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GTA V is better than COD

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Started: 2/26/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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GTA is so much more fun and entertaining!!!!!


NOTE: I would like to specify You never mentioned which call of duty I could talk about So I will just be using the whole series in my favor.

Before I begin I would like to state that GTA V Is a very entertaining game As it offers a great storyline And adds free-roaming for Extra fun.

One dilemma I've noticed with GTA V is the online multiplayer feature Seems to be Easily hackable Which creates cheaters And gives players and unfair advantage to other players. A perfect example of GTA V infamous cheating Would be "God mode" Which was discovered when the game first offered its online gameplay to players all one would have To do to obtain these godlike powers Is change the DNS settings within the Network settings Once completing this task The player would Obtain Invincibility, Massive amounts of experience points, and Large amounts of money. Players were abusing this Power which caused chaos amongst players and the game. Making the online experience less Satisfying to players.

Call of duty on the other hand Has designed a flawless system over the series 7 year time span to keep cheaters out and keep order to the multiplayer universe. The developers of the game have also created a report system if a player is Suspected of cheating other players may report you thus keeping the cheaters out and brining more balance to the game.

In addition GTA V Free-roaming can keep players entertained for hours upon hours But at some point the free-roaming loses its pizzazz Players begin to wander randomly Trying to find things to do I think almost every GTA V Player Can relate to this free-roaming boredom Yes players can always resort to Playing the game online But this is difficult with all the cheating that is going around. Why would a gamer want to play a online game that's not fair To all of its players ?

The call of duty series has been known for its amazing replay value The series Invites you To replay the storyline On various Difficulty levels This can keep the player entertained for quite some time an also adds a fresh new feel to the story with The increasing difficulty. The series have also Implement special Feature modes which began in call duty world at war as nazi zombies This mode was a huge hit amongst players as its Innovative gameplay was never seen in a call of duty title before This mode was so popular future call of duties begin to mimic these special features as zombies mode, survival mode and Extinction mode These modes can be super fun Which makes the players want to play the game more and more keeping them busy for quite some time.

Lastly another advantage call of duty has over GTA V Is its ability to play split screen Most people tend to forget that not all players have the access to online Capabilities So what does a player do when He or she can't access these online capabilities ?
You already know split screen! The split screen capabilities the call of duty series offers Can Create such a nice social atmosphere for the players Actually being in the same room with the person playing the game Is far much more satisfying than talking to them over a silly microphone The split screen feature Has been bringing people together since the early call of duties Creating many good times and memories. GTA V Lacks Split screen capabilities Which is unfortunate I'd really like to see rockstar implying some sort of split screen capabilities within GTA V Especially in a free-roaming world like GTA Split screen capabilities would be amazing.
Debate Round No. 1


GTA is so much more fun and entertaining!!!!!

Ok yes there are glitches but I feel the glitches are the fun part about gta v. On all cod of duty videos I see and gameplay I do all I get from multiplayer is getting pissed off at people of how crap and no life you can make this game. Besides there only one thing to do in cod that is shoot people and kill them with different guns.

GTA V there is more than one way to kill people and have fun while your doing it. You can hijack people crap and rob banks and become a criminal for all you want. I feel in GTA V you have more options of fun and plus you can do some many things with friends other than shoot them and piss them off.


I understand your frustration with multiplayer Every call of duty player will become angry at some point while playing.

I see that you state That "there is only one thing you can do in cod that is you shoot people and kill them with different guns" That is not true what's so ever I can prove that with a couple of features the game offers such as You can level up Multiple times With the prestige feature You can earn attachments for guns Even different types of camo for guns Also You can play corroborative co-op with other players letting two or more players play the story line as a team. In recent years the zombies an survival modes have added more corroborative play within the game allowing players to work more Strategically together causing them to not become irate towards each other but works as a team and have fun together.

In addition the Multiplayer Feature offer many team-based games Such as search and destroy , team death match and kill and confirm. i As you can see there are quite a couple different Alternatives besides killing people with different guns The game allows Players to work together far much more often than to work against each other.

Now for the glitches in GTA V yes some players may call that fun most players like to call it cheating because players really over use glitches and the majority of players don't like to see someone who has had the game for two days having more money than them when Other players have had the game for two months all because they play by the rules ? Now that is just obscured and not fair to players who are just trying to play Properly
Debate Round No. 2


Don't get me wrong I love cod and different game modes but they have one goal kill the person or kill the person and get the dog tags what a different idea!!! Also yeah I can upgrade guns and sights and camo and have the better gun but the same and still go kill people. In gta v I can go buy a mini gun and just start having fun with it and shoot anybody or anything I want.

