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Freestyle Rap Battle (18)

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Started: 5/12/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 1,877 times Debate No: 102564
Debate Rounds (4)
Comments (15)
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Accepting this battle will require a bit more skill than the usual ones. The winner is whoever can toast the other opponent into submission with the cleverest insults, wordplay, flow, and of course rhymes.

HOWEVER, it all has to be impromptu. You can't sit at your computer/phone/device thinking up rhymes for extended periods of time. It must all be spur of the moment. Because of this, it's OK if it gets a little sloppy. Successfully freestyling shows the challenger's skill at rapping right off the top of their head and overall rap IQ.

Of course since it is online, it will be difficult to prove that it really is impromptu. So we're just gonna have to use integrity. No cheating, and if either of us do, just realize that yours (or mine) honor is tarnished. Ways to tell if cheating: complicated rhymes schemes, extremely well thought out lines, and all the syllables matched in perfect rhythm. It's not a dead giveaway (as you might just be freakin' skilled as hell), but usually freestyle raps aren't top quality.

1. As said before: freestyle rap, no contemplation.
2. Round 1 is for acceptance and questions, Rounds 2, 3, and 4 are for rap.
3. Only 2,000 characters allowed. I put it at 3,000 to write these rules. Keep track of the counter, because in freestyles, keeping time is hard and rap overflow can happen.
4. No plagiarism at all, but quotes are OK within reason.
5.If you feel the opponent is cheating, you can call them out. But please use good judgment. The accused will likely defend themselves, and the voters will have to decide. Hopefully this problem will not arise.
6. Go hard.


i'll accept, have fun, no hard feelings! I don't really have any questions
Debate Round No. 1


Doin this freestyle, and in it I'm lookin to defile this big pile of shjt up in front of me. Cot a basic purple circle, I'll give this f@ggot a purple nurple and blast in the face with a hose like Squirtle, Knock him outta the park like a Mario Kaart turtle shell, I'll hurtle you to hell and make you burn forever, Like you was in the Minecraft Nether, So get the fvck outta DDO cakerman, I'll make you understand that I'm not foolin around, So get the fvck outta town fore I git you like IT the clown, I hope you freeze up like han solo in carbonite, You know I'm a star, right, My political agenda may be on the far right, but boy you better believe that I can spar, fight in this hard night, so whatch your guard, dyke, Cause I'm going for the flank, And last night I gave your fat bottomed mom a good oll spank, Then she shjt all over the bed, and that shjt stank and was rank, but man fvck it, get outta this battle an leave, before I conceive a sword to cut your head off from your shoulder, cause I'm the mofuggin soldier and I already told your that you're dead, Cause I got my shotgun pumped, Make that body fall slumped, for that I'm pumped, So you better run like Forrest Gump, you down syndrome boy, Go play with your fidget spinner toy, and get the Fvck outta DDO where all you do is annoy

I don't need a pen or paper, only my brain for this rap, it is my savior, it gave your mom a hard time last night, her @ss was undeflatable, Her face was unmistakable, I took my djck and laid in, fool, you 51 year old faggot, Put a gun to your head, make you dead, wow so tragic, Hide your body in the ditch, make it gone like magic, and everyone's glad your gone, it's fvcking fantastic, your bars are inorganic like they made outta plastic, But I spit fresh rhymes like muthafuggin B rabbit, you see the mic and pass it, I see the mic and spit mystical shjt, my lyrics will hit with some serious lit phrases that will distill the spirit, so get the fvck off my lawn kid, I'll take you out like

Out of characters, your turn. Fixed a few misspelled words and profanities, that's it


I'll run up on you on some murder it's lit you don't wanna start a battle of wit with a man that'll throw hands and hit you like a 40 foot long girder. You're swearing, thinking you tearing, thinking you scaring boy i'll knock you out of your bearings and give you a savage beating. let's talk serious your description on your profile makes me think you may be delirious debate me on Atheism I don't give a f-ck it's mysterious, you're a lesbian, Presbyterian. you need to get back in the zone because the skill you need you do not own I will kill, still, I know you're trying hard, and you really wanna win it but this wouldn't be the first time you blew something for 3 straight minutes, yo, you need to give up and go home, you've been destroyed so bad honestly just uninstall google chrome check it.

