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Gentle oral sex between adult and a child should be legal

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Started: 3/19/2019 Category: Economics
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Ok, First to set meanings.

Oral sex = Either putting genitals in mouth either licking genitals

Gentle = One that causes no harm

Legal = Non-sanctioned

We all know how children like putting things in their mouth. Sadly, In the world where we live, The beautiful practice of children sucking on adult's genitals has been condemned and sanctioned by the law and the masses. Because of this, Children who have had oral sex with adults are being impacted with the guilt for the deed they have done.
For those who want more information on this topic, Book "The Trauma Myth" by Susan Clancy explains this very well.
In the book, She interviews today's adults, Children in the past who engaged in gentle sexual activities and came out unharmed by them. The statistics that she uses face some problems from the very start. Like, The fact that she combines gentle sexual activities with violent ones into one statistic. But in her book, She did correct one of her statistics when she said that it is not known whether children are hurt by sexual activities, Or are hurt children more likely to engage in sexual activities.
Children who wonder around alone with no parents or friends are likely already damaged by that alone, But they are also easier targets for child lovers. Which means that in studying statistics one can falsely assume that children are damaged by sexual activities, Rather than damaged children being more likely to engage in sexual activities. As explained, It is much more possible that already hurt children are engaging in sexual activities, Rather than children engaging in sexual activities are being hurt by sexual activities.
Second factor is the fact that children are often being separated from their lovers when their relationship is discovered, And questioned by family and police. This can easily lead to a sense of guilt, Which later in life results in alcohol and drug abuse. So rather than sexual activities being the cause of problems later in life, The reaction of people, Friends, Family and police are just as likely to be the cause of those problems.

Third factor is the huge condemnation of sexual activities with children by the society. Often condemned in news, Stories written about this form of love in a very negative way, Along with the complete media censorship of any positive examples of this form of love. So it is only expected for children who engage in sexual activities to feel as outcasts. Children who had sexual experiences feel like they have disappointed their family and friends, Because the reaction that their friends and family produce is usually disapproval, Which borders closely with disappointment.

Saying that society protects children from sexual activities is equal to saying that society protects children from joy. Sexual activities cause joy, Both in children and adults. Saying that sexual activities are against the rights of a child is saying that children don't have right to sexual activities, That their freedom is limited. And considering the joyful nature of sexual activities, It is a negative limitation.


Okay, This is beyond 'out there'.

In theory this would allow for a 21 year old man to have oral sex with a 5 year old. There is (surely) no reality in which this would be considered acceptable. . . Anyway, This shouldn't ever be taken seriously, If this is something you're genuinely interested in you need to evaluate your lifestyle and make heavy changes, Wanting those kinds of relations isn't normal by any means.
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Posted by SickInTheHeadz 3 years ago
You must be from the area full of niggers.
Posted by iffynihilist 3 years ago
Can tell you aren't from my area, You'd have been put to sleep by now.
Posted by SickInTheHeadz 3 years ago
"In theory this would allow for a 21 year old man to have oral sex with a 5 year old. "
Sounds like fun.
Posted by Smug_Tomato 3 years ago
wtf? . . .
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