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Gene Editing in Humans should be tolerated?

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Started: 3/4/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Genetic Engineering plays an important role in the field of Science and Technology especially in Medicine. Modification or alteration of specimens in genetic level (i.e. bacteria) proved that genetic engineering is the key to sustainable development of cure to different diseases by understanding how the pathogens behave in all aspects.
As technological advancement continues, Gene Editing will be soon tested to Humans and one of its goal is to create a specimen with a set of chosen characteristics or traits to possess. In other words, it is a catalyst to Human Characteristics Customization.


Though i am neutral on this i will discuss the reasons i don't believe Gene editing should be tolerated.

1. Accidents happen. If scientist edit a humans genes and it leads to a 3rd arm or a human which has insomnia and depression what should we do. yes these are accidents but if we play in this realm we must be completely responsible for our actions

2. it goes against the offspring's rights. The offspring has not made a choice on whether or not it wants the characteristics it will be given. Though the usual is that no one chooses their characteristics you can certainly put blame on scientist if a subject wanted brown eyes but ended up with gray eyes due to gene editing. we would have to implement laws for accidents and unwanted things done to the subject against his/her will.

(a good example is the choosing of genders. Right now you can choose you child's gender. *there are only 3 get mad at me if you want* Lets say a mother wants a boy and has the child by artificial selection. She is having expectations before the child is born. she may want him to wrestle, to marry a girl, to like hunting, ETC. cause that's what she may expect from a boy. but what if the boy actually turns out Gay, is vegan, and becomes a pacifist. What if the boy wanted to actually be a girl and that chance was taken away from him due to artificial selection. Yes someone should be sued in that case whether it is the doctors or parents. *Cough* just like *Cough * foreskin *Cough* mutilation)

3. The world is not yet ready for known genetic editing. You can't get your sex changed without people gasping. When a famous person got their child's Gender chosen people went A-WALL. There are bombings at abortion clinics because people believe murder is happening there. What do you think would happen if extreme religious people knew scientist where editing the genes of people. ill give you a hint *(Red neck voice) "There maikn demons in der we gotta wipe em out." "there messing with gawds plan this ain't wut gawd intended "*

1. Accidents
2. Goes against rights of subject
3. Stupid people ruin everything
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Posted by AnonymousAthiest 4 years ago
Immunity to certain diseases is genetic (like how those with the genetic disease Sickle Cell Anemia are highly resistant to Malaria). Also, you can prevent genetic diseases, like Lupus, from appearing in the first place.
Posted by GoOrDin 4 years ago
that is interesting. However. Disease immunity is not genetic. The mother and the sperm "wad" contribute the antibodies which the baby consumed during development + being raised in the household of the parents passes on immunity traits, through further disease interaction. - Disease immunity is not a genetic modification(***

No needle can penetrate a cell without destroying the membrane and killing the cell. The only images on the internet are in fact much large models of needles poking artificial materials.

cheers. I hope your debate is interesting and informative.
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