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Free will does not exist

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Started: 2/1/2019 Category: Philosophy
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Either our choices are determined by something and we have no free will or our choices are random, Like the roll of a dice, And we have no free will. And that"s it. Those are the only two options which logic permits. To say free will exists is to say that a thing can be neither random nor not random.


Notwithstanding the fact that "choices" implies predetermined options.

The choice itself is nonetheless a conceptual conclusion. Derived from pre-conditioned information.
Pre-conditioned information is a prerequisite of all conscious decision making.
In simple terms: Unless we are aware that we have options we would only exist at a sub-conscious or instinctive level.

Instinct is physiological predetermination and might or might not imply free will depending on how we care to view it.
Though once again we are faced with predetermined options that necessitate consciousness.
It would seem, That in order to function at both conscious and subconscious levels we must already know the answer before we can make the decision.
I would therefore suggest that in both instances it is difficult to pin down much free will.

Though: If asked a question where A and B are the options and we are compelled to answer A when we actually think B.
Could thinking B be regarded as free will?
Thoughts may not be tangible actions but are nonetheless physiological actions.
Are we not free to think whatever we like?
No: Because we were just as compelled to think B as we are to answer A.

As for randomness;
Is it possible for anything to be random?
Cause and effect and all that!
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MrControversy5656 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


MrControversy5656 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MrControversy5656 3 years ago
My bad. I"m new to this site and I thought that hitting con meant that I was against the existence of free will.
Posted by Surgeon 3 years ago
Your debate title is Freewill does NOT exist, And you are CON this statement. Meaning you would take the debate stance that Freewill does infact exist (a stance I would take). Did you intend this? Because your opening statement implies you are infact PRO in this debate.
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