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Started: 8/16/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 4 weeks ago Status: Post Voting Period
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GOD? An acronym G game O of D deception = GOD = WORTHLESS

The Abrahamic GODS = JEW - JESUS - ALLAH are a trio of PUPPET CLOWNS used as scapegoats for MURDER and DESTRUCTION. Ever since the invention of the MOSES meets his PUPPET GOD on the mountain HOAX. . . 3500 years ago. . . NOTHING has happened for the JEWS! They have been chased and persecuted to this day and now hide behind a WALL in ISRAEL! Obviously the JEW GOD is truly a pathetic JOKE on themselves.

1500 years After the MOSES HOAX came the FAKE JEW MESSIAH JESUS who popped out of some ILLITERATE VIRGIN JEW TRIBE GIRL only to reach his early 30's then get beat up and nailed to a cross! REAL SMART! DADDY GOD sent his retarded kid JESUS to save his pathetic human creation! REALLY. . . It took 1500 years for DADDY GOD to do
something to help his idiot tribe again! What a LOSER this GOD imbecile truly is. . .

no WORTHLESS is the right word to describe these 2 retarded GOD hoaxes invented by the JEWS. . . . The JEWS did not want to ruin their position with ROME so getting rid of JESUS was imperative and the JEWS conspired with Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate to
have JESUS EXECUTED! Well there is the TRUE FACE of the JEW. . . 2 faced back stabbing
parasites. . . No wonder they have been persecuted forever! And where was their GOD
when the NAZIS were exterminating them as they had done to their JESUS? NOWHERE. . . . The JEW GOD abandoned his flock of BACKSTABBING LIARS. . . And where
has JESUS been the last 2000 years. . . NOWHERE. . . NADA. . . NOTHING. . . But WAIT!

The JESUS VOMITING CHURCH CULT VAMPIRES are everywhere! Assimilating, DESTROYING, HYPNOTISING, And BRAINWASHING weak minded humans into slavery of some HUMAN in a Halloween Glory Gown costume who PLAYS GOD! Not JESUS
he's DEAD and GONE! ROME MURDERED the boy wonder MESSIAH HOAX then
spun him into their very own GOD! What a kick in the JEW CROTCH that move was!

Once again the JEWS get payback for their GAME of DECEIT. . . . The JEWS are hopelessly outnumbered there are 15 million +- remaining on EARTH. . . . They will DIE OFF and be forgotten eventually. . . GOOD RIDDANCE LIARS. . . . That leaves the JESUS and his neighbor GOD hoax invention ALLAH. . . The PUPPET GOD of the Muslims and Islam. . .

3 utterly WORTHLESS GODS all neighbors each at WAR against the other. . . And the parasites who slave in their names are the HUMANS who do all the MURDER and DESTRUCTION. . . Not their PUPPET GODS. . . The worshippers are the TERRORISTS - LIARS - DECEIVERS. Those who order them to MURDER are only concerned with POWER - PROFITEERING - CONTROL. . . Their GOD is a WORTHLESS HOAX. . . A puppet toy.

There are other GODS. . Many of them. . . They come and go like the humans who invented them. . . Some are used for seeking enlightenment without using FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE. . . But not the Abrahamic JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God vomiting
parasites. . . They want control of the planet. . .

SOLUTION? Yes. . . The JEW - JESUS - ALLAH Gods must be exterminated. . . Reduced to the WORTHLESS COMIC BOOK TRASH they truly are. . . Along with their Torah - Bible - Koran, And DOGMA VOMIT. . . These are the greatest THREATS to humanity and EARTH.

No HUMAN ever needs any of these 3 utterly WORTHLESS GOD PUPPET HOAX inventions to exist and THRIVE. . . The Middle East has proven the only thing they value is
DEATH and DESTRUCTION using their WORTHLESS GODS as scapegoats. . .


Good afternoon!

The prosecution's general view seems to be supported by scientific method but man o man his delivery is heavy handed! I have seen comments questioning his rationality as well as calling him unreasonable and inflexible. I remind one and all that his point of view is as valid as anyone else's.

An individual's beliefs are as personal as personal can get. People can believe what they want to. Their beliefs usually come from family or life experience - so they are probably pretty well sunk in and not easy to change. Doing bad things in the name of God is no good, But why try to change people's minds with hard language?

Learn all you can and reach your own conclusions.

I thank you for your time.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by WaffleBadger 1 month ago

Are you sure you know what you're talking about?

Without God (Yahweh, Not Allah or anything else), What is your purpose in life? Do you have any hope beyond the fleeting and shallow desires of this world? There is hope in a loving God who does EVERYTHING FOR A REASON: TO GLORIFY HIMSELF. And no, That doesn't mean that millions worship an egotistical and power-hungry narcissist. He deserves all the glory and is not bound by the morals and rules we live under.

Just something to throw out there to chew on. I mean no disrespect and I will not try to convince you. Just think about it.

Best regards,

Posted by Dr.Franklin 1 month ago
oh look, The couple is bonding

All we need is 21stCenturyIconoclast and we can have a threesome!
Posted by backwardseden 1 month ago
As always, Ab-so-lu-te-ly 100% true.
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