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Giagantus Dinkus VS. Maximus Ballicus

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Started: 7/11/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If there was a war who's side are you on?


If there was a war I would be on the side of Maximus Ballicus. Who's side are you on?
Debate Round No. 1


I would have to side with whoever did not support either.


But Giagantus Dinkus, was a tyrant, he executed children. And you would side with neither? Have you no sense of justice? or do you think that murdering children is just? you sir, have no moral compass. Maximus Ballicus was a good man, so I would have his back.
Debate Round No. 2


This was a hypothetical war, please show me your references for you claims and you will win. I think they both would be, along with Milkus Breastius, and Greenia Liberalia, tyrants, with names like that wouldn't you be? a tyrant that is.


obviously it is a hypothetical war. I see the idea of killing children has not phased you. no i would not be a tyrant and murder children simply because of a name. Gigantus Dinkus and Maximus Ballicus are characters I made as soon as I saw this argument. You tried to make an argument based off fake characters with funny names. Based off that I picked the one who has the cooler name. Gigantus Dinkus is a giant dink, screwing people over. Maximus Ballicus has a name that sounds less likely to be an SUV.

(by the way if you take any SUV or Truck and put the word anal in front, the results will most likely be funny. Like Explorer, Navigator, Ram, ect.)

Why even set up an argument with a hypothetical war with fictional people.
You see, Chewbacca was a Wookie. It does not make sense.

This is just a trap. oh I wasn't supposed to pick a side.

What? are you trying to put yourself on some kind of moral high ground? Maybe people criticized your apathetic stance on murdering children.

Well I made a choice, and I'm sticking with Maximus Ballicus. You made the argument, and failed to show just who these people are, So they are who i say they are. I need no citations.

Giagantus Dinkus murders children and Maximus Ballicus is a good man trying to stop a child killer.
Of course I would side with Maximus Ballicus.
You sir, may not think killing children is a big deal, but I do.

By the way Milkus Breastius was a saint who fed the starving and Greenia Liberalia was a celibate nun. Neither were tyrants.

Check and Mate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Max.Wallace 7 years ago
El dilholio bandito politicolalio ler corectio hath woneth, woe to we.
Posted by Max.Wallace 7 years ago
I was against both tyrants, you made up a BS story and declared yourself a whinner.
Posted by Max.Wallace 7 years ago
You are guilty also then, but who exactly is not?
Posted by ChunxTheSane 7 years ago
The debate is done. It is bad form to try to get a word in afterwards.
Posted by Max.Wallace 7 years ago
My adversary made up the everything, that is the truth.
Posted by Max.Wallace 7 years ago
This is a challenge to the anti trolls, those with NPD, Non Polar Disorder, according to DSM 0, DSM zero. What's it gonna be then eh? Would you prescribe the old molocko, of the fisties? little a both maybe to get them in line? smarty pants and fools all the same here. where you at, genius, prodigy? troll in sheeps clothing? I vote for the universe, God that is. Whoever that is.......
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