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Gay Marriage

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Started: 12/17/2013 Category: Society
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Gay Marriage should be illegalized on several grounds
1. If gay marriage becomes legalized it will force christian businesses, specifically those involved in marriage, to provide goods for gay weddings which violates their beliefs, making it religious persecution.
2. If the Supreme Court makes it so that one cannot descriminate based on sexuality that means that you CANNOT DESCRIMINATE BASED ON SEXUALITY. This leaves no stopping for polygamists, incestuals, pedophiles, objectifiles to marry whoever or whatever they want
3. America has two types of rights, contractural and natural. A natural right is "I am born therefore I have the right to live." A contractural right is something like voting where as if I meet the standard (being 18, no criminal record, ect) the government cannot stop me from voting. Marriagee is a contractural right, if gay people don't meet the criteria, which they don't it's not descrimination.
4. I hate using this argument but, honestly, we are a christian nation, gay marriage is against the natural order of things, it turns a social inferiority into a protected handicap ect ect.


Hello to my opponent and I look forward to a fun debate. I wish to avoid bashing for beliefs, and I am sure my opponent will agree.

For the sake of the argument, I will be using the following terms for the following definitions:

Gay - someone who prefers the same sex in a romantic/sexual relationship, be it male or female

Gay Marriage is a very controversy issue not just in the United States, but in the entire world. But for this debate I will focus on the United States.

The United States was founded on the bases of Freedom of Religion, No Taxation without Representation, Civil Rights, basically to be a free country. This country is supposed to give freedom to people, to choose how they wish to live their lives (as long as it is in the law). Why should Gay Marriage be any different?

My opponent has brought up the arguments that we area Christian Nation, and therefore it should be outlawed based on that. The truth of the matter is, while Christianity is the largest religion in the United States, doesn't mean it should affect the law in any way, shape or form. Separation of State and Church should clarify that issue. The fact that it is against Christian Law should have no say in outlawing Gay Marriage.

But while we are on the subject of religion, let me quote a scripture:
"Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you....."
Mathew 7:1-2

God states that only He can judge, not Man. So it is not Man's duty to outlaw Gay Marriage, or to judge those who are gay, for that is only His job, and His alone. Using the Christian Faith as reason to outlaw gay marriage is going against the what the Church Preaches. you are judging man kind, and it is not your job to judge.

Forcing Christian Churches to supply for Gay Weddings isn't necessarily an issue. Churches can and have denied certain people, and the same could apply here. There could be, in the law, allowing Christian Churches to deny supplying a Gay Marriage.

As for Christian Businesses, well you cannot deny someone business based on their sexuality, race, religion, etc. It is already against the law, as it ought to be.

The Rights of Marriage being contractual, not allowing Gays. Well that is the whole issue, isn't it? To change the criteria to get married so gays may be allowed, therefore I believe that particular argument is just stating the issue at hand.

Gay Relationships exist, and will exist whether they are outlawed or not. Love is love, whether it with the opposite sex or not. I think we should look at a key issue of Gay Issues.

All gay issues stem from Religion, whether it Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Why is it an issue with the Church? Because God decreed it? God has also decreed that woman are the inferior sex, and that Man should go to war in God's name to convert outsiders. But I believe there is another issue.

When Christianity finally became a dominant religion, it was in Constantine the Great's name, current emperor of the Roman Empire ( Byzantine Empire). Christianity had a problem they had to solve, get people to hate the current Gods, and get people to like their God.

(The following paragraph is my own beliefs, and I have not learned it from any other historian, and if one has indeed said something similar, I am unaware of it.)
The current Gods, (Roman, Greek, Egyptian, etc.) all were either Homosexual or Bisexual, almost never one or the other. Zeus was in love with Ganymede, a Prince of Troy. The Gods, in their myths, practices Gay activity. Well in able to convert the people, among many other things, they tried to discredit the Gods in any way possible, including trying to make Gay Activity seem evil, thus making the Gods evil. It was a tactic that proved successful, in my opinion.

Gay Rights all stem from religion, whether the one against it is atheist or religious. Gays were accepted in Pre-Christian times as normal (I am not including Pedophilia in that, I do not endorse pedophilia), and it makes no sense that now it should be an issue. Therefore, Gay Marrige should be legalized.
Debate Round No. 1


My oponent claims to know of religious freedoms and the true meaning of the founder's intent. Our founders came to this country to escape the government demanding them to betray their faith. Just as it is wrong to force a Jewish deli to serve pork it is wrong for christians in the wedding industry to have to betray their faith by being forced to assist in gay weddings. Proponents of traditional marriage do not claim to want to bar gays from being in love or being together but if they want to enter the contractural right of marriage they must meet the prerequisits. Furthermore we as a people have progressed from the gay, polygamist, and all other forms besides monogamy between a man and a women, that was rampart in the times of Rome. On top of this, if there was a true seperation of church and state the state wouldn't be allowed to issue marriage liscences. If the state wants to get involved in the church, the church can get involved in the state


The debate is not necessarily a religious one. You can get married without a church's assistance. A marriage is not only a religious ceremony anymore. The state gives certain tax breaks and other benefits due to marriage, so it is not only a church ceremony. I agree, forcing a Christian Priest to preform a marriage ceremony is not right. But not allowing gays to get married is wrong.

Should we also bar atheists from marrying? No, we don't do that and we shouldn't. My opponent will have you believe that marriage is only religiously based. Have you never heard of all the benefits a married couple can receive? That is the main reason gays wish to have their marriage recognized.

No one will force the church to preform gay marriages, but churches and religion should have absolutely no say in the matter of gay marriage. It is the whole reason we have separation of church and state
Debate Round No. 2


In the United States the legal issue of a marrige liscence came after the Revolutionary War when the population was so damaged that they needed people to get married and therefore have children. To claim the founder's viewed this as a secular belief only is ridiculous. As per the atheist argument the church has nothing against people of other creeds getting married becaues it is still one man one women. But to take the core essence of it, destroy it, then parade it around in the same name is an insult. Furthermore you have yet to acknowledge my arguments of the contractural right


I shall bring up the contractual issue than. You cannot buy cigarettes until you are 18 years old, you cannot buy alcohol until 21, play the lotto, vote, gamble (in most states) until an age of majority. However all these activities are not allowed to refuse service based on sex, religion, ethnicity, gender, and even sexual orientation. Why should marriage be any different?

We used to deny blacks voting rights, it was in the fine print that blacks were not allowed to vote, but that was changed. Marriage is the same thing. A new civil rights movement. Not everyone agrees or has to agree with the gay lifestyle. But it also isn't your place to judge said lifestyle. Bible says it's okay to own slaves and for women to be inferior, it says no sex until marriage, but people decide to cling on to this certain scripture that says no gays?

It makes no sense. Gays are people, and under the law they deserve equal rights and protections everyone else receives. They deserve to be able to get married, have a family even if they so desire. If you are religious, than I shall say this. It isn't your place to tell gays not to be gay, it is only His responsibility. Let God take care of them, and stop going against the Bible to enforce the Bible!

And again, marriage is no longer a religious thing, but a law thing. Marrying someone gives many benefits, so people must look beyond the Church.

In conclusion, this Gay Rights Problem shouldn't be a problem at all, just as slaves shouldn't have been a problem. This hatred stems from religion, but if you follow all the values of said religion, you wouldn't be fighting about this. End of story. Just listen to what the Pope said about gays.

Someday I believe historians will look at this time period and shake their heads, just like we do to the times of the Civil Rights Movement.
Debate Round No. 3
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