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Goats are better than Donkeys

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Started: 3/10/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'll wait for the next round to post my argument on why goats are better than donkeys/


Hello jamonster, I accept your challenge and I wish you well in this debate

The resolution suggests that Pro MUST prove that Goats are better and my job is to disapprove his resolution. Even if it ends with Goats are on equal grounds with donkeys, it still disapproves the resolution.

Donkeys and Goats. What are they?
Mother Nature has really outdone herself. She made all sorts of animals with all sorts of variations. As if horses are enough, evolution dictates that donkeys should exists.

Donkeys and Goats are both mammals as they fulfill the conditions of such namely:

1.Having Hair
2.BeingWarm Blooded
3.Being Vertebrates(having a backbone)

As such both of them:
1.Give birth to live young(1)
2.Just as us, they have a neocortex, unique to only mammals(2)
3.Requires a proper diet as energy consumption is high(1)

Both of them have a lot of similarities. Neither one is better. On Balance Donkeys can be somewhat better as they serve a crucial role in transportation especially in the past as cars weren't available in medieval times.

"Donkeys are desert-adapted and can carry heavy loads through arid lands allowing pastoralists to move their households with their herds."(4)

They serve the same role as horses. It is very unlikely that goats are better than donkeys. Without donkeys, transportation can be very difficult and can serve as a hindrance to the advancement of past civilisation. Without donkeys, we can't carry a chuck load of gold dinars to contribute to the economy. How do we even trade properly on a national scale without them? I'm sure my opponent is aware that in the past, there was no paper money and gold dinars are heavy, hence the use of donkeys is to transport them without burdening us.

Without donkeys, there is no us in this present time

As such, Donkeys are no different. They are both awefully similar with different roles.Though different, both of them carry a crucial role to society that without one, civilisation cannot progress. That crucial role that is equal in terms of importance.

I have successfully proven that goats and donkeys share equal amount of importance hence denouncing the resolution

Nevertheless, I await Pro's case.

Thank You.


Debate Round No. 1


Goats are better than donkeys because they have a better use than donkeys. Walmart sells donkey meat. Donkeys are known well for making precious milk or cheese. as you can see in these pictures, goats have horns that can be used for self defense. The last time I checked, all goats had was legs to kick. Goats also have this. Goats are good for playing for kids also. This article shows that a mayor was killed by a donkey. Donkeys are dangerous and ruthless animals. Goats can also help keep away shrubs or can cut grass for free because of their want for grass. Also, there are many hilarious videos about goats.


I'd like to thank Pro for presenting his case and for making me laugh 7 times while watching his youtube source. I urge viewers to watch it should viewers need a laugh.

Take note however, this resolution isn't about humour, but about how Goats are better than donkeys. How goats are more beneficial than donkeys.

Pro's Concession

I am shocked by his concession. Instead of disapproving my stance, he agreed with it that donkeys serve a crucial role for society, as he states "Walmart sells donkey meat. Donkeys are known well for making precious milk or cheese. ". I'd like to thank Pro for bolstering my argument and for providing sources for me.

Pro's goat kicking theory

Pro claimed that Goats have kicking abilities by looking at a few pictures on google.Pro argued without evidence. As Christopher Hitchen says

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

Even I can argue that donkeys have kicking abilities by looking at their pictures and intrepreting it the way I like. Without a proper scientific source, his argument is nullified. Better yet, I can say that since donkeys have the same role as horses, and as horses have kicking abilities(1) as explained by the accidental horseman "When in a herd and as part of their natural pecking order, horses will bite or kick at their mates".I can argue that donkeys inherit the same ability. He asserts his argument without evidence.

His theory holds no empirical value.

EVIDENCE should precede argument, NOT ARGUMENT precede EVIDENCE.
(Not my quote, I rephrased it from Ed Miliband's speech in House of Commons during the debate on Intervention in Syria)

Deadly Donkeys

Pro argued that donkeys are dangerous and ruthless but he did not argue how this was linked to "Goats better than donkey" argument. As with sharks, they are also dangerous. what is pro trying to suggest? that we should kill ruthless animals for being aggressive?. That is for another debate with a proper resolution, not this debate that warrants that goats to be better than donkeys.

Benefits of Goats

Pro cites without proper evidence to back his opinion on "cut grass for free because of their want for grass". He should have at least linked it to their diet, but he didn't. The resolution is nullified

Pro lack of Rebuttals

My Contention was offered and he did not refute any of my arguments. Therefore, I ask that my argument be extended to future rounds.

I'd like to thank Pro for making me laugh. This is very funny but I must suggests that he sticks with the current resolution as what was AGREED.Till then, I await his next argument


Debate Round No. 2


No questions asked, donkeys have killed more people than goats have. Donkeys may be able to protect other animals, but goats are precious. Donkeys are like expendables, they can be wasted. Goats are more fun to play with, be around, and to own. Also, goats produce milk.


Milk yogurt? Please pardon me for a moment.(lols)

Ah, Back where we are...

Pro's Lack Of Evidence to back his claims

Pro made a new claim that donkeys have killed more people than goats. This is not true as there is only one case study, only 1 person was involved, not 2. The authorities did not specify how the donkey killed him, there are thousands of variables to consider. What if at that time, he was having a heart attack, with the donkey being close to him, no wonder the authorities put the blame on that animal. It is too stereotypical and too general to assume that only one variable, that is the donkey is involved in the murder. Generalisations offers nothing but ignorance as we arrive to premature conclusions following such methods.

He also made a claim that donkeys are expendable and that they can be wasted. He furthur asserts that goats are more fun but as I said before, without evidence, I can just dismiss it without evidence as what Christopher Hitchen quote implied. His argument is too subjective, what is fun to me could not be fun to you. Opinions holds no credible value, especially one without proper evidence. I could say donkeys are more fun and yet at the end of the day...


Issue of Milk

The issue of milk is easy, both produces milk as both are mammals, as Pro concedes in his R2 "Donkeys are known well for making precious milk or cheese". Since both produces milk, it is acceptable that both are on equal ground on this issue. Hence this disapproves his motion that "Goats are better than donkeys".


I have properly made rebuttals on his arguments as they are without source often resorting to personal opinions while I have touched the important aspects of donkeys. I have proved that donkeys are of paramount importance today as we need their milk thanks to Pro's concession, their trasportation skills in carrying heavy materials including gold(1).

Rebuttals were made to his argument, even if they are without proper sources, thus nullifying the resolution

My argument was offered and he did not even refute even a single one. Arguments extended and this notion "Goats are better than donkeys" shall fall. I urge voters to leave their opinions behind when deciding who wins in this debate.

Thank you Pro for a wonderful debate


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by daidai 7 years ago
yes because your all asses
Posted by elisofly2 7 years ago
Your welcome jamonster.
Posted by Relativist 7 years ago
Jamon, thanks for the laugh, I was having a rough day. And I mean it, A LOT
Posted by jamonster 7 years ago
Goats are beast.
Posted by benhazelton 7 years ago
I like goats better. They go baaa
Posted by benhazelton 7 years ago
I like goats better. They go baaa
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