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Frozen is Overrated

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Started: 5/22/2015 Category: Movies
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Frozen is completely overrated to me but that doesn't make me a "Frozen Hater". In fact, I really like the movie including some of its songs. The only problem I have with it is people giving more credit to it than what it deserves. In this debate I will talk about key points on what makes this movie overrated, which are:

The Uniqueness
The Characters
The Relationships
The Plot in General

My opponent will try to rebuttal my claims and prove that Frozen deserves the attention it has. You must be a Frozen lover, and ask for my permission to accept this debate. The first round is acceptance.


I thank pro for proposing this fun debate.
I accept and await pro's arguments.
Voters should also be cognizant of Frozen's intent. It's not intended to be some profound cinematic paragon, but rather a endearing, "cute", feel good type film.
Good luck pro.
Debate Round No. 1


SummerLover19 forfeited this round.


As pro has forfeited, I decline to provide argument as I can not rebut unmade claims.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for accepting my debate.

I apologize for my unexpected forfeit but I missed a couple of things in my argument about 9 seconds before posting.

In the beginning I was convinced that Frozen was an unbelievably unique and a fully-thought-out film... until I discovered Frozen was practically a rip-off of the once most popular animated film in the world: The Lion King. One day I googled Frozen and the lion King together since Frozen surpassed The Lion King as the most highest grossing animated film in the world and I wanted to know what made them both so popular. Then, without warning, My search was flooded with websites, images, and videos claiming Frozen was "literally the same as the Lion King". I've listed some of them below and they will also work as my sources:

After observing all of these websites and blogs I've concluded that Frozen is extremely similar to the Lion King, because:

Both movies had tragic deaths of royal families

Both had villains who wanted to be king and blamed the hero/heroine for the death of their loved one

Both had heroes who ran away from their problems and sang a song about "letting things go" and "having no worries" anymore

Both had kingdoms that turned to turmoil after the heroes disappeared

And both movies had their kingdoms return to normal after the villain was defeated and the heroes returned, having a happily ever after

This unbelievable find was only one if the things that made this movie hardly unique. There is also talk about Frozen promoting feminism for Disney. For example, Frozen is definitely NOT the only disney movie, or animated movie at all, to promote feminism or speak of knowing someone before marriage if you think about the other disney princess movies before it. Mulan and Enchanted would be good examples?

Elsa's famous quote,"you can't marry a man you just met", has taken off by storm because of how Disney typically married off most of their Disney princesses to princes they barely knew or met for but honestly, it doesn't make her the first person in a Disney princess movie to bring that to people's attention.

In the Disney Princess movie, Enchanted, one of the main characters, Robert, has a conversation with the heroine, Giselle, about her prince. After saying she was going to marry her prince after a day ("soon to be two days"), Robert responds by saying, "you're gonna marry somebody after a day? Because you fell in love with him!?". Then they have a complete dialogue on taking things slow and dating (with singing afterwords). I really don't see how Frozen took more credit for a quote that already has been said by another person in another disney princess movie.

As for the Disney Movie that promotes feminism, Mulan was about a girl who wanted to join an all men's army in order to protect her handicapped father. In the end, after her team discovered she was a girl (but still supported her later on), she defeated the villain who terrorized China and received a medal of honor. If that's not promoting feminism I don't know what is...

Frozen may supposed to be a "cute, feel-good type" of film, but the world sure was (and still is) treating it like a cinematic paragon. I will continue to speak of its flaws and unoriginal uniqueness and much more in the the next round.


Examination Of Proposition:

"Frozen is overated" literally the proposition would entail that Frozen does not merit its ratings, however pro's arguments seem to convey that the proposition entails that Frozen is undeserving of its general reception.

Uniqueness: I believe that pro's arguments are red herrings and subsequently invalid. Uniqueness is not a pertinent factor in a movie's merit.

The English Journalist Chris Booker published a work called "The Seven Basica Plots", in the book he asserts that each plot related work is predicated upon one of seven general plots.

Overcoming the monster: A plot in which the protagonist overcomes an antagonistic force.

Rags to riches: A plot in which the protagonist of humble origins attains wealth and looses and subsequently regains and through the process grows in character.

Quest: A protagonist becomes aware of a macguffin and him and often some allies seek to retrieve it.

Comedy: Light and humorous ambiance with a happy or cheerful ending; a dramatic work in which the central motif is the triumph over adverse circumstance, resulting in a successful or happy conclusion.

Tragedy:The protagonist is a villain who falls from grace and whose death is a happy ending.

Rebirth:The protagonist is a villain or otherwise unlikable character who redeems him/herself over the course of the story.

Voyage and return: The protagonist goes to a strange land and, after overcoming the threats it poses to him/her, returns with nothing but experience.

You will be hard pressed to find a work that does not follow one of these plots.

