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Genre Shuffle: Music Selection War

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Started: 2/9/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Each round we post our favourite song from alternating genres, at the same time must argue who has the better taste in music.

To clarify, Imagine in R1 I choose a rap song, which I am going to do, you don't necessarily have to choose rap, you can pick a jazz track for instance, then give a brief justification. Then in R2 when we post our next genre song, we argue about the previous round at the same time, and so on.


My first genre - Hip Hop Rap

Tupac- Thugz Mansion, Anthony Hamilton Remix

Great beat, amazing lyrics, and such an appealing and motivating message, especially for ethnic minority youths struggling to find peace. Truly the best hip hop rap song ever.


Thanks for the challenge! Music has had a strong impact in my life as a musician of several genres, and advanced student of handfuls of instruments while also finding impact from the listening side as well. Though I may not be as competitively eloquent in my arguments, I find the concept of arguing my taste to be extraordinarily challenging yet rewarding. Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet. I look forward to listening to new music and building a stronger bond with the subject.


First genre - Jazz (I assume this covers the ridiculously diverse sub genres of jazz as well)

Weather Report - Birdland Covered by Maynard Ferguson
Highly would recommend listening to the Weather Report version for like a minute or two then the full Maynard Ferguson interpretation up until his solo toward the very end . :)
Weather Report:

Maynard Ferguson:

One of the many great characteristics of jazz is its establishment of a powerful, open and catchy "chorus" line. Birdland establishes its chorus early on and has a handful of variations all under the same drum beat and key. Maynard Ferguson's extremely comfortable tone in the high octaves of lead trumpet is heavily exemplified in this piece. Every "variation" of the chorus line is catchy. Not to mention some impressive solos by the accompaniment followed up by what is definitely a highlight of Maynard's open solo sections.
I believe music should be felt, it should move, and it should invade our eardrums and Birdland without a doubt represents my favorite Jazz(Fusion) song. Its hard to not tap your foot to the beat and I have been consistently inspired by this interpretation of the Weather Report's hit Birdland.
Debate Round No. 1


R1- Rebuttal - Ok so since its only 1 song per round, i listened to the instrumental version. I found the first half repetitive but I definitely enjoyed the latter half. On the other hand, ya hooked until you get tired of hitting repeat with thugz mansion, which is never.


You're Gonna Pay- WWE

Since WWE was pretty much my childhood its hard not to include it in my fav genres choice.
This song was briefly used for Undertaker, everyman knows about taker. At the time, it suited him perfectly, the message is crystal-clear in the lyrics, simply Don't fck with him, or the listener to an extent. It truly does teach you some life lessons.
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Debate Round No. 3
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