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Gay Marriage

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Started: 12/5/2015 Category: Religion
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Hello to whomever takes this debate.
I am arguing about homosexual relationships and marriage. I am against this because of my faith as a Christian. The Bible clearly says that marriage is for one woman and one man. I am curious as to why others think otherwise. If you claim its okay because "all people are equal" or "why I should listen to your God," please explain.

I would like my opponent to start off this debate.


It's quite simple. The U.S is secular country due to it's advocation of seperation of state. What this means is that religious dogma is to have no role in the law of the country. So, if the Bible says it's wrong, it doesn't mean the law should be changed. Every religion will say something, and the U.S cannot accomodate for everybody this way. The U.S is secular and should stay that way, if it wants to preserve it's democracy and freedom.

I believe all people are equal, just like Thomas Jefferson said. I see no reason to be against gay's marrying in first place, because it doesn't effect lives of other people, and gays have done nothing wrong. And finally, it's discrimination. You are denyng somebody the right to get married, because they are gay, which is not fair in anyway.
Debate Round No. 1


"Its quite simple" -I tend to disagree with this because its really not. So many people are arguing about this subject. There are many different opinions and beleifs about this. 70.6% of the U.S. Population claims to be christian. So I don't see our world as secular. Our country was founded on religious/christian principles. The fact that they made a law about this is unconstitutional in itself. This is from a constitutional stand point and this is not what I am arguing. The federal government doesn't have the power to decide on this matter. Thomas Jefferson also had slaves.... On the part where you said it doesn't effect other people's lives is false. Here is some reasons it effects others lives, 1)Diseases 2)Financial Impact 3)Mental Health 4)Sexual Molestation Source:
I am not discriminating anyone. You don't get to decide what rights people have and neither does the rest of humanidy. If that were true, rights would be subjective and meaningless.


First of all, your point on about 70.6% of Americans being Christians is wrong. That number may be true, but that doesn't mean the country is not. The U.S has a strict seperation between the State and Church, and it should be that way. The Federal government has the power to decide this, because this is a civil liberty issue. The states dont get to decide freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

Wow, you really expect me to believe that some biased Christian website will do the trick? What he says doesn't even make sense.

Clearly, the disease statistics related to a homosexual lifestyle prove that such a lifestyle is harmful not only to themselves but also to others, especially when you note that in both the U.S. and U.K. large percentages of HIV infected people don't know they are infected. This is a danger to society since it supports the spread of disease on a large scale.

He doesn't even explain how that works. Why would gay people go around and infect straight people? That dfeats the purpose of being gay.

I have scientific proof showing gays make good parents.

Your last sentence is complete nonsense. Why do we elect a government then? Why do we have unalienable rights? If people don't make the rights, who does? The right free speech? The right to bear arms? No stupid god made this law, the founding fathers did. If god did make those rights, make sure to tell him to add me on Facebook.
Debate Round No. 2


Alright, lets get one thing straight. I am respectful towards you and I expect the same from you. I respect your opinions.
You start off your argument with saying my percentage is off, then go on to say that "number may be true." You also say that the country "is not." Not what?
Gay marriage has nothing to do with freedom of soeech or freedom of religion. Gay marriage is a separate issue. It is true that religion is used as a reason to explain why this shouldn't be allowed. The 10th amendment states that any matter not disscused by the constitution is for the states to decide. Gay marriage is in fact a state issue and the federal goverment has no power to create a law about this.
I am not expecting you to believe anything I say. Quite the opposite. I realize as a human being that people are close-minded. As a christian, i seek truth. I am trying to share my knowledge of what I have learned over the years.
As for my source, if you want it broken down for you, I recommend another source that you can look up yourself. Its just one source.
We are already off topic of what I have been trying to debate about. I am trying to debate whether gay marriage is right.
Now you say that my source is pretty crappy so than naturally you give me a source that is supposedly true and not crappy. This source talks a LOT about being good or maybe even better parents. I agree that it is their choice to adopt, and they have to think hard on this. (This is because God made it so that one woman and one man can bear children.) But, also know that most couples choose to have a baby and not by mistake. Yes, there are cases when they didnt mean to, but that is on another topic of discussion.

As for your last paragraph, ....
I am trying to say that God gave us a choice. And because we are flawed, we sinned. He gave us the right to choose what we really wanted. This is because we are human! We sin! Saying that a human didn't create the constitution is bogas. I don't know who you take me for.
Off subject- please don't say "stupid god." This is arrogent and disrespectful. I wouldn't say that to anyone and I will not say that to anyone. When I talk to him I'll make sure to tell him to give you a call. I honestly can not take you seriously.
I saw the comments and I don't understand how from everything I have said, you say that I am trying to spread "blatant lies." If this is what you get from this debate, that makes me sad. What you are understanding is not at all what I am saying.
From all of this, you have (tops) given me maybe one reason why gay marriage is okay.
Looking forward to your response.