So pro’s argument is as follows:

P1) If A movie is not unique, it is overrated

P2) Frozen is not unique

C1) Frozen is overrated

P1 is the point i’ll contest. I can negate pro’s entire argument by providing one movie that is not unique yet not overated, and I'll actually use the Lion King.

I think the Lion King was deserving of it's reception, mostly on the basis it was well received by Roger Ebert, rating it a 3.5 out of 4 however i'll add some of my own points.

The lion king conveys the Shakesperian Classic Hamlet in an easily understandable and animated way which exposes children to a grim plot in a non grim way. The songs add a new dimension to the movie, and emphasize themes and adds lightheartedness. The work touches on anthropological motiffs of revenge, redemption and our prevailing hope that there is a natural order and that when things detour from it they will be returned.

However The Lion King is not at all unique, and is basically Hamlet.
Both plots concern a regal family.
Both uncles are jealous and deceptive.
Both princes are exiled and return to reclaim the throne.
Ghosts are present and convey messages of truth.
Both princes go through a moral struggle.

So in order to refute my point pro most argue that the lion king is overated.

Finally, pro's argument is kind of non-sequitur and unsubstantiated.
He has not provided any reason for us to believe that because a move is not unique, it is overated.
Because I have validly shown that a movie can be non-unique and non-overrated, he most either show lion king to be overated, show why non-uniqity as a sympton of being overrated is exclusive to Frozen or argue Frozen is overrated on another basis, and as aforementioned, he should explain what's so bad about non-uniquity.

Debate Round No. 3


First off I am a female and secondly my opponent has made so many misspellings I couldn't tell whether or not him mistaking me for a female was intentional or an accident.

I can easily rebuttal my opponent's accusation by saying not once have I said in my previous argument that a movie has to be unique in order for it not to be overrated. In case I wasn't clear enough, I meant to say the world is treating Frozen like it was the most unique thing ever made. There is absolutely nothing wrong with non-uniquity in a film, but when people treat that film as if it was something that was never done on a screen before (by having aisles of merchandise, costumes, dolls, etc), they're overpraising it. My opponent unnecessarily tried to refute my argument by talking about The Lion King and it's similar lack of uniqueness compared to Hamlet, when all I did was talk about how I misjudged Frozen by thinking it was something that was never done before the first time I watched it.

My opponent has failed to refute my argument on lack of feminism in the film. Since this is the last round I won't continue that argument.

Characters and Relationships

There were a fair amount of characters that I enjoyed; some were entertaining, others were tolerable, and the rest didn't make any sense all. In this final argument I will talk about characters, their relationships with others, and their development in the movie.

Anna x Elsa- Anna and Elsa had a very loving sister relationship in the beginning of the film until the day came when Elsa harmed Anna with her snow powers. As time passed they've grown apart out of Elsa's fear of hurting Anna again so Elsa distanced herself from her. What confused me though was how Elsa accidentally shot Anna in the heart and didn't do anything about it. There was no "I'm so sorry", no "oh no, are you okay", not even a sign of wanting to help. What would have been better was Elsa cradling her like she did in their childhood; that would have symbolized and reminded the audience of what they used to have together (like the snowman). But instead, Elsa shunned her away, despite realizing what she had done, and unleashed a snow monster upon Anna and Kristoff to kick them out. And before my opponent says "Elsa didn't know she shot her sister in the heart because her back was turned", she was well aware what she had done after turning around because Anna was holding onto her heart with the looks of agony on her face and Elsa gasped in shock and nothing more.

This was the flaw I didn't like about Elsa, she ran away from her problems instead of owning up to them, unlike Simba from The Lion King. Simba, despite not wanting to go back at first, returned to the pride lands at his own free will in order to save it; Elsa never intended on to going back to Arendale until her extravagant chandelier knocked her out and the guards of Weselton dragged her back. What would have happened if the Weselton guards never arrived to Elsa's castle to retrieve her? Chances are, she would have stayed and let Anna die. As a sister of four myself, I find this unpleasant since I would never have let my sisters get hurt on my account and just leave them.

Anna x Kristoff- I have no problem with Anna and Kristoff's relationship, but it should have progressed more. It was typical how they ended up together but there was no sign of development between them; the moment with Kristoff trying to get Anna back to Arendale before she completely froze doesn't count because it was more of a life-death situation than a romantic one. If there was a friend (or random person) that you witness nearly dying in front of you, you (just like Kristoff) would have done what you could to help them - calling 911, rushing to a hospital, etc. Unlike Kristoff and Anna, Rapunzel and Flynn from the movie Tangled showed obvious signs of romantic development, for example. The first time they met, Rapunzel knocked Flynn out, tied him to a chair, thinking he was an intruder at first, and convinced him to take her to the village to see lights that always show up on her birthday in trade of her tiara that Flynn stole from her birth parents. As the movie progressed, Rapunzel and Flynn actually had the time know each other (talking about their childhood, exploring the village together, etc), which led to their romantic attraction for each other. I made comparisons between the two couples and the outcome was apparent:

