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GOD? Acronym = G game O of D deceit

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Started: 8/19/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 weeks ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The Abrahamic JEW - JESUS - ALLAH Gods are FORGOTTEN and the Religions attached to them have been LONG GONE and relegated to remnants of the AGE of IGNORANCE and TERRORISM against the OPEN MINDED HUMAN EXPLORER.

Children of this new era of CURIOSITY and EXPLORATION are reminded of the HORRORS endured by children their age range by truly PSYCHOTIC mind and life MOLESTING humans who themselves were were systematically HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED to STOP thinking and reasoning with an OPEN MIND and reduced to DUMBED and NUMBED down slave drones of OPPRESSIVE CULT ORGANIZATIONS.

Using digital and live imagery of EARTH from a satellite perspective the timeline and
mapping of the Abrahamic GOD disease infestation becomes evident. Many of the children are astonished at the unprecedented DEATH and DESTRUCTION done by these Abrahamic PARASITE RELIGIONS. . They see first hand the horrific OPPRESSION
and DENIAL of access to information and resources to exist and thrive especially INTELLECTUALLY. . . They are saddened by the deliberate MURDER of OPEN MINDED
CURIOSITY and DESIRE to EXPLORE and DISCOVER things then share with others.

The see OLD ANGRY MEN id silly costumes playing GOD and ordering the TORTURE and LIFE DESTROYING DOGMA they invented for all to accept and SUFFER regardless.

They see how the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God puppets were invented and used as scapegoats for POWER and CONTROL over the masses. . . They see how people were rendered useless servants unable to learn and be the creative beings they truly are. . .
They see how people were permanently DAMAGED both mentally and physically by the 24/7 TORTURE they had to endure and cope with by being forced to memorize
the Torah - Bible - Koran VOMIT which are so horrifically OBSOLETE and MEANINGLESS

The new generations will NEVER GO BACK to these sick and twisted times of DEATH
and DESTRUCTION of the OPEN CURIOUS MIND. . . EARTH is united through technology and the need for HEALTH and WELLNESS to be the top PRIORITY something that was NEVER POSSIBLE with the defunct and WORTHLESS Abrahamic JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GOD parasite VAMPIRE brainwashing and oppression. . .

IMAGINE. . . . EARTH without these 3 utterly SICK and DISTURBING Abrahamic GOD hoax DISEASES, The preacher parasites, The concentration camp Temple, Church, Mosque, And most of all the utterly PSYCHOTIC DOGMA used as TOOLS for MURDERING the OPEN MIND. . . . . Celebrate this time in human existence. . . Where FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE using disgusting psychopath man made PUPPET GOD hoaxes is completely abolished from human consciousness. . .

GOD never existed. . . Only the parasite HUMANS who invent and use them as scapegoats for POWER - PROFITEERING - CONTROL. . Themselves PLAY GOD!

GOD is a JOKE. . . A worthless frankenstein PUPPET hoax made up from bits and pieces
of other GOD stories humans invent and ultimately discard. . . Only to invent new GODS!


Good morning, I am your challenger for this debate. I respect your opinion but i have my own.
Firstly, God is not an acronym. God is a nickname for a holy king who continues to lead all into eternal happiness and has help humans developed morals. Same with namely the Jewish God and Allah. I do not believe that gods can affect the world, But I believe that all should have the ability to speak and to pray without people like you attacking their beliefs. This leads me to my second point.

The children in the Middle East (namely Iraq and Syria) are suffering because of intolerance and lack of respect for people with other opinions about the lords and rulers of the days of caves. I personally live in a pluralist society where god and lack of god are equal its quite fine.
Debate Round No. 1


"GOD" the word was INVENTED during 400 AD by some roman CHURCH CLOWN who was translating the Hebrew / Greek
Bible versions into a GOTHIC version. . . He frankensteined the word "GOD" from an extinct Eastern Germanic language. . .

the word "GOD was never used in human EXISTENCE until 400 AD. . . . 400 years after JESUS was murdered by the ROMANS
on behalf of the JEWS! The did not accept this FALSE MESSIAH BOZO JESUS! So they conspired with Pontius Pilate the Roman Prefect of Jerusalem in JESUS time. . . Where was the JEW GOD in all of this utter stupidity? NOWHERE neither was the ALLAH
God hoax. . . He showed up 600 years after JESUS MURDER. . . Some wandering illiterate ARAB MUHAMMAD had his version of
Moses chats with his GOD moment and VOILA! ALLAH and ISLAM are born! DISGUSTING. . .

