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Gay Rights and Marrige

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Started: 12/12/2007 Category: Society
Updated: 13 years ago Status: Voting Period
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i am apaled that gay's cant marry whom the want
America is sopposed the land of the free
have you ever herd of freedom of rights? freedom of speach? how about freedom of beliefs?!? Why can people get a away with murder yet gay people cant marrie who the want? im so sick and tired of people geting religion and politics in the way of marrige! if you appose of gays and their marrige you dont have to be apart of it! why cant gays get married huh?
love is love it dosnt matter if a child dosnt natrually come of it! besides alot of gays adopt the kids most striaght people cant handle or dont want yet they have them. im not striaght people are bad. im just saying that gay people are people to.try reversing the situation. what if you striaght in a gay communtiy and you couldnt marry the one you love. how would that feel!

i believe in equall rights.
i aprove of gay marrige.
do you?


In response to your arguement, I think that America has gotten past the issues of Gay rights and marriage . I also think that it was intended in the very begining that marriage should be between man and woman not man and man or woman and woman.I think that we should not condone this action . Please explain in further detail why you condone these actions and how .
Debate Round No. 1


marrige:the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony;
marriage two people who are married to each other; "a married couple with love"
marriage the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce); "a long and happy marriage";
marriage a close and intimate union; online

it does not say anything about just men and women!and besides america is the melting pot of the world why should marriage and a religion entertwin
when we know not everyone has the same one!or why should our laws be wrapped around a biased based idea!if you dont agree with gay marrige dont go to one. no one will be forced to particapate in a gay marriage. but the option should be their for those who it refers to.

what if the situation was reversed
and you really loved a girl/boy and you never wanted to be with any one else but you wern't allowed to get married becuase it was not natural in the gasy communtiy. would that be fair? of course not. so why does it make it right for people to do the same becuase its not a striaght couple.
it its still unfair and unjust for gays to be singled out and treated differntly!

dont you agree?


In response to your previous comment,I still think that it was intended by God that men should be married to women not to men . Here is a question for you?

Why should men be with men why not women , also why should women be with women not men ? that is not natural .I think that by rights men should not be with men, but by nature should be with women.

Please back up your statement about gay rights and marriage .These need to be somehow supported and backed up. also you need to clarify what you think is a union between men and men and women and women ,because in most states this union is being supported. please tell me what you mean.Can you support and tell me why men should not be with women!
Debate Round No. 2


not every one in america has the same religion! their are so many here why should are marriage laws be controlled by one!
men should marry men and women should marry women if they are gay
you are not gay so why should you care marry a women if you want to gays are not tring to control that for you. you ask me to back up my statements but really you need to backup yours. all you are giving me are biased religious opinions. all I'm saying is that if you are gay you should be allowed to marry whom ever you want to. I'm not saying that straight people are not allowed to marry because i don't like it so why are you? doesn't that sound unfair?
so what you don't agree with gay marriage but some do. and its not fair for people to not be able to marry whom they want because some people think its a abomination or whatever you ask me to back it up? any one can see that the treatment of gays aren't fair. STOP being biased! and let gays be. no one said you or anyone has to be apart of a gay marriage. your life wont change at all! so why do you feel it it fair for you to marry but gays cant! i strongly believe in equality for every one and i thought so was my country.

why do you not believe in equality? because what you and many people are doing are stating that its not right for gays to marry. that's not equal.

tell me a true statement on why gays cant marry but nothing about your religions belief and god(because that does not apply to every one)
or anything that is biased.

can you?


If what you are stating is true, then equality and fairness have nothng to do with this debate, that is just an unbiased opinion.

I am not biased toward anyone, for you to insinuate that I am prejudice toward anyone Gay or Straight is a character attack, that assumption is dead wrong.

My being Gay or Straight has nothing to do with my opinions. Those are just what I think. My opinions are informed and not biased.

In 38 other states Gay's are already getting rights and marriages, so what is your argument.

