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Gaming in School

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Started: 11/20/2014 Category: Games
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Kids should be able to game during recess.


I accept this debate, and wish to argue that video games have no place in school (at least during recess).

As this is outside and (conventionally) no power sources are nearby, assume I am talking about portable game systems (3DS, PSVITA, etc.).

1. Increases Likelihood of Device Getting Stolen/Forgetting the Device
Lots of kids tend to be at least semi-forgetful of their possessions, especially younger ones. The simplest problem is that they may set the system down to talk to a friend or play a game, and they may forget the system, and then it will become lost. This frustrates the parents as well as the child.

As well, if a student leaves a system unattended, a less-than-honest student could swipe it. Then the thief would have a new game system to play, while the original owner will be left upset that their precious device got stolen.

Then, the parents may blame the school, and could result in many accusations or even lawsuits against the school, costing them time and money which they could be using for more important reasons.

2. Increases Potential for Isolation and not Participating in a Group
If the school promotes the bringing of portable video games to the campus during recess, then children will want to play their video games and not interact. Thus, the school is increasing the potential for isolation of students from others, and giving them a future where they are not good with others. Thus the school would be raising them improperly, as children should be taught to work cooperatively and not by themselves.

Children need to not be taught isolation as it could hamper their effectiveness in future group projects, whether it be during future school years or a career. And it would be the school's fault.

3. Opens Up Opportunities for Distraction in Class
Many kids in high school (or even middle school) are tempted to just pull out their cell phone in the middle of a class. If children were allowed to play video games, they could be tempted to play their game during class. Playing games (or doing other topics) during class decreases the amount of material they learn and can severely impact their quiz/test grades.

This summarizes my arguments. I thank opponent for reading it. Good luck in R2.
Debate Round No. 1


Some kids don't enjoy playing and running at recess, but I do agree that the portable device may get lost. I have done this before and did not get in trouble or lose my device because I kept it in my coat pocket at all times.


It is a true case that some kids are more responsible than others, and will not lose their devices. However, there will always be the few that will.

For the kids that don't enjoy playing or running during recess, they could enjoy watching their friends play or talking to them. I knew as a kid I preferred the swing as I could be by myself a lot. As I'm still introvert-ish to this day, I feel that early tendencies lead to effects later on in life. If the kids are able to play video games during recess, we can end up with lots of them being introverts and not working well in groups. (See point 2)
Debate Round No. 2


We have discussed in class about Procedural Writing, and I've chosen Benefits of Gaming in School. I have a few reasons to be for the argument, as first of all, gaming increases Hand-Eye Co-ordination, as widely known on the Internet. I can agree to this, as It actually helped me before in writing/typing faster. My second reason would be creativity (Looking at you, Notch) and I can confirm this as well, as I've been getting lots of ideas to draw, create things (cardboard and games) and it made me feel more relieved to get it all out. I've made a quiz for my classmates, and most of them felt the same. And my last reason would be entertainment. Yes, that's pretty much the opposite of what schools are like, you say, it would give the students too much to get disoriented, you say. Well, how about not exactly a lot of games whenever you want, but more of sessions of gaming, or like free time, whenever people are really bored/stressed by the events happening in that classroom. So that is my opinion on why gaming should be allowed in school.

Even though some people think that kids should not be able to bring video games to school, I think kids should get the privilege of doing so. During recess, kids should be able to play video games. Some kids do not enjoy running around playing activities and being active. They will still get their exercise during school in P.E. Gaming is also good because it improves your hand eye coordination. It helps your typing skills, for taking online tests and assessments. Gaming should also help you focus on other tasks. If you know you will be able to game after you finish your work, then you will want to get it done without dilly-dallying so you can get to gaming. You might think it will be messy, but I make sure that I have good quality work.


Thank you for your arguments. I shall now respond. (Sorry for the late response, had lots of schoolwork to do)

To mention your first point, I personally believe that video games are a GREAT tool. Games such as Pokémon really helped me to read as a kid. I NEVER deny video games are a good thing. As I said before, I believe they're great. I even think games such as Minecraft and Portal can be used to teach the kids...under proper school supervision.

However, what Pro is arguing for (as stated in R1) is that kids should be able to play games during RECESS. He never states that they should be used in the general school setting. No amount of work on the computer playing a game can compare to the benefits of exercising, running around, and just being active. Specific programs (i.e. typing programs) are good in teaching kids, but most kids prefer to play actual games (such as the previously mentioned Minecraft) rather than sit through a typing lesson. So they would naturally want to play Portal/Minecraft instead of a typing game like that. As well, if kids want to game instead of play recess, then they are shutting themselves out from other people in the school.

The idea about the schools using games for education, or "free time", however, could work. But the school would need to provide the systems that can run the games at a decent FPS/setting and the games themselves, which could end up costing them lots of money that they could be using for other departments. I guess it's up to the school as to how they want to use their money.

As to playing games during recess, as my opponent points out, some children don't enjoy being active or running around. To this, I say, refer to my R2 argument as I have stated some kids can just talk to the other kids or watch them play. If they end up feeling left out of a game or playing, then they should just proceed to another group where people can talk or everyone is not playing. Kids like this will also find comfort in a seesaw or a swing, as it doesn't require much physical work and they can enjoy it with only one friend or by themselves, if they feel the need to be separated from many people. And after starting the swing, you can just relax, really; it doesn't require much work. But now I'm heading off topic.

Just because kids don't LIKE being active doesn't mean they SHOULDN'T be. I don't like eating veggies sometimes, but I have to to keep up my health. In the same way kids shouldn't be totally reclusive and just play games during recess, which is normally a time for kids to be active and talk with their friends. By allowing video games during recess, a LOT of kids will bring their systems, and a lot of kids will sit out and play them instead of talking with others, or playing, as well as the problems above.

This, along with the information I stated above, are all good reasons as to why kids shouldn't be allowed to bring/play games during recess.

Thank you for your time and the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Valkrin 4 years ago
Good debate. Thank you for your time. :)
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