This verse is like your sister, because I wrecked it, if you're wondering if I used a condom don't bother checking
you need to learn how to project some more respecting because you're playing this battle the same way Trump got elected.
if you think we're through this house of horrors we ain't even checked in, your entire house smells like a f-cking rat bin.
for real you aren't dope, if this battle was audio I guarantee you would choke, I can barely even tell if you're commercial or horrorcore but when we're done it'll be hard to ignore the gore, you're a goblin lookin man, an addict who can't escape the habit, continue to chase the dragon.

i'm nearly out of rhymes but i'm spending such a limited time I guess it's fine, you need to calm down. sounding like you just did a fat line, saying 3 things a once speaking like you got a ball of slime trapped in your throat, homie I am the goat and you cannot compete, but i'll hand you this a-s whooping for free. lyrics put together so cleverly you'll never be, on my level chopping you up like celery. sir, i'm sorry, but your daughter wasn't that reluctant, you see this 8 inch d-ck bulging out of my pants? yeah, well she sucked it

out of character, good first round. looking forward to more :)
Debate Round No. 2


Round 2 of this freestyle, I aint backing out... I'm not backing out of your mom either, I'll whack that @ss about. Your rhymes were on point in your first round, and they were laid sound, and I have to admit that reading made me feel downed, but I haven't drowned, I'm coming out swinging, rapping, not singing, the best, you better be believing, I'm seething with rage, You don't wanna fight me in a cage, because I'm the beast of this game.

You need to fill out your profile, so I can find something that I can defile, put you on trial and make you die h0e, while I slaughter this guy and win the title, let me tell you sometin, you shjt pile... raps come to me with ease, I can think of something that rhymes simple as A B Cs, I skip over Ds and let you suck them on your knees, My rap comes straight outta Compton like eaze, then I drop the F so I can listen to your please, we're real Gs, I stand up to your gang, tax em fees for I blast em with ease, so bjtch please, watch where you're stepping, not on the site that I'm reppin, Or you'll get popped by a Colt .25, Your body will jolt as you die, Nobody for sulk for this guy because he's got no friends in his line-up, My friends are so numerous I gotta line for the sign-up, You're just a "kind of", I'm just sublime, duh

Like it's 313 in this hip hop shop, This guys prolly pro-black and anti-cop, so this bjtch I gotta stop with every ounce of strength I got, I'm unfightable, undeniable, untieable, and oh-so-reliable, so fight me h0e, and get your shjt knocked out, Like we're playing basketball, I'll BLOCK U OUT, I'm the thing people talk about, you're the people they laugh at and shout, foolish kid posting his raps on this website, I'll get my gang so we can have a web fight like Spiderman, And this will be your death night, so let me get my dreaded knife and stab it into your skull, because anything you spit is abso-fvcking-lutely dull...

Today I palmed an @ss, it was so delicious, nice and juicy, your mom is nutritious!!


how many times are you about to rhyme pile with defile shut your pie hole you're making me wile and get crazy you can't flame me I'll make you walk the green mile.

"rhymes simple as A B Cs, I skip over Ds and let you suck them on your knees"

bitch please switch up a couple words and you got an eminem punch line, sorry, did I just expose you online? For the whole world to see? You expected for it to be just embarrassing me? Nope! We've already discussed I'm dope, sorry, that's a typo, I'm the pope. You the type of dude to choke yourself with a rope because you feel guilty for getting lipo or something, you already have nothing, and these bars are just starting, so stop smarting. Off, jackin with jergens and a macbook in my pocket at a wocka flocka concert your entire rap careers a fluke all it takes is one juke and your ankles turn into dust like a burger in the inferno. I'm rappin for me now, not to make you feel good boy you're losing and we aren't even in my hood but that's okay everything is good i'm gonna swarm with lines like the great flood my rhymes are fine like your girlfriends t-its I berate hons and motherf-ckers who eat nothing but honeybuns I'm surprised you haven't tried to cash in from a line about Columbine yet you joke you have no money so I know you ain't poppin' on nothing. Threaten me with a gun in real life and see what happens, I outperform you in phsychiatrics, I'll be back, I got a rack to rub on the meat, I'm exhausting you like a meet and greet under Funk Volume because you strive for greed but you're nowhere close so you need to just chime out of the money scene.

