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Gary Johnson should never be president

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Started: 10/20/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Don't accept this debate!


Thanks to Pro for initiating this debate (we had previously agreed that I would accept it.)

Looking forward to your arguments and good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Gary Johnson recently stated hat he supports quote "vaccinating children at gunpoint."{1} That's right folks, this maniac wants to forcibly inject our children with mercury and all sorts of other toxic substances. If you want to know how bad vaccines are, just take a look at the kind of crap that they use to make them,{2} then look at the side effects of this crap. It als turns out that the aluminum in vaccines might actualy be worse than the mercury!{3}


Yes, it's true, Gary Johnson is just another libertard who gets offended at anything. Here he says that Trumps comments are 'racist.' {4} Now, everyone understnds that Trump said a whole lot of nonsense in his campaign, but just look at what Johnson is getting mad at:
"Johnson was referencing a recent Trump town hall in New Hampshire when a woman who, while pointing to her head, objected to the "heeby jobbies" worn by some employees at the TSA -- an apparent reference to hijabs, or headscarfs that some Muslim women wear. She urged him to replace Muslims with veterans. Trump said: "And we are looking at that."
uh, Johnson, that's not racist- I don't even know what he was interpreting as 'racist,' Trump doesn't like Hijabs maybe? I don't really know, but if he was calling Trump a racist on account of him not liking Hijabs, then he should know that Hijabs are not a race, they are an article of clothing.

See here.{5} It's just 1992 all over again, the establishment let Ross Perot runn so he could take votes away from George H.W. Bush, likewise, the esablihment is allowing Johnson to run enable to take votes away from Trump, allowing Hillary to win. This can further be infered by how the media doesn't give nearly enough attention to Jill Stein as they do to Gary Johnson, this is because Jill Stein would take votes away from Hillary and not Trump.

Sorry to use fou language but that's what a globalist is- someone who wants to pimp out the nation to foreign goveronments and international corporations. Johnson says he would support the TPP, a dal which deindustrialised our nation, unemployed millions, and created a massive trade deficit.{6} This guy iwould destroy our nations finace even worse than how it is right now. For this reason, Gary Johnson should never become president.

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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by PsionicTurtle 2 years ago
Well, the debate seems to be forfeited. So...
Vaccines are not harmful. You state they contain aluminum, but they do not. What they do contain is aluminum salts, which only cause minor swelling. Also, you cite a website with a quite clear bias and disregard for years of scientific research. (vaxtruth) You also cite a conspiracy website, Looking at's main page, it is clearly not an accurate website and not suitable for sourcing. I am not saying that Johnson is the best candidate for president, or the worst. You also talk about Trump wanting to replace TSA members who happen to be Muslims, which is not racist, seeing as that is a religion, it is just against the US Constitution and ethics. You know, the whole freedom of religion thing?
Additionally, Johnson has never said he would have children held at gunpoint! (Plus, vaccines don't have any form of mercury in them anymore. They had a non-toxic version.) What he did say that if there was a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE and they had a vaccine it would be forced*. Otherwise, he does not support forced vaccines.
On TPP, it actually will help the US economy, and will increase revenue by 0.5% of the GDP, or $131 Billion**. Meanwhile, a certain Republican's tax plan would cut the budget by 9.5 trillion dollars, and that amount is a huge amount of money to lose.
In conclusion, you only cite sources that have information you like, completely disregarding logic and the majority of information, in order to prevent your own views from being changed.
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