Rapunzel & Flynn Anna & Kristoff

Budding Relationship Budding Relationship

Didn't get along at first Didn't get along at first

Talked about their lives and childhood Kristoff takes Anna home to get warm

Talked about their lives and childhood Got together in the end

Explored the village with each other

Danced together

Watched the festival lights together

Rapunzel inadvertently brings Flynn back to life

Flynn reunites Rapunzel with her parents

Got married "after years and years and years" of Flynn asking

I would have liked Anna and Kristoff as much as I liked Rapunzel and Flynn if they actually got to know each other better instead of just journeying to find Elsa.

The Trolls- The rock trolls that Kristoff was raised by made no sense to me whatsoever. Out of all the magical and mythical beings to choose from, why on earth did the writers choose trolls? Anything else would have been more interesting, like a witch that cursed Elsa with those powers in the first place, or an exiled relative that Elsa's powers were descended from. In the end, they decided to use trolls... It's more random than unique.

Olaf- Olaf was the only character I hated with a passion in the entire movie. Not only was he annoying, he was not even cute. In the beginning, I thought it was precious how Olaf symbolized the love Anna and Elsa had together, but the least the writers could have done was make him look cute (like Baymax cute) or sound cuter with a child voice actor. If they used a child voice actor, that would have further symbolized what Anna and Elsa had as children and when it ended in the past. I don't see at all what makes him "so cute" to children and adults besides him being a comical relief.

Overall Frozen was an ironically heartwarming movie that brought the attention of kids everywhere. To all the people obsessed with Frozen, I'm glad you all love this movie, but it's nothing to obsess over.

Vote Pro.


Once again the resolution is "Frozen is overrated". It's endorsement or non-endorsement of feminism is really not important, as pro has not argued this as a property of what makes a film overrated or not.

I apologize for addressing pro as a male.

"I can easily rebuttal my opponent's accusation by saying not once have I said in my previous argument that a movie has to be unique in order for it not to be overrated. In case I wasn't clear enough, I meant to say the world is treating Frozen like it was the most unique thing ever made. There is absolutely nothing wrong with non-uniquity in a film, but when people treat that film as if it was something that was never done on a screen before (by having aisles of merchandise, costumes, dolls, etc), they're overpraising it. My opponent unnecessarily tried to refute my argument by talking about The Lion King and it's similar lack of uniqueness compared to Hamlet, when all I did was talk about how I misjudged Frozen by thinking it was something that was never done before the first time I watched it."

1) Pro really has not eve provided any evidence that the world is treating it uniquely and this has nothing to do with if the film is overrated.
2) And even if they are, pro still has provided no evidence of how this entails it being overrated.
All of pro's arguments are red herrings.

Pro then goes on to address character relationships, but this again not worth addressing. Pro has not argued how any of these relationships entail the film being overrated. Once again she draws comparisons between frozen and other films, however once again she fails to address the resolution and does not explain how this entails overratedness.

"here is absolutely nothing wrong with non-uniquity in a film"
This single statement negates all of pro's arguments from uniquity. And if she wasn't arguing from uniquity, what was her point in making all the connections in the first round?

In conclusion: Pro has grossly failed in upholding the BoP, as zero of her arguments entail Frozen being overrated. She didn't even make one argument for Frozen being overrated. She attacked uniqueness, which she even said is not an intrinsic property of appropriately rated movies. And the character relationship arguments merely express a personal disposition and say nothing objective regarding the quality of the film.
Also pro had a forfeiture, which is the equivalent of just declining to provide an argument in an in person debate.
Primarily for complete failure of addressing her own resolution, please vote con.

Also my lack of spelling stems from the spell check feature of DDO's argument box wasn't functioning.

I thank pro for her time.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Lee001 3 years ago
= Conduct must go to Con, because Pro FF R2. S&G goes to Pro. Con made so many obvious spelling errors. For example: He misspelled "overated" when it should have been "overrated". Con also had poor spacing. Example: "Tragedy:The" he needed to space the colon away from the. Also simple grammar such as not capitalizing "i'll" Reliable sources is a tie, because both sides used sources to back up their claims. Now onto convincing argument. Pro gets this point. The argument of "Uniqueness" wins. It goes hand in hand with the title. The fact that "Frozen" has many similarities such as other movies shows the readers that it does get way more credit then it should, because it similar in some ways to other movies. Con claims that just because it is similar, doesn't mean it is over rated when in fact she stated in R1 "The only problem I have with it is people giving more credit to it than what it deserves." She simply convinced me that it does in fact get to much credit, because multiple movies are the same.
Posted by SummerLover19 3 years ago
Posted by KVDebates 3 years ago
I wish to argue in favor of Frozen's merit.
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