All you do is give me some s-itty lines about you did my mom from behind like you got a 9 inch d-ck but really you gotta d-ck like you were 9, or like the barrel of a tec-9 you huddle around your homies on the street for protection because you can't handle yourself in the jungle, you fumble, get on the floor, i'mma go lock the door don't do anything that you haven't tried before

out of rhyme, good stuff, last round is boutta be lit
Debate Round No. 3


I'll say it one more time, you big pile of shjt, like Kyle I'm lit, rapping with Yachty on this bjtch.

I see you've heard the album Infinite, it's quite lit, isn't it? yes I heard the song 313, it's in-tre-stin', and my ABC line was not so diff-er-ent, but it was meant as a shout out to the album, it's good like the book from Mitch Albom, I didn't mean to copy, I never get that low or sloppy, that's just not me, I switched it up a little to make it unique, while it still keeps that 313 Slim Shady physique, it was meant as honor to that song, I give more honor to em then I do to your mom in a thong, so hit the gong, like I'm a big fat sumo, time to knock this bjtch out, he's thinks it's only Uno, but you know I'm in it for real, no playing, You're bout to see my skill, so praying for your life is would be smart, cause I kill, so slaying.

You talk about hood life, but I bet you live the good life, I bet you got a quiet neighborhood and can have a good night, no robbers to worry about, nothing to fret, I know you're a pvssy, I'm willin to bet, So let's just get set, and settle the score, you're really a whore with no bjtches at his door. Except maybe your sister, or a line of misters, but no visitors, cause no one like your bjtch nigga @ss.

I threaten you in real life with a gun, and I'll see what happens? Your brain will be all over the wall and I'll be dabbin', don't even talk like you're a thug, I bet you give countless hugs, countless rubs to men in pubs, talking about the Intratec 9 but I bet you never shot one, I said I destroy this guy's brain but he aint got one, but let me tell you, roastin his @ss is a lotta fun, I aint even done...

You barely get a double rhyme in, can your brain not function? Your sentence structure sucks, and you need a conjunction. You hop up on guys and suck them with suction, your faginess in this rap battle gives you a vote deduction, You have suffered heavily from my eruption, And I have not shuttered once from you introduction.

[Had to edit a small part cause I went past the characters, but as of that it's fresh.]


on the subject of never shooting a gun, have you ever really? it's quite fun if you haven't done it already this is the last round, and i'm not sure you're ready for the pounding this man will put on you you'll bleed out your face like a fountain i'm the mountain, you're a dude that checks out nuns and rabbi's and such but you'll never love them like you did your pastor it's f-cked the lucks ran out this time, maybe shoula made it 5 or 6 rounds so we could really settle the score you and your gang are all a bunch of cucks.

for real let's talk dairy, you probably spend your life baked and to top it all off you're a fairy you think you're good? you really need to refine your interests because you're already gathering reputation as a princess where as mine is as a f-cking mind boggler, your b-tch, i toggle her. You do nothing but take my raps and leech off 'em and on top of all of that you leeching off Em, your entire career is getting beached don't pretend i didn't hear those faps to the ponies on your computer screen, you aren't mean you're a fiend for kids cartoons, and catfishing for nudes by pretending you always got the blues, and call every other girl a bitch when calls you a prick, and exposes your tiny d-ck, you hitch rides for more than just licks, boy, you do it for fun.

That's a deep metaphor, think about it

dude you're a joke, honestly f-ck your whole crew, i just screwed the b-tch that just screwed you, out of all your cash and there's nothing you can do, i'll always stick around like a f-cking tattoo we got our guns in the jeep when we rolling on you M.A.S.H any possibility of truce, suicide attack, YO, SOMEONE GRAB ME THE NOOSE i don't even have a beat and i'm droppin loose you just rolled deuces the windows to this booth are.

shattered, i'm flattered you spent 3 rounds rapping with me just so you could see my freestyle for that i'll bless you with another battle if you wanna test me yet another time i'll spit another rhyme, another day.

[out of character, nice battle, nice rhymes, let's see what the voters think]
Debate Round No. 4
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Ok. I think you are directing your rap to me so...

I am eleven so i don't have a girl
Are you seriously still in that world?
Yes its chess and it's ME who gets the score
Cause I know you are moldy and rotten to the core

Why didn't you put that comment in my debate
Seeing that the verse effectively generates hate
The fact that I am beating 2 at once is totally fate
And both of you haven't posted yet, you ain't punctual you're late.

Oh I was going to stop but you keep letting me go on
By the time I am done, your existence is gone
So stop debating, you have no hope
When you beg for mercy I am just gonna say nope.

