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GOD? . . . An Abrahamic PUPPET TOY

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Started: 9/10/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Challenge Declined
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GOD? Jesus. . . The boy wonder PUPPET who was double crossed by his JEW TRIBE for
claiming he was the MESSIAH!

Meanings and history of the name Messiah: | Edit. From the Hebrew word "Mashiach" which means "Annointed One. " In the Hebrew Scriptures, Mashiach was used of priests and kings, As well as a future leader who would be both priest and king. The Greek Scriptures are the story of Jesus, God's Messiah.

So if JESUS is GOD's (chosen one) why the HELL did he let his BOY WONDER get whipped,
beaten, And nailed to a cross to ROT? Such a nice DADDY! What a pathetic JOKE. . .

JESUS is another word for JOKE. . . . And why did it take 1500 years after MOSES chatted
with his GOD BOZO for him to send his wonder boy toy JESUS CLOWN to fix his mentally disturbed human creation from exterminating itself? Which makes DADDY

Also where is the JEW GOD? Is he to DRUNK or DRUGGED out to take care of his HUMAN CREATION DISASTER. . . He doesn't seem to give a CRAP about his JEW TRIBE
it's been 3500 years since MORON MOSES asked him for help against the EGYPTIANS.

What about the Egyptian GODS? Oh, Right they don't matter. . Just the JEW GOD Comic Book BOZO of a hoax. . . For the JEWS that is. . . . The JESUS parasites do not recognize the
JEW GOD! Only his kid? REALLY? People actually fall on the floor and worship some idiotic BOY CLOWN of a GOD that ended up trashed on a cross! Where is his DADDY?

No matter. . . Let's call ALLAH the 3rd GOD invented by psychotic tribal lunatics around 600 AD. . . . That's 2000 years since MOSES met his idiot GOD at some remote bush on a mountain ( holy crap this stuff is really for STUPID humans) so the JEW GOD comes and goes. . . Then JESUS the baby BOZO MESSIAH HOAX arrives, Then ALLAH shows up
to complete the TRIO of IDIOT Abrahamic GOD GARBAGE inventions. . !

Countless GODS have come and gone just like the RETARDED humans that invented them. . . BUT STOP. . . . All humanity needs to accept JESUS! No no no WAIT. . . All humans
must accept ALLAH! Hey what about the JEW GOD? No he is a PUPPET BOZO for the JEWS who invented him. . . Everyone else is not WELCOME. . . The JEW GOD serves the JEW AGENDA ONLY. . . GOT IT FOOLS. . . . Now go fall on the floor for JESUS or ALLAH. . . You can't
worship both!

In fact. . If YOU accept JESUS the ALLAH worshipping parasites want YOU dead for not
accepting them and ALLAH! If YOU accept ALLAH the JESUS parasites CONDEMN YOU to HELL for worshipping the WRONG GOD! Everyone LOSES!

The Abrahamic GODS are used as PUPPETS to enslave and TORTURE weak minded humans into CULTS that use FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE to control their minds and lives. . . FREEDOM of MIND. . . Of THOUGHT. . . Of LIVING is IMPOSSIBLE for the Jesus and Allah brainwashed slave drone. . . They must SERVE and SURRENDER to the HUMANS that PLAY GOD and prance around in Halloween Glory Gown Costumes. . .

The Abrahamic GODS are the GREATEST DISGRACE ever invented by HUMANS. . . All 3
of these WORTHLESS PUPPET GODS are Comic Book GARBAGE. . . .

Those who worship are truly MINDLESS sheeple slaves. . . They are destroying the planet
and using their PUPPET GOD HOAX as scapegoats for their TREACHERY. . . All are GUILTY
of CRIMES against humanity and EARTH. . .

SOLUTION. . . Immediately relegate all 3 GODS = JEW - JESUS - ALLAH to worthless Comic Book Mythology for idiots. . . The TRUTH will set YOU FREE. . . Flush these 3 GODS down a TOILET and FORGET. . . .
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