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Gay Marriage

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Started: 3/2/2011 Category: Politics
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Gay Marriage should be legalized, for if two people love one another, who are we to interfere? There are no reasons why gay marriage shouldnt be legalized. Marriage is about love and gender shouldnt matter.


This could be answered by merely saying: There's an option, to allow Same-Sex Marriage and risk angering many in the religious community who believe that not only shouldn't this be allowed, but is morally wrong and unjustifiable. This is hence why the Civil Partnership (UK) and Civil Union (US) was created, in order to adhere to and allow partners of the same gender to enjoy most of the rights that they'd be entitled to under marriage.

Also, in many countries around the world, the US included, religion is too powerful in national politics, and well respected generally for the right of some to be traded for the rights of another some. I'm not debating the point from a religious perspective because I'm not religious, however I believe due to the circumstances in that marriage was and has been seen as a Christian coming together (regardless of the fact many people who aren't religious are married, they abide by the principles of that religion at the event, and so aren't seen as against the Will of God). This means that with Civil Unions people of same gender relationships can unite together without disturbing this. Because although I don't believe in the Will of God myself I do believe they're entitled to this opinion and due to homosexuality isn't recognised in many Christian communities (in terms of being born homosexual instead of making the choice, again I don't believe the Christian way), so in this instance the latter should be relatively acceptable.

This may seem homophobic of the government of the said country to refuse same-sex marriage, however the religious understanding of the subject and importance of it remains too poor to simply introduce sanctions which in many respects infringe their rights (Christians as an example) and the detail of the said religion; and the Church in the Western world remains too powerful for this infringement to go unnoticed only for the sake of homosexual right to freedoms.

In summery the reason behind me being against Same-Sex Marriage is because whilst homosexuality is real, and accepted within western communities, the respect held for those whom worship God and follow the Bible or even Quran needs to be addressed, and the argument in my eyes does not stand to allow a breach of that right for the topic.
Debate Round No. 1


why should they only be allowed to enjoy "most" rights why not all.
people dont choose to be gay, they are born to be gay..choosing to be gay would mean choosing to be ridiculed, laughed at, and disliked by many. its not a choice they make willingly, its a choice they have to make because they were born this way..
If you would like to take religion into it go ahead..but dosent god accept all people for who they are and dosent the bible stress loving people for themselves...these people call themselves "good christans" well god is about accepting everybody so how is denying people..a way of religon and or god.
and on top of that what happened to the seperation of the church and the state? Religon was seperated from goverment for a reason and has been seperated for this reason...there is no reason why religion should be brought into the battle.
what if you had been born gay, would you want to be ridiculed for it?


I'm not in any way condoning or agreeing with people who ridicule others for being homosexual, or different in any way for that matter, I believe in universal equality. However with regards to what you've said about Christianity being separated from politics, that's true however the gigantic influence religion has on our governments today, is unquestionable.

I'm not familiar with the Bible, at least not so that I could accurately source a passage from memory alone, however it is believed by many Christians (and this includes the Pope of the Roman Catholic faith) that Same-Sex marriage is against the will of God, and that love in the sense of a man and woman would not necessarily be regarded in the same way as the love for your parents, or ‘brother' (because of the uniting of the souls to birth a child, among other reasons that aren't required currently). Of course because I don't believe in religion as a whole I can say that this idea is a farce, and where-as I don't perceive it as right you must understand many people have totally differing interpretation of Christianity whilst still remaining united as believers in God and followers of Jesus Christ.

What I do agree with and thus making me not agree with homosexual marriage outside of Civil Union (Civil Partnership here in the UK), I do believe because marriage as a whole is supposed to be a union of two people, in love under the eyes of God, that because of this there is sufficient contradiction to the basic teachings of the Bible for me to format this against your point. And again the main focus for me is the bias of many Atheists in believing the rights of Christians should be perished for the rights of homosexuals, even Christians whom are homosexual, when taking into account the repercussions that in many countries have followed this, one has to question the actual authenticity of the argument in favour of this.

Of course I do believe (although have no actual knowledge of the science behind homosexuality) that people are born, or at least develop to become homosexual early enough, to have the equal rights as any heterosexual person, be that person male or female.
Debate Round No. 2


You say you believe in universal equality. your statement right there is a fallacy...if you believe in universal equality why are you denying gays and there rights?

yes religion does have a gigantic influence on goverment, but we the people have let it become that way....and we can stop it from having such an influence, but we dont.

i understand that many christians and other religions believe that it is against the will of god. but if you recall from the bible god is about loving and accepting is it against the will of god if god believes in love for everyone? can somebody who is against gays..or against anyone for that matter call themselves a follower of god..when god is about loving everyone for who they are and leaving nobody behind.
you say the rights of christians being perished..for the rights of gays....does somebody being gay affect a christians life in any which way?
and again i will state how does a gay marriage affect YOU ? it does not prevent you from living your life...

and if you do research you learn that when you are born a homosexual you automatically dont have equal rights.
you cant enter the army, you are constantly ridiculed...homosexual partners of policeofficers will not recieve the pensions that a same sex couple will recieve if killed..and the main point of this argument..they cant get married in many places..bottom line gays are not given the same rights as others and its not right to deprive somebody of their rights strictly because of their sexual orientation.
i will state again that isnt god about accepting all people for who they are...


Cornoviorum forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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