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Gary Johnson should never be president

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Started: 10/19/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Don't accept this, this debate is for a specific person.


Initially, the outline and formatting of the negation side of this debate should be understood beforehand. The negation will follow the following basic outline for all 5 rounds of the debate, during the debate, there will also be cross-examination periods, dispute, clarification, and supporting periods during each round, but the basic outline is as follows:
1) Opening Statement/Acceptance
2) Affirmation Constructive Speech
3) Rebuttal Speech I
4) Rebuttal Speech II
5) Closing Statement
Therefore, the affirmation will start this debate with an opening statement and acceptance of the debate.

The negation position clearly invalidates the resolution "Gary Johnson Should Never be President". The libertarian party candidate, Gary Johnson once stated, "A wasted vote is voting for someone you don"t believe". This shows that one of the choices for the presidency for this year should be the strong individual Gary Johnson who will help in this great country of the United States of America. Gary Johnson is simply an American businessman, author, and politician who is the running Libertarian party nominee and also serves as the 29th governor of New Mexico. This means that Gary Johnson is an eligible candidate for the presidency of this year, he deserves as much respect as his opponents Donald Trump from the Republican Party, Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party, and less likely Jill Stein from the Green Party. Some people may believe that just because he is an unlikely nominee from an unlikely to win the presidential party, that he should NEVER be a president in this great country, such as the affirmation side, but why could he not be a president, why should he not be respected? After all, he is part of politics and wants to promote change in this countries problem it currently faces. If we were to respect Johnson we would truly understand the true change he wants in this country, he would like to promote change, just as Trump, Clinton, or even Stein would also do. Take Trump, for example, his most famous argument is the ultimate building of a border wall between Mexico and the United States, and this proves that he would like to promote change. Johnson may also want to promote this change as well, or something even better, that may help this country's immigration. Some people may disrespect Trump"s views, and some may disrespect Clinton"s or Stein"s, and this may go for disrespect for Johnson, which is completely incorrect. The affirmation will provide 5 contentions to support their argument. Firstly, all must understand how Donald Trump"s campaign is incorrect and is proving ineffective in the long run. Secondly, all must understand how Hillary Clinton"s campaign is incorrect and is proving ineffective in the long run. Thirdly, all must understand how the Libertarian party should hold respect for the potential positivity that they will provide in the future. Fourthly, all must understand how disrespect towards the Libertarian party is incorrect and their opinions should be acknowledged. And finally, all must understand the positivity Johnson"s campaign will provide in the country. Therefore, the framework in this debate is whoever does a better job of protecting the understanding for the positive aspect of the government in this country and creates an ultimate understanding of respect towards politicians in the Libertarian party, shall win this debate.
The negation side truly and dearly accepts this debate and it"s arguments, opponent, and outcome. This side will fight hard and truly, but respect the opponents on the affirmation side as well.

SOURCES: (first quote, the one with the picture)
Debate Round No. 1


Gary Johnson recently stated hat he supports quote "vaccinating children at gunpoint."{1} That's right folks, this maniac wants to forcibly inject our children with mercury and all sorts of other toxic substances. If you want to know how bad vaccines are, just take a look at the kind of crap that they use to make them,{2} then look at the side effects of this crap. It als turns out that the aluminum in vaccines might actualy be worse than the mercury!{3}


Yes, it's true, Gary Johnson is just another libertard who gets offended at anything. Here he says that Trumps comments are 'racist.' {4} Now, everyone understnds that Trump said a whole lot of nonsense in his campaign, but just look at what Johnson is getting mad at:
"Johnson was referencing a recent Trump town hall in New Hampshire when a woman who, while pointing to her head, objected to the "heeby jobbies" worn by some employees at the TSA -- an apparent reference to hijabs, or headscarfs that some Muslim women wear. She urged him to replace Muslims with veterans. Trump said: "And we are looking at that."
uh, Johnson, that's not racist- I don't even know what he was interpreting as 'racist,' Trump doesn't like Hijabs maybe? I don't really know, but if he was calling Trump a racist on account of him not liking Hijabs, then he should know that Hijabs are not a race, they are an article of clothing.

See here.{5} It's just 1992 all over again, the establishment let Ross Perot runn so he could take votes away from George H.W. Bush, likewise, the esablihment is allowing Johnson to run enable to take votes away from Trump, allowing Hillary to win. This can further be infered by how the media doesn't give nearly enough attention to Jill Stein as they do to Gary Johnson, this is because Jill Stein would take votes away from Hillary and not Trump.

Sorry to use fou language but that's what a globalist is- someone who wants to pimp out the nation to foreign goveronments and international corporations. Johnson says he would support the TPP, a dal which deindustrialised our nation, unemployed millions, and created a massive trade deficit.{6} This guy iwould destroy our nations finace even worse than how it is right now. For this reason, Gary Johnson should never become president.




The negation side would like to first apologize for not being able to complete the Round. By this, the following link provides the current state of the negation constructive speech. The negation will continue to work on this and will be finished by Round #3. Again, the negation greatly apologizes and wishes good luck to the affirmation as they go through Round #3 and their rebuttal speech. Thank you!
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by brandon.acosta 2 years ago
Again, I would like to apologize for the lack of preparation on my behalf. I did do my first contention and I hope to finish my second one as soon as possible. I hope that this will not affect my overall score in the debate since I will urge onto my success. I currently have many things going on at the moment, and I do need lots of time for this debate in general. If I have an crisis with time in this debate I will post so in this comments section. Thank you!
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