will. NEWSFLASH: it didn’t work.

Points of your utter failure…

1. “You show me or anyone where in the bible, anywhere that YOUR christian god says something to the effect of "I the LORD thy god grants man free will." The fact of the matter is, is that it doesn't exist. Not anywhere.” Yoo didn't counter it. You mentioned nothing of the kind. In fact you completely avoided it, thus proving that since the bible doesn’t mention it, thus proving the fact that YOUR god doesn’t mention it, thus proving the fact that you---do---not---have---Free---Will under YOUR god’s laws.Period.

2. Threatening people with death is taking Free Will away. You made no effort to counter that so it stands.

3. I mentioned the 10 commandments as AN EXAMPLE of taking Free Will away as threatening people with death is doing just that. And you counter with something so absurd that in my 42 years of doing this and talking with over 25,000 its one for the record books and is easily one of the top 5 most idiotic answers of all time. Its right up there with the number 1 answer of all time in someone believing that one of the 10 commandments are overeating and obesity. “The Commandment on killing does indeed protect children.” WHAT? What in your moldy concoction of an embryonic cabbage batbrain does that mean? A. Now which commandment would that be? B. Your god has killed 2,821,364 in his bible. That includes babies suckling on their mother’s nipples, innocent children, pregnant mothers, oh gosh golly gee gosh darn it all in which are indeed major point blank hypocritical contradictions. YOUR god committed the first abortions in which you christians are so against. Your god kills. Thou shalt not kill. Jeez what a great role model YOUR god is. Oh and gosh golly gee, YOUR god committed countless genocides to go along with “thou shalt not kill”. .So in YOUR god’s eyes, killing is just fine especially when he orders his chosen people to do the killing for him.

4. You did NOT watch the videos in which showed a grease monkey tar pit baboon nothingness like you, and its so painfully obvious which is your undoing in this debate, that you did not watch them otherwise your outlook would be completely different. Thus EVERYTHING you’ve said is ab-so-lu-te-ly 100% null---and---void.

5. You NEVER looked at Free Will from god’s point of view.

6. You never looked at Free Will from the point of view of HATE AND EVIL.

7. You NEVER even bothered to have looked at Free Will from a child’s point of view. Well that one is so easy to see why… because you in being a mere 15 years old, YOU ARE A CHILD!!!

8. You NEVER looked at it that YOUR god could have easily taken the hate and evil OUT of Free Will. Nah.

9. “You bring up the argument of suffering. I.e, autism, disease, etc. But, that is all natural suffering.” By no means is it. Wow. no wonder I am ending this debate with you. You are way way way beyond ignorant that its not even funny in your rin tin tin tin tin aluminum wrapped head sack ready to be sprayed with nuclear fallout. So then according to you, YOUR god is most certainly NOT a god. After all suffering, autism and cancer and getting stung by a box jellyfish are natural. Pathetic. So that means that these things, according to you, are out of your god’s control and he has no control over them. A. What about your god knowingly creating children to be put into homes where they will be abused by their parents, in which this god of YOURS would certainly have to know this, IF and only if he is a god, quadrillions of years in advance you self righteous prick? See, that’s the absolute problem with you christians is that you do not have the ability to think, reason, rationalize, use common sense, nor use logic. That’s because YOUR god nor you nor your religion nor bible has a single bubble in billions of miles long of bubble wrap worths of it. Is it any blunder why those that are religious has a slightly diminished edumacation from those who are not religious?

10. You did not pay any attention to the fact that if you have Free Will, if means you could ruin god’s almighty plan.

11. You did not pay any attention whatsoever to Tracie Harris nor Phil Ferguson who certainly make a lot more sense than a nobody teeny bopper like you or YOUR god.

12. You most definitely and definitively did not pay any attention whatsoever to “Another thing do you really think that if god can create the universe in 6 days, that he is NOT going to control YOU and NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR FREE WILL/ CHOICES ARE? Are you insane? Of course he is." That's with a very big "DUH"!!!


I am so glad that I am ending this one sided debate with you in which you clearly lost. If its one thing that I truly hate are those, much less teeny boppers like you, who have to flatly invent excuses and flat out lie and thus pretend that they know something about a subject and they really don’t. Especially in order to make an attempt to gain the upper hand. In your case, wow did you utterly fail. If I’ve made no sense, to you, fine. I---don’t---care. The videos here for this subject and the subject of “Free will and god... either Free Will doesn't exist or it favors evil and hate” Well actually the videos point out to how the value of there’s only evil and hate in Free Will from god, but not only that but Free Will from god does not exist, and yep, you guessed it, they stand on their own.

