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Frogs are projectiles

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Started: 4/21/2021 Category: Funny
Updated: 4 months ago Status: Voting Period
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Frogs are projectiles


Okay, I saw the topic and burst out laughing. Thank you for creating this. I accept the challenge.

I will be debating on the topic of frogs being projectiles. My side is con.

Frogs are not projectiles. Instead, They are amphibians.

Also, I do not believe that the frogs would appreciate being used as projectiles.

And what use would they serve as projectiles? They do not sting, They do not poke, They do not stab. They go fwap.
They stick to things.
They bounce.

This is my first argument. Hopefully I read the tone of this correctly. If this is not intended to be humorous, I apologize for my first statement.
(Side note: This is me attempting to be serious and funny at the same time. If this is meant to be funny, Let me know. I am a master with puns.
Also, I use frog as an exclamation in the same way I use curse words because of how often I call people 'Rana Fatuus'/'Fatuus Rana', Which is Latin for 'Stupid Frog'. )
Debate Round No. 1


1. ) Well, You said that frogs to do stick or poke. But that depends on the type of frog. There are horned frogs in the world that could easily pierce skin if thrown at a high enough velocity. However, If you don"t have horned frogs in your area, You could easily flex tape a knife to the frog. Also, If a frog is sticky. Then you can use it as a sticky grenade with tape and C4. Also, If they bounce, They dual function as a frag grenade.

2. ) you said that frogs would not appreciate being thrown, But I for one know how to bribe a frog. If you treat your frog(s) well they may be willing to help you in your conquest. Also some frogs enjoy the feeling of air on there skin, And like seeing the blood of their enemies. My frog is very evil for one.

3. ) frogs could also work as secret agents, As they can fit through small spaces. They could sneak to your enemies and jump at them when they least expect it, Using the knife taped to them as a weapon. If you agree to share the profit with your frog, They will probably oblige. They must trust you though. Using frogs as projectiles is also a thing you can bond will doing, Giving you some quality time with your frog.

4. ) some frogs have poison, And can be used for many things. You could squirt poison in their ears, Or throw the frog at them and tell the frog to poison them. They could also have a small amount of the poison extract for sneak poisoning. Some frogs like to see suffering, And will do this for you.

5. ) as my final point I will bring up the point that you can amour your frog, Making them safe. I"m sure they will be happy to be projectiles if they are safe. Making sure the frogs are safe will make them have a higher opinion towards you, Which is the first step in making a true bond.


Yes, You make good points, But there are many things that you do not know.

Poison frogs need to get the poison inside of the body.

If you hold a frog for too long, It can die.

Not all frogs are demonic spawns of the underworld. In fat, Are you sure that your frog is just a frog and not a Green Slaad polymorphed into a frog?

Instead of using a frog, Why not use a toad? They are bumpy, Not slimy or smooth. They will pee on you.
The animal known as a Cane toad is from Australia, And it also is the largest toad in the world. It is infesting many places, So you can find them and throw them at your opponents face, Smothering them in toxic toad.

You could also arm yourself with lizards. Lizards come in many sizes. There are the frilled-neck lizards, Who have sharp lizard claws and an amazing walk. There are Komodo Dragons, Who are large, Fast, And dangerous. There are horned lizards, Who shoot blood out of their eyes when threatened. This would be a good scare tactic. If the target is far away, Some lizards can glide. Furthermore, Some lizards are venomous. I have never heard of a venomous frog.
Your best choice would be to go with lizards.
Debate Round No. 2


1. ) Firstly, You can commit surgery to give the frog surgeury to give it theeth, Giving it the opportuinite to inject the poison

2. ) You can wear protective gear to protect the frog. You can also give the frog amour, As prevoiusly stated.

3. ) I know my frog is not a former green salad becuase it does not taste like like a salad (don't ask how i know)

4. ) toads are a no because toads suck and are not small enough to be efficent secret agents. Lizards are also a no becasue they are two big and ar enot slimy enough

5. ) toxic frogs exist, And the fact that you don't know means that you don't reshearc frogs like normal sane people (like me)

6. ) as you can tell by me creatiing this debate, I am perfectly sane and should be trusted.

7. ) f r o g s a r e g o o d.


By Green slaad, I mean the D&D creature.

Some lizards are small and quiet, And you can always make the lizards slimy by putting slime on them.

No frogs are venomous. Dart frogs are toxic.

It is obvious that you are sane. You have to be in order to create this totally normal debate. And I must be completely sane in order to accept this debate.

Frogs are good, Yes, But how many bugs are you willing to gather? Unlike frogs, Who must be fed creatures that once lived, Lizards can eat plants as well as meat.

Frogs are small, Yes, But this means they can get stepped on before they can return with the intel they gathered. They also leave a faint trace of slime, Meaning they can be tracked. They also are not fast on land. Anyone can catch one if given enough time. I would know, Because I, The slowest person I know, Has caught multiple frogs. However, I have never caught a lizard. They leave no trace. They can glide. They can run. They can go nom.

If you still wish to stick with amphibians, Then try salamanders. They are like frogs in feeling and size, But like lizards too. And axolotls are salamanders, And those things are adorable beans. Furthermore, Al salamander species are somewhat poisonous.

So, You should not use frogs as projectiles. You should use lizards or salamanders instead. Or maybe snakes.
Debate Round No. 3


1. ) while you can use slime to make the lizard slimy, You havwe to buy slime or get slime in a wsay and there are not that many ways to get slime without ease or time.

2. ) I will expeirment and create a new frog breed that is venoumous. ANd also i don't care about toxic, Venoumous, Or poisonous as long as its kill rate=yes.

3. ) i live in a house with many bugs, So a frog would be well fed and i would not have to pay for pest controll. Frog=efficient

4. ) as frogs are equatic creatures, They can go through the water supply. If someone saw a lizard crawling in their room, They would just yeet the lizard. However no one expect a frog to come out of the toliet and spy on them when they are taking a shower.

5. ) also a frog could fit into some small spaces easily


Hah! You fool! I tricked you into saying that people can throw lizards, While no one would expect a frog and therefore be less likely to be thrown! Your argument makes no sense! This whole debate is about if frogs are meant to be thrown! (sorry this isn't that long. I hardly got any sleep. )
Debate Round No. 4


You fool, You finally realize what this debate was about. You were debating about the wrong thing, And now only have one argument to contradict me. All of your others were a waste because they argued the wrong point. You thought you tricked me, But your web was just a small section of my better web.


I may seem the fool, But in reality, The fool is you! In all of my statements, I put why other animals are better. You talked about using frogs as spies, And I retaliated, Adding in how lizards are bigger and have claws, Meaning they could grapple onto the face of the target! Snakes can be venomous, Allowing them to inject toxins into the person they are thrown at, Making that person freaking die.

Finally, Let me offer a last alternative to using frogs as projectiles: Drop-kicking babies.

The frogs thank you for voting con. So do I.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Thebigfrog 4 months ago
Ksisism, Ms, Slcosllxallal@ms, 1, $k@xm2mxmsksl#mcmw
Posted by Thebigfrog 5 months ago
Posted by Thebigfrog 5 months ago
Tf it won"t let me p o s t
Posted by PanTurtle 5 months ago
Ask the frog.
Posted by Hezikiah 5 months ago
If you throw a frog, Will it croak?
Posted by PanTurtle 5 months ago
Of course I forgot to read what catagory this was in. That was dumb of me.
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