KING? What KING. . . And who gives a crap about some retard with a stupid LABEL? KING. . How absurd. . . Look around FOOL
there are no KINGS today that have anything but an idiotic TITLE. . . Wake up FOOL. . . The KINGS have been DUMPED and DISCARDED for new LABELS attached to so called LEADERS = PUPPET CLOWNS that come and go like flies in CRAP. . .

MORALS? Most KINGS in human existence were utter PSYCHOTIC LUNATICS obsessed with POWER and CONTROL at any
cost. . . Especially using oppressed humans to do all the filthy dirty MURDER and DESTRUCTION for them! Same that has
and is still done in the name of JESUS and ALLAH puppet GOD garbage hoaxes. . .

The GODS do not affect humanity YOU SAY. . . Because these PUPPET GODS are human inventions = GARBAGE. . . The do not EXIST and NEVER HAVE. . . They are HUMAN CONSTRUCTS used as scapegoats for PROFITEERING - POWER - CONTROL
and utterly WORTHLESS. . .

You are obviously HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED and don't know any better than what you have been programmed to
THINK - RESPOND - EXIST. . . You are a SLAVE to an IDEA. . . Not a unique independently OPEN MINDED HUMAN. . How sad. .

You attempt to VALIDATE that which is utter COMIC BOOK character garbage. . . From a horrifically OBSOLETE and IGNORANT age of human existence. . .

HUMANS are extraordinary LIFE FORMS. . . They do not need some RETARDED GOD PUPPET CONSTRUCT to exist and THRIVE
What a DISGRACE to the FREE WILL OPEN MINDED HUMAN who understands the amazing potential and possibilities of the HUMAN LIFE FORM. . . YOU and the utterly psychotic con artist SCUM that scapegoat some absurd PUPPET GOD HOAX
and attach retarded Comic Book VOMIT and DOGMA to DESTROY the OPEN MIND not enhance it. . . DISGUSTING. . .

The Children of the Middle East ROT, Are TORTURED, And MURDERED by utterly psychotic ALLAH vomiting psychopaths. .
the are caged like starving animals. . . Who cannot be the CURIOUS EXPLORERS the HUMAN LIFE FORM is founded upon. .

the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God hoax inventions are the greatest DISGRACE and THREAT to humanity and EARTH. . . These 3 utterly retarded PUPPET GOD hoaxes must be reduced to the Comic Book Mythology TRASH they truly are


Now i see the point of Dr. Franklin, "some atheists seem to be idiots. (he was talking about you and 2 others)". Firstly you have argued your own point out. Yes god does not mean game of deceit I do not know who taught you this misinformation.

you have been massively hypocritical. I have respected your point but now it seems are not respective of mine. I personally define the King/Queen of a land or idea as a leader - not inherited by birth nor by other corrupt means. There have been compassionate kings and leaders and there always will be.

I am not saying that god exists, I am saying that in desperate time you need to befriend anyone who can help your mental ability and you can talk to about stuff like your political views and your religion. God - Allah - Jesus serves this point. Of course, You just sit around and attempt to invade The Premiers Debate Cooperation with your 2 friends and you just write full essays on your thoughts. Try at least recognizing that Christianity is respectable.

I will try offending you in your language:

Can you please try to not use adjectives such as "GARBAGE" or "PUPPET GOD" and instead say "I personally don't like it" or "the lord in which i do not believe"?

I love to learn, But becoming atheist is not learning - neither is becoming religion-affiliated.

I would like to exclaim that it is not God who kills millions - it is people like you.

Thank you and I hope you have a nice night or afternoon or morning or midday dunno where you live.
Debate Round No. 2
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