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Freedoms being stolen

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Started: 2/26/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Obama just became a dictator. Telling me a 35 year old marine corps veteran that if I don't buy healthcare I will be stolen from and MADE to give him money in the manor of a fine!!! Who is this fool to think he can order Americans into a system of coruption such as obamacare! Impeach this fool now!


Freedoms Being Stolen (Pro)


Ever since the dawn of civilization itself, people from all over the world have been guided, and controled by the governments that have been formed with different morals, and values. Many may claim that their government is corrupt while many may claim that it is not. With various viewpoints, it is hard to deny that governments can be corrupt, and not corrupt. From totalitarianism and fascist rule in Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy during WWll to The United States during George Washington's presidency, history has shown evidence that not every government is free. This has led to many present day comparisons between modern governments, and past ones. Con clearly makes it evident in his first statement that he, or she believes that the United States' government is corrupt, and taking away our rights. Therefore, I will be against his thesis that the United States' Government is corrupt. The United States' Government is not corrupt because of human nature. (I will explain this soon)

Reason #1 Past Governments
Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, "Time destroys the speculation of men, but it confirms nature." Although many of the world is already aware of the war crimes of many past governments, it is often forgotten what distinguished these corrupted governments from the United States' government. If one looks at Nazi Germany with is often used in comparison to the modern United States for example one can see major differences. One of the firsts differences was that the Nazi government believed in racism. They wanted to exterminate anybody who was not "Aryan". The Nazis were strongly racist, and descriminatory against Jewish people, Gypsies, African-Germans, communists, homosexuals, disabled people, etc. The Nazi government's views on racism, and descrimination led to about 16,27o,000 deaths. If one looks at as far back as the Mongol Empire one can also see true corruption. The Mongol Empire's leader, Genhis Khan raped so many people during his power that about 0.5 of people in the world are related to Genghis Khan. Under Stalin's power over Soviet Russia, over 30,000,000 lives were claimed. Meanwhile, the United States has abolished racism in our government, and thanks to the Constitution, Obama cannot go to the extent that many have in the past even if he wanted to.

Addressing Con

After reading Con's interesting first round, it is easily to realise the mistakes he, or she made. First, Con made many mistakes that one should not do in a debate. In a debate one is not supposed to have only opinions. When Cons says that Obama is a "dictator", he is simply using an opinion since he, or she lacks evidence. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a dictator is somebody who holds complete control of the government. However, common sense, and education shows us that the president does not have complete power over the government. The President only has power over the military, treaty making, Executive Branch, fill vacancies in the senate, recommend things to congress, and handle some laws if approved. Therefore the President is not a dictator because he needs approval from others to do what he does, and in the Exancipation Proclaimation does not have complete powers since Congress, the Vice President, and other run other things. When Con says that the money payed for ObamaCare goes directly to the government, it turns out that it does not only go to the government, and can be beneficial for the person paying it. It gives you tax credits, and can help with our debt. When Con says Obamacare is corrupt, he, or she shows no evidence whatsoever. So Con's points are invalid because he, or she needs to show evidence.


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Debate Round No. 1


Blah. A dictator is someone who serves his own purpose and owe agenda and will even lie straight to ur faces this country is doomed. Don't you get it a truly free society would never have there president saying pay or else. Wake up there stealing your liberties from under your noses.


Reason #2 Constitution

Many may ask, "Is it constitutional for the government to be doing the things in which that they are doing?" It turns out that it is constitutional. The first reason in which that it is constitutional is because in Article 1 section 8 it says, "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts, and excises should be uniform thoughout the United States."("Annenberg Classroom - Article l Section 8", 2-3) Therefore, when Con says that the government is stealing their liberties, they can't be because the constitution approves Obamacare (what Con thinks is evidence that the government is corrupt), and the government is simply doing what they have been doing ever since the United States was founded. The second reason is debt. Many have given the blame upon our current government for this debt, however it is not their fault, and it is constitutional. The debt is actually a result of other things. First, higher divorce rates is a cause of our debt. Divorce puts people normally in debt due to it's high expenses. Secondly, lower incomes.This causes many to either not do their share by helping businesses since they cannot afford to, or it can in general cause families to be debt. That is is just two of the reasons in which that we are in debt. Therefore, our government is not to blame. Our debt is constitutional because once again in Article One section 8, it says that one of our rights is to borrow money on the credit of the United States.("Annenberg Classroom - Article l Section" 8, 4)Therefore, the things that are causing our debt by us, and our government are constitutional. The final reason in which that the government is constitutional is approval. The many of the government's recent act, laws, etc have been approved by the majority of congress. Because of this, it is constitutional what the government is doing. In article 4, section 1 of the Constitution, it says, "Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to public acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the congress may by general Laws prescribe the manner in which such Acts, Records, and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof."("Transcript of the Constitution of the United States", Article 4 Section 1)If the government is following the constitution, they are not taking our rights because we already were set like this when our constitution was first written.

Addressing Con Part 2

Afer reading Con's second round, I have realised that Con does not even care about what I have said. Con immediately started his, or her argument by saying, "Blah. A dictator is someone who serves his own purpose and own agenda, and will even lie straight to your faces." If Con checked what was said, he, or she would've not said such a witless thing. A dictator is notwhat was said by Con. Numerous sources also say that a dictator is somebody with complete control over the government. According to all sources if Con looks at them, a dictator is somebody with complete control over the government who exercises complete power.("Dictator","Dictator", TheFreeDictionary), ("Dictator", said previously, the President does not have complete power. If one wishes to see the powers of a President, look at round one. Also, Con, compared to many other nations in the world, we are a free society. We one of the highest rankings on the Human Developement Index (HDI), and many nations are still dictatorships such as Cuba, North Korea, etc. Look at many sources below, and videos that are put to see more.

