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Gay Marriage

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Started: 4/9/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Let"s take a definitional approach to the "gay marriage" argument and consider the question: who determines the constitution of marriage? This easily pulls focus from both the legal and social components of this arrangement. Furthermore, this clarifies the logistics of whom and what opinions are held at a higher regard in this debate, which often times concerns the sanctity of marriage.
Religion holds a considerable amount of weight within this debate. As rebuttal, let us consider the theocracy that is assumed to be tolerated. For as a democratic republic that"s established the 1st Amendment, the Good Ol" United States of America is more than willing to adhere to the imposing values of one religion. Moreover, gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriage, a claim that is usually made while we recap the Kim Kardashian 72 day "just for the hell of it" marriage. What"s more is the belief that gay marriage will change the foundations of society, kind of like how health awareness has changed the life spans of our modern citizens. For we, as a society, fail to adapt to newer social norms, just as we did with the introduction of the vehicle. And as if being gay wasn"t enough to handle, but to consider that they"d have a legal responsibility to the children they could potentially share, it"s god-awful. Quite obviously, gay parents will raise gay children, just as straight parents will raise straight children.
Marriage is a civil right and should have no restrictions, especially to the unnatural behaviors of the "gays". Keep in mind: Americans have always rejected unnatural things, such as eyeglasses and modern Western medications.


Due to our moral epistemology , i am inclined to believe that t gay marriage is a disease for our society. even beast can never imagine such stupidity. How a gay couple can give birth ? marriage is love , love in marriage is procreation. Please think about the youths. Now is gay marriage, tomorrow it will be with animals.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Charliemouse 7 years ago
so for one thing @Decertilation we aren't animals- maybe you are. I vote con because gay marriage really just encourages people to do weird, dangerous things that they shouldn't. people are made to marry. marriage is meant for kids. gays shouldn't adopt kids because they are generally sexually disturbed, otherwise they wouldn't be gay. I think i've made my point.
Posted by Finalfan 7 years ago
Who makes a 1 round debate?
Posted by Decertilation 7 years ago
*Sighs @ Con* The actual last thing we need is a higher population, and gay couples would actually adopt children. P.S. Other animals have had gay sex for a long, long time.
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Vote Placed by Hematite12 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro made a generally clear and reasonable argument. Cons argument was extremely hard to understand, but one statement in particular stood out, that no 'beast' would condone homosexuality. Very ironic, since hundreds of animal species practice homosexuality. There are animals that constantly change their sex (transsexuals!). Not to mention the beings that reproduce asexually. Etc.

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