I'm debating the both of you, let that be our battleground
Not the comments section, not making a sound
If i'm going down, I'm taking you with me,
Now I have new rivals, good bye What50!
Posted by cakerman 2 years ago
I think you should

stop talking mad s-it on my debates.
this is a chess game and it's mate
you need to fixate on your structure because you are bad
i'm opening the flood gate
flow rate bouta jump through the roof

I stay dominate contemplate do I wanna cooperate? nah I just want a change in chief of state so i'm gonna captivate and continue to escalate and devastate everyone so now i'll demonstrate and concentrate really hard and dedicate a minute tomorrow to write you a 10,000 character rap you can not f-cking emulate, you can't even duplicate, and about you not having a girl, I had a suspicion you gravitate towards guys I do nothing but irritate i'm spiting so hot
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
I accepted your challenge but I ain't bowing to you.
Save your breath. Say something true.
I ain't gonna continue wasting my time
Save the battling for the one you challenged to mine.

You know you ain't the best, you are the cursed
I knew ever since I saw your first verse.
I was gonna stop at four. But now it's seven.
Eight bars now you couldn't even beat an eleven.

Your good i'll admit it. But I say cakeman is better.
Even though with all that cream in his raps they could make anybody fatter.
You are losing Jim. So little votes.
Stop rapping dude. You have little hope.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
That was fresh, hole-less and spotless unlike wire mesh
but I'm here to say I am the best, the blessed
Other rappers bow to me, they confess to the test
Other rappers are a mere pest, I fight them fear-less
NDECD needs to accept my challenge, or is he afraid?
'Fraid to get slain? Sever your brain to go insane?
I'll make you feel the pain as if you are fire in rain
Accept my challenge so I got some Elo to gain
Freestyle outtie, all these bjtches talk about me
Your raps are cloudy, I spit mine loudly
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Ok this is a freestyle rap.
But enough with this s**t, enough with all this crap.
I read this many times
But I couldn't find where were the rhymes.
I am crushin this game, gonna steal the crown
CakerMan just got baked, JimShady's votes are down.
Your castles collapsed, third party comes in,
That is me. Throw you both in the nearest trash bin
That is the quality of your rhymes, that is what you are,
I was gonna stop, but I think i'm gonna bring this far.
I am the rap god compared to you
"Blame it all on me and I'll get sued."
This short rap just comes up to the front
Cause with you all i'm just gonna be blunt
I am selling lives. You really need some
Now drop the beat and mic, I'm done.
Posted by cakerman 2 years ago
I just saw 2yearolddrivers comment and I must say I am offended by the level of reaching you have stooped yourself down to

The exact lyrics are just like this:

Racks on racks cause I pen fat stacks of frightening writing
Have you seen the pile?
I can even take a break from my routine style
Crank out a Shawshank or a Green Mile
Just because I said "green mile" in my rap does not make my rhyme even remotely similar to that, and to then imply that I, myself plagiarized is frankly a ridiculous notion to even entertain the thought of
Posted by cakerman 2 years ago
I just saw 2yearolddrivers comment and I must say I am offended by the level of reaching you have stooped yourself down to

The exact lyrics are just like this:

Racks on racks cause I pen fat stacks of frightening writing
Have you seen the pile?
I can even take a break from my routine style
Crank out a Shawshank or a Green Mile
Just because I said "green mile" in my rap does not make my rhyme even remotely similar to that, and to then imply that I, myself plagiarized is frankly a ridiculous notion to even entertain the thought of
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
It's probably a mere coincidence, and even if it's not it shows barely any resemblance.
Posted by 2yearolddriver 2 years ago
In round three, Con's first line is similar to one of Zach Sherwin's in the Epic Rap Battle(s) of History between Stephen King (portrayed by Zach Sherwin) and Edgar Allan Poe (George Watsky). Ironically, Con accuses Pro of plagiarism in his very next lines!
Posted by 2yearolddriver 2 years ago
In round three, Con's first line is similar to one of Zach Sherwin's in the Epic Rap Battle(s) of History between Stephen King (portraid by Zach Sherwin) and Edgar Allan Poe (George Watsky). Ironically, Con accuses Pro of plagiarism in his very next lines!
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by Mharman 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: I'm going to go with cakerman on this one. He wins Rounds 1&3, JimShady got only Round 2.

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