If you were to have presented a half a$$ed debate like the one you presented to me to your so-called friends or loved ones (yeah right like you have any as so many christians do not and so many here do not for reasons already stated) they would either walk away from you because it is utter B.S. or they would humiliate, degrade and dehumanize you. And if you continue that way in life without presenting ---any--- evidence whatsoever, then you will place a target on your shoulders saying “feed me to the sharks.” Now if you were to have any kind of the remotest debate like that your teachers would have absolutely no trouble whatsoever in giving you an instant F. If you don’t believe me, try it! Regardless, we’re done.

Oh and oh yeah I almost forgot.. Allah is the same god as the christian god. Darn it. And you want me or ANYONE as your audience?



Well, at least you tried. I'll try to ignore your attacks and move onto your point by points basis.

Proverbs 16:9 "A man's heart deviseth his way: But the Lord directeth his steps." Man may choose his own path and God will gently nudge him his way. Just in case you didn't know what it meant. And either way, even if God didn't say so in the Bible, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The same logic can be applied to the existence of God

Giving punishments for crimes does not take free will away. In your logic, free will does not exist anyways. But since it does, do laws today restrict free will? No, they don't . You can do an objectively evil act, but you will be punished. That is justice.

My previous counter debunks your first sentence. I will admit, I would have clarified my statement on the commandments. When God says,"Thou shalt not kill." That includes not killing children. Let me ask you, do you support death penalty? Especially for serious, evil crimes. After all, you don't say on your profile. So when we have ancient people doing heinously evil things after warnings to stop, would you be angry? That's how God felt with the people he ruthlessly killed.

I did indeed watch the videos. I did not address theme because they entail your entire argument basis. And just like your argument, they can be easily debunked. You and I have watched them. For those who haven't, I will explain in the comments. Moving on.

How would we know what free will is from God's point of view? We only know it as we perceive it. Your counter is rather off base.

Hate and evil is not a living thing with opinions. I'll just assume you mean from an evil person's point of view. But the thing is, it doesn't change. Free will is the ability to choose one's own actions. Good or Evil, it doesn't matter.

Being a child, all I have is a child's view. In fact, I'm 14. You even addressed I am a child, so how can I not have a child's point of view? Take a side in your mind and stay there.

Taking hate and evil would not be free will, now would it? That point makes no sense.

How in the world does natural suffering prove God does not exist? How does that mean I'm ignorant? You need to put proof of your opinions when you state them. My God is a God if you would pay attention to my position in the debate. Skip a paragraph's wort of personal attacks, you say these things are out of God's control. Clearly not. God is omnipotent, or all powerful. Also, I'm assuming you know about sexual reproduction, so God does not choose if, when, or where a child is born. Only the creation of the soul does he decide. Now that, does not mean he can't decide these things. He just doesn't. Once again, you decide to
insult me rather than providing coherent points. This is a relatively common problem with atheists, you state your opinion and prove it with feeling rather than fact. Not all atheists of course, but you are a prime example.

A human cannot ruin God's plan because we are mortal, and he is omnipotent and immortal. This , "counter" comes out of no where though. Its unrelated.

I already debunked these arguments as you restated them in your entire thesis. This is your videos all over again.

I never said he would not know what our choices would be, in fact, I'm saying the opposite.

This debate is clearly not over, nor is it one sided. But I'll still tty to change your mind, regardless of whether or not you try from here on out. And if God only values evil in free will, why is there still good? As I said in round one, an evil God would not want good, he would want the opposite. This is a concept you fail to grasp.

The only one acting informally and dehumanizing, is you. Insults and snarky comments probably account for over half of your writing. If Muslims and Christians believed in the same God, we'd be called the same things, go to the same churches. We wouldn't kill each other, Islamic terrorism and murdering of Christians would not exist.

Any ways, on to the next round, (hopefully.)
Debate Round No. 3


Well I decided to read your first statement and the fourth.

1. Now its not the same thing - is it? Nope. In fact its not even close. But you thinking as a teeny booper, what can one expect?

4. Since you flat out lied to me, um no you did not watch the videos prior to me tell you to watch them in RD2 and you fricken know it, that makes you look like toilet dust being scraped from your bootsauses that you mix to get you a full fledged symphony to strike up a new jesus jujitsu. You must think I dumber than you for me to not know that you are not lying.
Not only that but with your monstrous ego, just like YOUR god who you cannot even prove even exists with his superior ego complex, if you could debunk the videos, you would have done so to prove me wrong and you correct at all costs. So why haven't you? Its because you can't and you know it. If you and I were to play a game of poker, I'd take all of your chips before you were to even sit down to the game. You are a pathetic teeny bopper compulsive liar, and oh yeah I do know when you are lying, so on that basis alone, we're done.