My argument is that we are all equal and being Gay has nothing to do with that. So Gay Marriage and rights are not a real arguement.

Fairness has nothing to do with being Gay or Straight it has to do with being human and decent toward others.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Spiral 13 years ago
*rolls eyes* Yes clearly equal rights for homosexuals is just a spiteful "lets get back at the church" movement, just like equal rights for racial minorities was as well? Do you have any idea how inanely ridiculous you sound by proposing that?

Oh and biological basis of behaviour does not equal a medical dysfunction; if that was the case then all personality would be a medical disorder. Homosexuality is not a disease, it does not require a cure, what is needed is tolerance from ignorant individuals like yourself.
Posted by SnoopyDaniels 13 years ago
What does discouraging promiscuity mean other than nurturing families?

Sterile straight couples aren't sterile by choice. Their goal was obviously to raise a family, otherwise they would never have known that they were sterile.

Also, you misunderstood me earlier point. I wasn't talking about heterosexual couples, I was talking about two heterosexual men forming a kind of "civil union." If two heterosexual men can't receive the benefits of marriage, then why should two homosexual men receive those benefits?

I don't have much to say on the subject of gay adoption other than that, given the choice, I wouldn't want to be adopted by a gay couple. Homosexuality has clear medical causes and should be classified as a mental disorder. That, I suppose, is an interesting debate in and of itself.
Posted by Vi_Veri 13 years ago
No, the point of marriage is to keep couples together instead of encouraging promiscuity. (and gay couples can raise children - e.i. adopted children that don't have a home to go to anyway).

What about sterile straight couples then? If they can not have children, is their marriage wrong? Or what about straight couples that choose not to have children? What about those that give up their children for adoption? Or have abortions?

Posted by SnoopyDaniels 13 years ago
Separation of church and state is a completely different debate. Unfortunately, our current interpretation of that clause is completely perverted. Regardless, to give homosexuals the right to certain social and economic benefits as legal pairs would be to give them a right that heterosexual men and women don't have, and thus would be a descrimination against heterosexuals. If heterosexual men can't enter into a "civil union" for its economic benefits, then homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to either.

The whole point of the benefits of marriage is to encourage and nurture families, which are the backbone of civilization. Extending that to homosexual couples accomplishes the exact opposite.
Posted by Vi_Veri 13 years ago
Snoopy, technically if you get state benefits for a religious thing like marriage, then it should be illegal (separation of church and state). So either it's not a religious institution and you get state benefits, or it is a religious institution and you get no state benefits. They really need to divide that, because gays have all the right in the world to want state benefit as they are a couple - can't discriminate because it's not "natural". Same "not natural" argument was being used for bi-racial couples. That's an ethical argument.
Posted by candygirl_s 13 years ago
"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." What's happened to that in America?
Posted by SnoopyDaniels 13 years ago
So why else to people get married? Even heterosexual couples aren't getting married anymore. Why not? Because they see no reason to. They have no compunction about doing any of the things married people do, so why get married? I think gays just like to make a stink out of everything. They don't really feel shafted by not being able to get married, they're just contrary and want ammunition to use against the religious community.

Marriage is a religious ceremony. If you are not religious, then why participate in it? Yes, marriage is also a civil contract, but the civil contract itself is a direct outgrowth of the religious ceremony. Nobody is preventing gays from doing anything, other than desecrating that ceremony.
Posted by jurist24 13 years ago
I disagree with James' opinion, but he had the stronger, more articulate arguments here.

Posted by KevinL75 13 years ago
"Other people get married because they believe it's wrong to have sex outside of marriage"

Where do you live that you think one of the main motivations for marriage is because it's wrong to have sex outside of marriage? That's certainly not one of the primary motivations for most couples that get married, so there goes that argument.
Posted by SnoopyDaniels 13 years ago
I don't understand why homosexuals would want to get married anyway. Nobody is stopping them from living with each other. Other people get married because they believe it's wrong to have sex outside of marriage, but since homosexuals obviously have no concern about Christian morality, why is it so important to them to get married?
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