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Started: 3/4/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that there is really only the two genders, male and female. I am not implying that if you are born a male then you are a male but you can't be both or neither. If you are a guy and want to dress like a girl, that's fine but don't expect others to acknowledge it.
For example if you see a girl walk into a men's bathroom and her excuse is that she just feels like a guy,do you just turn the other cheek? Also how could you be any other gender, because you feel like you are neither. What defines what gender you feel like you are? Is it your certain emotions? It makes no sense to be both because what you are a male but want to be a female but is also partially male? It makes no sense


gender/sex/anyofthatotherbullsh#t does not exist, it is all a social construct, people are whatever they want to be, having a "penis" does not make you a "boy" and having a "vagina" does make you a "girl" at birth you are whatever your (facist) parents decide you to be, there is no proof forr "sex" existing and trying to say that somone is a "boy" or "girl" because of the meat on they're bones is nothing dshort of facism
Debate Round No. 1


You did not even begin to rebuttal against my point, nor did you understand it. (For the people of the comments, I may make another debate like this because I realize you are right, my mistake). I was not saying that you are whatever you were born as, was saying that there are only the two genders. There is transgender, male, and female, but nothing else. As I said, it makes no sense to be something other than male or female, you can't be both, or neither. Also your wrong, its not what people want to be, it's what people mentally FEEL they are. To want and to feel are two very different things. Hopefully you give this another try.


hahaha you start out by calling me stupid, idiot, what a joke, if you want to debate stop using ad hominems and ill get back to you, idiot hahahaahahha
and stop yrying to take away peoples right to be whatever they want, idiot, peopel are whatever "gender" they want to be, period, facist little boy.
Debate Round No. 2


You still have not made a single point, and I, unlike you, did not directly insult you, it was actually constructive criticism.
(notice, Wendy Wood is psychologist)
(To be specific, I would like you only to read the biological section)

My point in all of this is that gender is purely mental, there is nothing physical about just about any of the other genders. This is also justifiable by looking at just about any other living thing. You don't walk outside and see that dog that was female yesterday and male today, you likely don't see hamsters being depressed because of what gender they are. There has not been a single biologist talk about gender, it's all only ever psychologists, what right do they have to talk about what sex people can and can't be? Even in the article that I gave, the biologists proved that there are no genders other than male or female.
Until I hear a biologist tell me that there are all these other genders and sexes, I will stay true to my point.
To combat the problem of so many people believing that there are these 60 different genders I wish to spread the word through websites, social media, and possibly others. But I think the main cause of it is people being so mentally sensitive. Actually, an estimated 700,000 people change genders a year.
Please respond with a real argument, I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by CosmoJarvis 3 years ago
According to GoOrDin, sexuality is a social construct.

This is true. This is why thousands of homosexuals are sent though painful therapy to take away their homosexual urges, and that is why Dr. Tuck Ngun and his crew at the University of California didn't isolate what is totally not believed to be the genetic trait for homosexuality, the Xq28 marker. That's totally why some of the animals who are purely driven by instinct exhibit homosexual urges.
Posted by Heirio 3 years ago
"Human's are not inherently sexual."

*calls number*
"Hi, GoOrDin here, is this modern science, biology and reason?"
--"It is, sir."
"Ah, good. F*ck you."
*hangs up*
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
GENDER: is Sexual Identity (anatomically). It is not a Sexuality Identity. It is ironically for doctors, morgues, and criminology reports.

Furthermore, this is a clear indictor of the subjects in stipulation (LGBT) arrogance. Their psychosis, is a *learned/developed* behaviour brought on by porn culture, idolizing drug addict womanizers and having poor appreciation for their parent's parenting methods.

A human has no instincts. Human's use only, reason. Without teaching 'sexuality' to a child, they have none. Human's are not inherently sexual. That is an introduced quality.

homosexuals advocate anal, oral and masturbation to children subliminally, passively and actively to children, criminals, psychos and depressed people, elderly, bigots, womanizers and all other people, including handicaps In public, schools, publically funded media and the work place as the default function of promoting homosexuality, regardless of intent, IN a whoremongering Capitalist society of criminals. They are retarded pieces of shitt who should be shot on sight. They are porn addicts who watch homeless drug addict whores getting fucked by womanizers and capitalist criminals, typically being exploited in that media.**
Posted by SkySky16 3 years ago
Reasons I won't accept this debate

1. Hypotheticals, while legitimate to a certain extent, are not an argument on their own.
2. What am I arguing? Number of genders? Transgenderism and whether it's scientifically sound?
3. No evidence whatsoever, you are just stating your opinion which, quite literally, means nothing.
Posted by Capitalistslave 3 years ago
I agree with whiteflame, you should probably restructure your first round. I'm not interested in just stating my opinion, I would like a back-and-forth exchange of facts and information. If I were to use facts and information, and all you had was opinion, then it would be clear who won. Facts trump opinion.
Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
Because I don't accept debates that I'm confident I will win. I accept debates that I think I will enjoy debating because they are intriguing exchanges of arguments and ideas.
Posted by afroninja61104 3 years ago
I don't understand. If you are so confident, why do you not attempt?
Posted by paintballvet18 3 years ago
I agree with whiteflame but won't accept.

I'll be happy to judge if asked to however.
Posted by whiteflame 3 years ago
I would accept this debate, but it seems from your opening round that your goal here is merely to express your opinion rather than to have a debate on the facts that exist surrounding gender. If you'd like to have this debate, I'd be open to having it if you're open to revisiting your opening round and structuring it as an actual argument. I'm not here to point out the problems with your argument and get an easy win; I'd rather have a substantive debate, and so I'm making a suggestion.
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