You blew it so badly in RD2 that I am so far above you, a lot more edumacated and intelligent and smarter than a teeny bopper like you who thinks he knows it all, when in fact he truly knows nothing, yet he tries to pretend he has the cure for cancer, and my time is simply far too esteemed and valued to be wasted upon a self righteous empty womb like you. Had you shown the slightest bit, just the slightest bit of intelligence and or an education rather than faking it and NOT pretending that you have the answers, AND NOT FLATLY LYING AND INVENTING EXCUSES when you fricken 100% know that you did, a debate may have been possible.

Lie all you want. I'm not as stupid as you to knowingly do it and thinks he can get away with it. There's no way that you have any genuine friends just like sooooooo many christians and sooooooooo many here. What do I mean by genuine? Those that will go way way wayyyyyyy out of their way to help you out in time of dire need and never ask you a single question. For that I can't even pity you. But you did it to yourself. And unless you knock it off, you will go friendless and loveless for the rest of your miserable stinking life. And you will die alone.

You had your chance. You blew it. Bye.



You know what, please don't reproduce, stupidity is hereditary. I think its time for the gloves to come off and destroy this 50 year old, triggered scrub once and for all.

You conveniently glossed over ALL BUT TWO of my counters. Its also nice how even the two you decided to grace with your presence, destroy your arguments. You can't accuse me of not addressing your videos when I clearly did, "I did indeed watch the videos. I did not address them because they entail your entire argument basis." Also, you are so hypocritical. Accuse me of not reviewing your arguments, but then skip 95% of mine? I call bull crap sir.

And, let's be honest. My 8 year old brother has better insults than you. I mean really, teeny bopper? Though I will admit, I lost it at Jesus Jujitsu. It wasn't an insult, but it was hilarious.

50 year old man loses an online debate to a 14 year old and throws as tantrum. I gave you three chances. But you got three strikes. If it was fun to watch you slowly go insane this long, I wonder what round 5 will look like. Should you show up that is.
Debate Round No. 4


Didn't read it. I don't pay attention to compulsive liars. Neither should anyone else.



Then I won't cast my pearls before swine. This isn't the last you'll see of me.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: adontimasu// Mod action: Removed<

1 points to Con (Conduct). Reasons for voting decision: What a f*cking a**hole Pro was; you will never change a single mind if you talk to people like you're smarter than them, because, quite frankly, you're not.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter may only award conduct in instances where a debater is outright insulting, forfeits a round, or violates the rules. Talking down to an opponent does not qualify.
Posted by MakeDebatingGreatAgain 2 years ago
"You know what, please don't reproduce"

That was way more funny than all of backwardseden's insults combined, which shows how sad he is.
Posted by XxFoxlordxX 2 years ago
All I'm saying is that if Backwards thinks the Bible is bad, they'd have a field day with the Koran. If it seems like I'm trying to shift away from the Bible, that's my mistake.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Because Koran

11+15+18+1+14= 49

B= 2
I= 9
B= 2
L= 12
E= 5

2+9+2+12+5= 30

49-30= 19
What's 9+10 kid. 21
D E B A T E 6 letters
Third letter of the alphabet: C
Back to 6!
K o r a n 5 letters
B i b l e 5 letters
6 and 10
Overall I have 9 equations so far up to this point
Now I have ten equations
Take the one out of ten you get 0
So this shows that the debate has 0 relevance to the Koran and this debate is about the Bible
The Koran is not a viable point in this debate.
Posted by XxFoxlordxX 2 years ago
I forgot to put this in my first round, Backwards constantly bashes the Christian God, but why not Allah? After all, he is the one who actively tells his followers to kill the infidels and rebel and fight in infidel countries. The Koran is for contradiction filled than the Bible.
Posted by XxFoxlordxX 2 years ago
I forgot to put this in my first round, Backwards constantly bashes the Christian God, but why not Allah? After all, he is the one who actively tells his followers to kill the infidels and rebel and fight in infidel countries. The Koran is for contradiction filled than the Bible.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Thanks. I watched a few youtube videos that actually inspired me to do these. I have no idea how I do it either. I just type down whatever comes and goes.
Posted by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
I really like the logical conclusions you draw out of all these.
Posted by DeletedUser 2 years ago
so you have given up your free will without knowing why or if you are evil in doing so..
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Anger and passion are fuel to the fire as fuel is used for cars and angry people drive and sometimes kill themselves and from the fact that a lot of painters are recognized only after they die, it paints the image that anger, fuel and reputation are closely linked together, and judging from the fact that a car sometimes cars catch on fire, fire is linked with them as well.
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:01 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro called Con a "punk kid" in round two. This is poor conduct.

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