("Dictator", TheFreeDictionary)


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Debate Round No. 2


A lot of words and still said nothing. This country has 50 percent of people on some form of govt assistance and under Obama we have doubled our usage of food stamps we hae had millions drop completely out of work force hence the reason for the falsified unemployment numbers. Keep your plan I promise but isn't it unconstitalioal to lie to the American public about a plan like affordable care act and then once it's passed say yeah forgot to tell you everybody that makes above the poverty line is gonna pay for this and we have premiums are tripling and people getting kicked off there plans left and right. So sad so many minds are controlled by liberal media.


Reason #3 Mentality

The final reason in which that the government is not taking away our freedoms is mentallity. For thousands of years societies have been shifted by mentality. Some examples of mentality shifting societies include the Civil War, the Falkland War, and Spanish Civil War. Not only have societies have been shifted by mentality, but also it's people have. Mentality is one of the reasons that our government is not corrupt, but how? The first way that mentality explains that our government is not corrupt is paranoia. Paranoia causes people to become potentially against their government. One article reads that 6% of females, and 13% of males currently have mistrust from others through paranoia, but only 0.25-0.50% of them have realized their paranoia, and have seeked treatment. (Paranoia, 28-30)
Symptoms of paranoia include the thought that other other people are trying to change the individual's mentality, the thought that media is trying to change the individual which Con shows affects him when he says, "It is so sad that so many minds are controlled by liberal media," and the thought that other people are trying to take the individual's thoughts. This relates to Con because he, or she things these types of things which are signs of paranoia as shown is his, or her previous rounds. The second way in which that mentality explains that our government is not corrupt is assumption. Assumption is a basic human act that is caused by the mind's ability to make decisions fast. For example, if a man runs at somebody pointing a gun, it usually one's immediate assumption to run so that he, or she can survive. Assumptions have helped humans survive while still have its cons. Assumptions have caused many people to assume things that are not true. For example, many "ant-government protesters" suspect a Civil War due to people having different views just like America's first Civil War. Assumptions can also lead to the other side effects that make you go be against one's government such as paranoia (see above). The final way that mentality explains that our government is not corrupt is background. Background plays a major role in people's views on government because it can shift people's politcal preferences. For example most people in rural regions tend to favor Republicans while people in more urban areas tend to have more mixed views. Also if somebody has had a poor childhood, they may blame the government for being the cause of it. Adolf Hitler for example had a poor, and brutal childhood losing his mother, and having a very strict family. This later led to his evil, and brutal views on how the government should be (a dictatorship), and what led him to hate on minorities (see round 1).

Reaction To Con

Once again, after reading Con's I see that Con is lacking a lot of important things. First, Con is lacking sources. Sources are important because it prevents plagarism, weak opinions, and weak evidence. In a proper debate, one is supposed to never not show sources. If somebody gets a statistic, quote, etc he, or she is supposed to cite it. Secondly, Con lacks proper grammar. In a debate, a person is not supposed to mess up on grammar too often. Yes, it is admitted that there have been mistakes for me too, but somebody is not supposed to have only good grammar. Expecially if it is somebody who is in a formal debate. Third, Con keeps on going back to same point. Con has constantly been saying that our minds are being "controlled", and that Obama has unfair laws which is something that somebody should not do. It is only opinion with no evidence. Finally, Con does not acknowledge the other side. Con has shown no evidence of having read what was said by me, and instead assumes that too many words are being used.

Last Words To Con

Dear Con,

It was great debating with you. I understand that you're currently in a situation, and I hope that you manage to get the respect that you deserve having been a war veteran. It is a cold world out there, and it is great to have brave souls who volunteer to help maintain freedom. I would also like to you tell you not to take anything that I said too personal. I tend to simply be very competitive in debates, and that is something that needs to be worked on. I wish you the best of luck in you future, and I hope that you eventually get what you, and many other war veterans deserve.

Thanks for debating with me,



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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by WheezySquash8 6 years ago
Believe what you wish, but I believe otherwise.
Posted by TheSwagBandit 6 years ago
Dude, the government is corrupt. It is easy to see, the freedoms of the general people are slowly being taken from us in a very surreptitious manner. People are being poisoned by society, and the government supports it. The freedom of being anonymous has been removed, and many more have been violated. Things happen and the government covers them up, makes them less of a big deal. Now, Obama is no tyrant or no dictator, but if he wants to do it, he can. You can't do anything about it, simple as that. A corrupt government. I do not agree with Obamacare, I think it is absolutely ridiculous. Communism is slowly approaching. "Let's give money to the poor, because we are good people!" A majority of people are poor because of themselves, and us giving them more drug money is absolute stupidity. They need to work for their money. The hard-working average American is being stolen from by the government, as the workings of Communism. So let us not revolt against the President, for he is just serving the government. Just because it is named "Obamacare" does not mean it was strictly the president's doing. It is pretended that we are a democracy. This is false.
Posted by Fredx 6 years ago
Con I agree with your statement. Our liberties are being eroded. Right under our noses. Obama is a criminal And should be hung for treason. And while he is not a dictator. He is more than proven himself a tyrant. The worst president in the history of the United States. I applaud you we're having a common sense to see through his smoke screen. I work and earn my money I received no government handouts And I'll be damned if they tell me how to spend my money. Impeach Obama Re send Obama care Imposed firm limits On all elected officials And hold them accountable for your actions No more free ride for the government Take back the power people
Posted by Ragnar 6 years ago
R2: Con disagrees with the tyranny of the English language.
Posted by Militant_Pacifist 6 years ago
if i could i would like that :P
Posted by Ragnar 6 years ago
Sometimes it's hard to resist the urge to noob stomp.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro gave more reasons for his position. Also, unlike Con, Pro provided sources.
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