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God Exists

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Started: 1/21/2018 Category: Religion
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Pro starts.


The question that has existed over the years is the existence of God. Does God exist? I say he does and the first objection I get is that no one has proven God to be real. This is an incorrect assumption but even if it were true I say that there has been no one to have dis-proven God. And if an idea has not been dis-proven that is saying a lot because science attempts to disprove anything it can. For example, spontaneous generation, the Phlogiston theory, the blank state theory, the idea that the earth was flat, and many other famous, believed scientific theories that turned out to be wrong. So if God were not to exist, you would think the idea of a supreme being would have been dis-proven years ago. But back to my point about the incorrect assumption about there being no evidence for God. There is in fact evidence that shows that there has to be a God,
My first point is that the universe is running out of energy. This has in fact been happening for a very long time. But the universe is still sustaining itself. You would think that if it has been running out of energy for a long time, then it would not be surviving right now. Because it is still sustaining itself right now, it means there has to be an omnipotent outside force sustaining the universe. Otherwise, the Law of Conservation of energy would not be true. So arguing that the God does not exist would contradict a well-known scientific Law.
Now to my second point. Consider the following argument.
p1 We have ideas of many things
p2 These ideas must either come from ourselves or from something or somebody else.
p3 One of the ideas we have is God, an infinite, eternal, all powerful, perfect being.
p4 This idea could not have been caused by ourselves because we know ourselves to be imperfect and limited, and no effect can be greater than it's cause.
p5 Therefore, the idea has to have been caused by something outside of us which has nothing less than the qualities contained in the idea of God
p6 But only God himself has those qualities
p7 Therefore, God must have been the cause of the idea we have of him.
C Therefore, God exists.
If you object to this idea, then tell me, where did the idea of an infinite, all powerful, all knowing, perfect being come from? Because our minds our limited, then how could we come up with such an idea that isn't truth, or as atheists like to say, nowhere close to the truth.
Now to my third argument. This is that the complexity of something reflects it's creator. For example, if a 3 year old were to draw a picture it would look nowhere near as good as if a true artist drew one. That is the same with life forms. They are to complex to come from dead matter. Let me provide you with an example to support this. To explain every process of even a single microscopic organism would take hours, but I am going to do a quick summary of a process called mitosis. Mitosis is a two part process of how a cell creates a protein. The first part of mitosis is transcription. This process begins when the DNA unravels to let a particular strand of DNA be accessible. Once this happens the RNA takes a snapshot of the DNA and produces a negative image. It then leaves the nucleus and begins the second part of mitosis which is translation. In translation The messenger RNA ( the one that just left the nucleus ) goes to the ribosomes where the anticodon of the transfer RNA links to the codon of the messenger RNA. Because amino acids are linked to the transfer RNA, when the messenger RNA links to the transfer RNA, the transfer RNA takes the amino acids with them. This continues to happen until enough amino acids are linked together to form a protein thus ending Mitosis. Consider this for a moment. That is just one brief summary of one of many processes of the smallest life form on earth. That is just one glimpse of the many things a microscopic organism does. I could go on and on about cellular respiration, intracellular respiration, meiosis, krebs citric acid cycle, osmosis, cellular diffusion, photosynthesis, electron transport system, all of which work together to sustain a cell. And now look at the big picture. That is only microscopic organisms. The things we can't see are fascinating, but are nothing compared to all of the millions of different species, millions of different animals plants, sea creatures, mammals, reptiles, the list goes on and on. How can someone claim that this is the product of evolution? How can this point to dead matter as the creator? How does this not show that there is an all powerful, all knowing creator that designed each and every thing on this earth? Explain that to me.
To sum it all up there has to be a God. What does this universe point to. God, or probability?

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