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Genetic Modification on Humans

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Started: 3/23/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that genetic modification on humans should be legal, but well-regulated. I think that humans should be able to be cured of genetic diseases, as well as the parents being given options of the child's physical appearance/traits. I do not think that genetic modification (namely CRISPR) should be used to create anything that is not human, no humans with gills for example. I look forward to an interesting debate on this subject with anybody who will challenge me in this regard.


You say well regulated as if someone is going to listen, here's the thing designer babies (what genetically modified babies are called) can be cured of all diseases, but is it right for us to be playing god? the answer is no, we are still a primitive species with so much to learn. what if when we create this first designer baby that is immune to all diseases gets contracted with a brand new disease that is incurable. back to the well regulated thing. you cant stop drugs from being regulated because people started to grow it at home. someone can steal these tools of genetic modification and create what you don't want such as a human with gills. you also may never know because if you change the child eyes to blue something may go wrong and now he/she (or it, we never know about feminists these days) is born without a kidney.
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I agree that we still have much to learn, and CRISPR is still in infant stages compared to what I predict it will become. However, I think that we cannot stop genetic modification on humans. Just as you stated, people would start to build CRISPR labs in their own homes, or go to other countries to carry out their research. If we keep it legal and well regulated we can make sure that it does not get out of hand, whereas if we make it illegal we have completely lost control. In summation of my argument, I believe that although CRISPR is not ready to make designer babies outlawing genetic modification on humans would lead to a much less safe world of genetic modification.
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