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God Doesn't Exist

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Started: 5/19/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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So I would define God to be a being that creates and maintains an existence which is (practically or technically) 100% good and 0% bad, hence a heaven for everyone. That world is distinct from this one, which has the bad and evil, so under my definition, God doesn't exist :p.


I accept this debate, whenever you're ready.
Debate Round No. 1


note that it isn't relevant to use the "generally accepted view" of whatever "your" God is, what is important is whether that something which maintains a perfectly good existence (which would also be an existence where bad is absent practically or technically) exists as opposed to what I would call God.


Ok, that's fine, I'm waiting for you to start the debate and explain your case. I know what you're saying and I can guess at what argument you're trying to get at.
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Posted by youngtimmy 3 years ago
I would like to know where @theinstigator gets his definition for God.
The Bible is the most scrutinized book ever, yet it is the book that continues to beat scrutiny. Josephus, and Jewish historian speaks of Jesus in his writings, there are other extra biblical writings as well. The new testament is very reliable, there are more new testament documents than there are for Plato, Alexander the Great and other ancient figures that many people have no problem believing. To call the writings of the new testament fantasy is probably one of the most ignorant and uneducated claims one can make.
Posted by Neumann-0 3 years ago
I think that god is just a tool - a simple tool to enforce order and guidance for society to prosper. The Ten Commandments are the best example to show this fact - this was literally the law for people to obey and follow. The Bible, which I prefer to think as the bestselling fantasy novel of all time, was a story to show guidance, and which actions will be rewarded and which rewards will be punished.
Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
if you could present any evidence outside of christian scripture that these events happend then feel free to present them for peer review.

And i dont think everyone should believe whatever they want on the fact that ones believes impact said ones actions and decisions, and thus consequently irrational believes like god lead to to irrational actions and decisions.

Christianity and Islam are great examples of this failure of rationality.
Posted by Scottely000 3 years ago
i think that god does exist i think that the fact he risked his life on a cross for us. we can at least believe in him i think that everyone should believe in what they want. but i am 100% sure that i want to believe in him.
Posted by Tracer11 3 years ago
I like how this debate is going, and think that i am supporting the "god is fake" side, he makes a good point (and i am atheist)
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