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Freedom of speech in England

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Started: 8/7/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello, I'm a 15 year old who's language as we speak is not that great (I prefer mathematics) however, That does not make my opinion more or less valid as today I'm writing about the freedom of speech in the UK. Now to begin we must look at the glaring issue itself and what is wrong with us in England not having "true freedom of speech". Now we can say anything however this comes with restrictions and in that we can be arrested for a hate crime and this usually consists saying something racist or some other type of derogatory thing. But the government has implemented this simply because they think that the public themselves are ignorant and that the government are afraid that if they pass the law of "true freedom of speech" that the whole country would be full of idiots spouting homophobic and racist terms all through out London. This is simply and cannot be far from the truth. There is no point moaning about a problem with out giving a solution. We need let freedom of speech be passed and the issue will sort itself out. You may be thinking how? But the issue in that has been presented will be resolved out of the premises of trust. We need to trust the the two polar opposites will be smacked down by the huge major part of the public, We need to in trust that the public will be ignorant not to in which the government has this deluded Idea on but in that the public will be ignorant to the polar opposite's and most of there ideas (because the bottom sides of both ends tend to be the worst places). The government has his fear and insecurity that Britain itself will become a racist place but however the government are becoming ignorant not trusting the people of this country to make a valid decision that racism and homophobic comments are wrong and to accept people no matter who or what there choices are.


Hello to my opponent, To readers and to future voters. I would like to begin by saying I understand my opposition's points of view, And even agree with some of them, But I would like to start with a simple question: do you not want your society to be protected from those who would try to harm it? As you said, There are a lot of problems facing freedom of speech nowadays, Specially in the period right after such big decision as Brexit. I shall leave the first round for your answer, And shall continue with my points in the second.
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