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George W. Bush

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Started: 1/15/2012 Category: Politics
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I think George W. Bush was a bad president.

Opponent Requirements:
Must have a legitimate argument in support of George W. Bush as president.
Must have good debate sportsmanship.

Round 1- acceptance
Round 2- Main Point
Round 3- Rebuttal
Round 4- Free round/Conclusion



Debate Round No. 1


George W. Bush was a bad president for many reasons. Let's start with his moderate first term:

POINT 1- Clinton ended with a surplus
Bill Clinton, our 42nd president, historically ended with a surplus. George Bush, however, signed it off as a tax rebate for the upper class. This is the same bracket that started sub-prime mortages, got greedy, and decided to do stupid things.

POINT 2- He was a faith junkie, and did not consider the separation of politics and religion.
"In early 2001, President Bush worked with Republicans in Congress to pass legislation changing the way the federal government regulated, taxeds and funded charities and non-profit initiatives run by religious organizations. Although prior to the legislation it was possible for these organizations to receive federal assistance, the new legislation removed reporting requirements, which required the organizations to separate their charitable functions from their religious functions. Bush also created the White House Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives. Days into his first term, Bush announced his commitment to channeling more federal aid to faith-based service organizations. Bush created the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives to assist faith-based service organizations. Critics claimed that this was an infringement of the separation of church and state." (Wikepedia)

POINT 3- He was against the rights of LGBT community
Bush opposed the repealing of criminal prohibition on homosexual conduct. He also never supported LGBT rights.

POINT 4- No child left behind act
Bush passed the no child left behind act. This act gave schools an opportunity to be granted money for high scores on tests that the schools themselves made. "The House Committee on Education and the Workforce said that the Department of Education's overall funding increased by US$14 billion since the enactment of NCLB in fiscal year 2001, going from US$42.6 billion to US$56.6 billion in fiscal year 2005."

POINT 5- He did not support abortions
"It's easy to support abortion when you are not the baby" The response "It's easy not to support abortion when you are not the mother!" abortion is the only way out for women who were raped, abused, and neglected, they do not want to go through the pain of having a baby of someone who has wronged them.

POINT 6- George Bush Cut Taxes (1.35 trillion)
George Bush performed 2 major tax cuts, and at the same time, the federal budget was swelling. This is fiscal irresponsibility, as cutting taxes has been proven in history as negative, and the fact that tax revenue was decreased, therefore increasing the size of the deficit because spending increased. "His opponents contest job prediction claims, primarily noting that the increase in job creation predicted by Bush's plan failed to materialize. They instead allege that the purpose of the tax cuts was intended to favor the wealthy and special interests, as the majority of benefit from the tax cut, in absolute terms, went to earners in the higher tax brackets. Bush's opponents additionally claim that the tax cuts are a major reason Bush reversed a national surplus into a historically large deficit." (wikepedia)

POINT 7- Irresponsible spending
"President Bush expanded public spending by 70 percent, more than double the increase under President Clinton. Bush was the first president in 176 years to continue an entire term without vetoing any legislation. The tax cuts, recession, and increases in outlays all contributed to record budget deficits during the Bush administration. The annual deficit reached record current-dollar levels of US$374 billion in 2003 and US$413 billion in 2004. National debt, the cumulative total of yearly deficits, rose from US$5.7 trillion (58% of GDP) to US$8.3 trillion (67% of GDP) under Bush, as compared to the US$2.7 trillion total debt owed when Ronald Reagan left office, which was 52% of the GDP."

POINT 8- Regulation
"Economically significant regulations, defined as regulations which cost more than $100 million a year, increased by 70%" (wikepedia)

POINT 9- The U.S. entered the longest recession since WW2 in 2007, all after Bush took office, and after his negative effects on the economy.

POINT 10- War on Terror
George Bush declared a international war on terror, and took action in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, and did small yet extremely expensive and inefficient attacks. For example: " Efforts to kill or capture al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden failed as he escaped a battle in December 2001 in the mountainous region of Tora Bora, which the Bush Administration later acknowledged to have resulted from a failure to commit enough U.S. ground troops" Bush exaggerated all of this, and kept our troops in countries, making them angry, Killing thousands, and spending Billions that we didn't have.

POINT 11- His bad presidency reflected in the approval ratings.
Take a look:

POINT 12: He invaded Iraq in search of WMDs which didn't exist.

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35M forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I have nothing to rebute, therefore, I will not be posting an argument. My points still stand. Please, if you are not serious about a debate, do not accept it. Out of all decency, I ask you to at least try to put up an argument.


35M forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Well then, I think I will start this debate over again, hopefully this time, someone honorable and with attachment to thier word would accept.


35M forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by 32no 6 years ago
Both, but the second term was definitely the real damage. The first was mostly rickety and at best ok.
Posted by DanT 6 years ago
1st or 2nd term?
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Reasons for voting decision: While many of Con's points could have countered or nullified, Con won the debate...simply because Pro did not/refused to participate. Con gave an extensive list of the wrongs (in spite of a poor debate resolution--which should have read, "George W. Bush was a bad/ineffective president") of the former president and used multiple sources--Wikipedia articles as well as other sources to justify his claims (at least on the surface)...