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Global Warming is real.

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Started: 7/22/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Global Warming is real because 95% of scientists believe it and wherever you are in the world, you can tell it is getting warmer and/or ocean levels rising.


The greenhouse effect is an effect that occurs when we burn large amounts of gases such as carbon dioxide, which trap heat that would otherwise radiate into space. Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would be so cold, life would not be able to exist anywhere on it. Thankfully, because of God's perfect design, he did create this world with the greenhouse effect and heat is trapped in the earth so it is warm enough for life to exist. However, the more fuel that is burned, the stronger the greenhouse effect, the less fuel burned, the weaker the greenhouse effect.
Because we burn a lot of fuel these days, the greenhouse effect becomes stronger and stronger. The stronger it becomes, the more warm the planet will be. If our planet gets too warm, disastrous things could happen. Ecosystems, for example are very sensitive to temperature and a great enough temperature change could wipe out all of the life contained in it.
Some people are worried that this very thing is occurring today. Because we have been burning large amounts of coal, oil, and wood we are adding a large amount of carbon dioxide to the air enhancing the greenhouse effect. Some people fear that the earth is getting so rich in carbon dioxide, that the earth will slowing over-heat itself. They call this phenomenon global warming and they are convinced that the earth will simply get too hot if something isn't done to stop the build-up of carbon dioxide.
Although the fear of global warming is based on sound scientific reasoning, reality is just a bit more complex than that. Take a look at the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide versus the change in the average global temperature.

increase in amount of carbon dioxide concentration:
change in average global temperature:

When you look at the first graph, you see a steady, consistent increase in the total amount of carbon dioxide in the planet. However, when you look at the second graph, you don't see the corresponding increase in the average global temperature. You see a very up and down shaky 0.5 degree increase in the average global temperature in the past century. It still tends to hover around zero which is the normal global temperature.
This data can be deceiving because it would seem to show that the amount of carbon dioxide does not effect the greenhouse effect. This would be false because we know the greenhouse effect is real or we would not exist. What it does show is that there is more to reality than just a theory. In this case, there are other factors that affect the global temperature. For example, a lot of gases released in every day activity tend to reflect light rather than absorb it. This actually causes a net cooling effect. It could be that this offsets the heat caused by carbon dioxide.
Although there are many unknown factors in the equation, the reliable data would indicate that the globe is not warming. At least not in a significant way. In addition, we know the globe was much warmer in the past, when humans did not create as much carbon dioxide. A team from Harvard university indicated that the globe was much warmer in the 14th and 15th century. In spite of this, it is hard to believe that fuel burning today would result in any kind of global warming given the fact that people did not burn nearly as much fuel in the middle ages as they do now!
Now to your arguments. You said that 95% of scientists believe in global warming, so it must be true. Just because everyone believes something to be true does not make it true. Take spontaneous generation for example. Almost every single scientist believed it to be true back in the day. But guess what, they were all proven wrong by a single experiment. This also happened with the theory that the earth was flat. Almost every scientist believed the earth to be flat, and again Gallileo proved them wrong. It just shows to prove that reality isn't always correlated with what people believe.
You also said that because you can tell it is getting warmer, global warming must be happening. This of course neglects the fact that the entire world is often quite different from one little corner of it. Some areas of the world could be saying it is getting cooler. When you talk about global warming, you must consider the entire world, not just one part of it.

I look forward to your response.
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Look forward to an exciting debate!
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