And also give me one proper play who plays GTA V like a good citizen really that's the boring way to go you never play gta v the good way this is the only game you can go nuts do whatever and it won't matter. Why have a normal nice good life gta v when you pretty much already live it so why pay $60 if your gonna do the same thing.

COD zombies has been ruined just ruined. I think know they bs there game now going something fun from world at war to something just awful!!!!!! Ohh more people to add to a game all zombies is killing zombies over and over and over I don't know about u but I don't wanna do that for 3 straight hours just doing the same thing. In Gta v u don't have to spend 3 hours doing one thing you can go around the city doing multiple things and not be bored and heck cause havoc and be a federal criminal.


I would like to begin with zombies In your opinion zombies is awful But you can clearly see it's not to other players The reason behind this is The developers of the games Continue to create these game modes. Why create these game modes if they are awful ? Simple players enjoy these game modes so the Developer creates them to keep the players happy because they truly enjoy them.
Also Zombies or any other game mode for that matter such as Extinction Is so popular it's treated like its own game The evidence behind this is There are YouTube channels Dedicated to zombies survival mode and extinction There's plenty of merchandise out there just for these game modes people spend more time on these modes than the Multiplayer and the story mode. To add to that Most of these game modes are not just about surviving wave after wave They have an entire separate storyline from the other parts of the game. This story line is what drives players to play the game as the maps of the games are full of Easter eggs which makes Curious players Want to go Easter egg hunting also the Easter eggs add to the story and are very rewarding in the end a perfect example In call of duty black ops on the map moon when completed with the Easter egg the players receive all the perks Within the map this can cause a great feeling for the entire team as there hard work finally pays off most of the Easter eggs Require the team to do multiple task not just run around and kill people or zombies that just proves the game is not all about killing with different guns.

It appears that the developers of the call of duty series Really do care about the players In recent years the developers have guaranteed DLC for the entire year When purchasing the special edition of the gameThis DLC makes the player keep their interest and also changes up the game from time to to time There is at least four DLC packs released an entire year for one call of duty game This creates something for the players to look forward to So the game does nog become as boring

To compare to GTA V There has only been one DLC up for offer And it was only for a limited time I understand that GTA V is a vast open world but DLC would be great to see adding more fun to the game.

In addition I understand people want to go crazy and kill other people why not it's just a game but that is not my point I'm saying that the Majority of the players Don't have the ability or have an idea How to glitch or hack this has nothing to do with being a good Citizen within the game The people that cheat the system in GTA V make it harder on the gamers who like to play Casually which ruins many Peoples experience

Also you say that GTA V is the "only game where you can go nuts and it doesn't matter" well what about the other GTA'S ? Could you not go insane in those games or what about other games like saints row ? Or games like bully ?

Call of duty may be limited but the Developers really push To keep players interested In the games.
Debate Round No. 3


We could go back and forth on what are the pros and cons on these games but let's break it down to facts!!! GTA V broke so many records in the first day of selling and one of the biggest selling games of all time!!! Also gta v broke 6 Guinness world records!!! Has cod done that in any of the games I don't think so!!


Yes GTA V has made it In the record books and has sold many copies

Talking about sales and records have nothing to do with which game is better this entire debate is not based upon which games have sold more the debate is whether about which game is better and is generally more fun to play.

You never answered my question You clearly said that GTA V is the "only game where you can Go nuts And it doesn't matter" Once again what about past GTA series And also games like saints row and bully It is not like GTA V Is being innovative with the free-roaming many games offer this feature already.

Like I stated in previous rounds The multiplayer feature within GTA V Is completely broken Players are easily obtaining experience points and money With ease Creating an unbalanced multiplayer Experience

In addition GTA V Is nothing new There are many other games out there like it On the other hand there are many first-person shooters out there such as battlefield which are similar to call of duty, But call of duty has made up for this by adding zombies mode survival mode and extinction mode The developers have even gone as far as adding DLC to Keep the game feeling fresh and new. Once Beating the GTA V storyline There's not much replay value to the game besides free-roaming an Multiplayer is the next best option But some players do not have online capabilities Call of duty On the other hand offers split screen Which is a really nice feature to have For players who lack online capabilities.

To conclude GTA V is an amazing game and So is the call of duty series
They both have their pros and cons I enjoyed Debating with you I had lots of fun This is a very tough topic to debate about. Let the votes begin.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Kytax 6 years ago
*Sigh* I like GTA V way more but pro sucked, sorry.
Posted by BGreeneID 6 years ago
I would accept this if I wouldn't have to defend Call of Doody.
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