First of all, I apolgize for calling your god a stupid god. I honestly can't take anybody seriously anymore when they think gay's don't have the right to marry. I had to some fights with my friends about this, and it's just crazy that so many people aren't letting this issue go away. Another reason why I left Christianity, and religion.

Ok, let me explain this, there seems to be some misconception about this. Gay marriage is not a state issue. Why? Because It is protected by the 14 ammendment, due to the Equal Protection Clause, Therefore, it no longer became a state issue. This has been argued by the SCOTUS, and it's done. Case closed.

I'm very sorry, but since you are trying to change the Status Quo in this debate, it is up to you to give sources, and not my job really. I only have to refute your arguments. Please, you are going to give sources, do not give it from some Christian website, give it from a scientific one.

See it's hard to argue with you here, because you keep bringing god into this debate.. I don't believe in god, and alot of people don't. So what you are trying to say doesn't make any sense to me. I don't see why we should listen to a book written long ago, and expect it is the word of god. I really don't. I also don't think there is any sense is taking words out of an ancient book, and applying to our lives now, You do know how much violence was in the Old Testement right? Do you follow all of that? Why do you choose to follow the part of homosexuality? And do forgive me for that stupid god comment, It really was uncalled for. The reason why I said you were lying is, because you indeed were. Gays DO NOT harm anybody in anyway. That source you gave still didn't make any sense, and please try to explain it better if you can.

Again, I already said, preventing gay's from getting married is discrimination. It's like preventing blacks from voting. It's unfair. People have different religions, and those religions will say different things. THis is why the U.S is secular. To avoid this problem. Religion has no place in the government. If you want hold those beliefs, that's fine, but you can't enforce them onto others.

Debate Round No. 3


Breezyy forfeited this round.


To make it fair, I won't respond since my opponent has not.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Sdio 2 years ago
To Jerry, Thomas Jefferson was a deist. He believed in a god but not the Christian God. So when Jefferson mentioned God/Creator, he wasn't referring to the God of Abraham.
Posted by MrConservative 2 years ago
no worries. I'll say nothing to make it fair.
Posted by Breezyy 2 years ago
I am so sorry I didn't get to respond. Finals are coming up so this slipped my mind.
Posted by Idahogirl 2 years ago
I think Mr. Conservative was being pretty harsh. Breezyy was too, but not as much. Mr. conservative seemed to be attacking more than needed. Honestly, I would have enjoyed this debate more if this was more calm, not so full of insults. It's important to remember to respect people and their opinions.
Posted by DhruvM 2 years ago
I agree with MrConservative. Gays should be allowed to marry whomever they want. To deny them this right is unconstitutional and a disgrace to the foundation on which America was built upon.
Posted by MrConservative 2 years ago
Posted by MrConservative 2 years ago

Yes, know I acknowledge my mistake. My bad.
Posted by finamorebarbara 2 years ago
I don't care about the subject just because it's their life and their "beliefs" so do whatever you would like to do with it BUT what annoys me the most about this subject is how homosexual people are allowed to do or say whatever they want because they are the "minority" but if a straight person speaks its mind everyone loses their mind. So to all my homosexual people don't fight for equal rights and opportunities and then get offended if someone that is not homosexual says something that offends you, guess what you wanted your equal rights then stop being offended over anything, seriously it's annoying and hypocrite.
Posted by Jerry947 2 years ago

Your mistake is that your quote did not come from Thomas Jefferson. That quote is from the Massachusetts Constitution. Make sure you know where your quote is coming from. And I am well aware that Jefferson was a deist. But I never mentioned anything about a Christian God. All I said was that you left out the part of the quote which stated that rights came from a creator. Of course now I realize that you accidentally misquoted Jefferson. Mistakes like this happen to all of us.
Posted by MrConservative 2 years ago

First of all, You are still wrong in a way. The god my opponent is talking about is the Christian god. Thomas Jeffeson was a Deist, meaning he didn't just believe in one god. He just believed somebody created all men, and that wasn't just from one sect of religion. And, second of all, where did you get that quote? I got it from
"All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness" That is where I got the men are born equal part.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con was incorrect on a lot of things. Con claimed the US was founded on wasn't. Most founding fathers were deist and the Treaty of Tripoli clearly indicates that this country was never founded on a single religion. Con also brought up points that being gay affects other people but didn't explain how. My life has never been affected by gay people. In fact, Con barely brought up anything at all that supports Con's argument, outside of a scientifically incorrect and biased link. Pro loses conduct points for insulting Con's god, and Con loses conduct points for the forfeit.